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DragonBox - The multi-platform Math game

DragonBox - The multi-platform Math game
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dy/dan DLogic: Logic Game If you want to test your logic skills with some fun and twisted logical question and brain teasers, then this is the right APP! D Logic works as a little brain trainer program featuring:★80 twisted brain teasers: A brain teaser is a form of puzzle that requires thought to solve. It often requires thinking in unconventional ways with given constraints in mind; sometimes it also involves lateral thinking.★75 numeric sequences: To test your mathematic skill and logic. Both types of questions are excellent brain training exercises. Play is very simple, just read the questions, think about the answer and when you are ready press the solution button and check if you are right or wrong. Challenge your mind with our brain teasers and logic questions and start training your brain now!

Accueil Intentions pédagogiques Chacune des simulations ci-dessous vise à résoudre une situation-problème particulière (que nous nommerons «mission» dans la suite du texte). La démarche n'étant pas toute tracée à l'avance, il vous faudra faire preuve de méthode et de persévérance pour les réussir. Ne vous inquiètez pas! Note aux enseignants : L'ensemble des directives accompagnant les missions sont écrites dans un discours à l'intention des apprenants. Love, Betrayal, Calculus: All on the "Math Warriors" Web Series "Math Warriors" is a locally produced dramatic web series whose third season launches Monday. Its creator, Kristina Harris -- she has a Ph.D. in microbial biochemistry and has taught at both New York and Columbia Universities -- thinks of the series as "The Big Bang" meets "The Office," if on a much tighter budget. "Math Warriors" web series There are clashing egos, a conventional Asian nerd and a platinum blonde, furiously scribbled formulas and, of course, a quest to conquer the mathematical universe. Harris says a growing number of public school teachers have been using the series to de-mystify math for their students. "I think often times, people feel discouraged or overwhelmed by math and science, and if we can kind of dispel the myth that it's something that is unattainable or make it somehow more popular or accessible then that's something I'd like to be able to do." Harris says she especially hopes the series will motivate young girls to pursue math and science careers.

Truth Tables The sole purpose of this program is generating, and displaying, truth tables. So, my fellow logicians: Don't ask what the truth-tables program can do for you - ask what you can do for the truth-tables program! This free version supports all usual connectives of classical logic, that is negation, conjunction, (inclusive) disjunction, conditonal (material implication), and biconditional (material equivalence), as well as the constants 1 and 0 denoting truth and falsehood, respectively. A cool thing is that, besides the somewhat boring standard notation of logic, you may use Lukasiewicz's stream-lined, shiny Polish notation, too! Isn't that a deal? And it doesn't stop here. No animals have been harmed in the making of this application. Frequently Asked Questions * There is NO (practical) limit to the number of propositional variables you may use.

DigitWhiz Projects | Fragile Earth Studios Projects Gallery A showcase of screen captures from some of our past and current projects. You’ll find a variety of projects here: games, simulations and data visualizations. Our older projects were all in Second Life – our newer work is mainly with the Unity game engine. A number of these screenshots were taken during the making of the game, so they may lack polish, especially in the on-screen UI elements. read more GameTech/FVWC Winners Showcased on Unity Blog Davey Jackson of Unity, who we had the pleasure of meeting at GameTech last month, has just posted about the 2012 Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge. TerraViz What’s the difference between a video game and a data visualization? Mammoth Cave Recently a group from the University of Washington in Saint Louis scanned a 4 km section of Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Rock Creek Park Virtual Hawaii Welcome to “Virtual Hawaii.”

About | Mathalicious The World Is an Interesting Place. Math Class Should Be, Too. At Mathalicious, we think the world is an interesting place full of interesting questions. Do people with small feet pay too much for shoes? We also think math class is the perfect place for students and teachers to explore questions like these, and that it can be the most interesting part of the day. Many Students Think Math Class Is Boring and Irrelevant. It’s no secret that a lot of students hate math. This isn’t just bad for students. Mathalicious Helps Teachers Create a Different Kind of Math Class. We create lessons that explore the math behind real-world topics, from sports to shopping to the odds of finding life on other planets. Teachers who use Mathalicious lessons say they enjoy their jobs more, and that their students look forward to coming to class. The Common Core Standards Emphasize Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. Every Mathalicious lesson is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

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