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Metro style app development

Metro style app development

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Being productive in the background – background tasks - Windows 8 app developer blog In my previous post (Being productive in the background), I explained the Windows 8 background model and how your app can be productive even when it’s not on screen in a power efficient manner. In today’s post, I will talk about background tasks and how your app can run code in the background even when it is suspended. I will describe two common scenarios with example code that show you how to run your own app code in the background; downloading POP email every 15 minutes with a lock screen capable app and how any app can do work in the background when the device is on AC power. Introduction What's new in Windows Phone 8 Introduction The release of Windows Phone 8 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Microsoft's operating system for mobile phones. For users this new release means expanded hardware access, support for high-end gaming, and better OS integration - all of which will soon be seen on the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 phones. For developers the changes are no less significant, bringing many new APIs. These APIs simplify the coding of features you may already be adding to your Windows Phone apps, but also offers many new ones too.

Learn to build Metro style apps Universal app samples Samples for building an app that you can submit to both the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store. Sample app pack Hundreds of samples from Microsoft to help jumpstart your project quickly. Multiple views Create and show multiple views of the app, specify which view to show when the app is activated (using ApplicationViewSwitcher), and create custom animations for switching between views.

Windows 8 app certification requirements Document version: 6.0 Document date: April 10, 2014 In this document, we describe the criteria an app must meet to be eligible for listing in the Windows Store. Welcome Windows 8 Customer Preview- User Review Make sure to copy the product key, and store it somewhere for safe keeping, so as to keep up with any new Windows 8 calls to action once its time to fully activate your new Win 8 operating system, and once the time comes for Microsoft to make it open to the public for purchase. Windows 8 will not work on XP operating systems or below, so make sure not to attempt to upgrade any older versions of windows before Vista. This new operating system is really unique with multiple hidden menu features, social customizations, X-box compatibility, windows media center synchronization, Windows live connectivity, and it brings the entire online Cloud to the desktop experience, as auto streams of information are poring onto the cool slick windows icons.

Jerry Nixon @work: The Absolute Top Features of Windows Phone 8 All I can say is Awesome! I am so pleased with Windows Phone 8. WPCentral: There are two areas in which Windows Phone 8 differs from its predecessor: the core of the OS has been updated with the NT kernel and the addition and refinement of features. Consumers don’t need to know about the kernel specifics but they will see the results: new, top of the line hardware. That hardware will be evident in a few weeks when devices like the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 become available.

Neuro-LEGO Robotics program thrives at Mizzou Camp mentors Riaz Hefler and Michael Shocklee (front) assist Lexie Hetzler, Gannon Foxx, Zachary Gaines, Tristan Buckner, Paterson Hibdon and Dylan Kline (left to right) in the LEGO NXT fast car challenge during Neuro-LEGO robotics camp Aug 6-8th in Lafferre Hall. Five years ago University of Missouri engineering faculty submitted a proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF) with the goal of training engineering graduate students in professional skills by partnering with the Columbia Public Schools and other mid-Missouri schools. The team – who adopted the name Incorporating Science, Industrial Technology and Engineering (InSite) – worked with teachers in the classroom to make math and science more attractive to elementary and middle school students. Their proposal – a three-year grant of $1.6 million – was funded and provided a stipend of $2,000 per teacher, 10 LEGO kits and equipment for each school and supported the engineering participating engineering fellows.

Win32 and COM for Windows Store apps Windows Runtime apps can use a subset of the Win32 and COM API. This subset of APIs was chosen to support key scenarios for Windows Runtime apps that were not already covered by the Windows Runtime, HTML/CSS, or other supported languages or standards. The Windows App Certification Kit ensures that your app uses only this subset of the Win32 and COM API. The following topics list the Win32 and COM API elements that are provided for developing Windows Runtime apps for Windows. Windows API documentation and header files

Touch hardware and Windows 8 - Building Windows 8 Last September we blogged about experiencing Windows 8 touch on Windows 7 hardware, introducing the story of touchscreen hardware, how it is evolving, and what we expect Windows 8 will bring to the ecosystem of touch. We discussed how our engineering efforts (software and hardware) are driven by key user experiences, how these experiences play a big part in how we evaluate Windows 8 hardware, and how we communicate with hardware partners. Since that post, we’ve been working closely with our partners to build Windows 8 PCs. With the Consumer Preview, we want to update you on where we’re at.

The new and updated games of Windows 8 The free games that have been included with the various versions of Windows over the years occupy a unique position in the video game landscape. No one would include them on a list of the best or most influential games of all time, and it’s unlikely any of them have ever acted as a “system seller” to influence someone’s choice of OS. Yet over the past decade, games like Microsoft’s Solitaire, Minesweeper, and Mahjong may be the most widely played video games on any platform (though the Angry Birds games have probably come close to beating them). From bored hardcore gamers messing around on a borrowed laptop to bored secretaries on an extended coffee break to bored grandmas clicking away at their grandchildren’s hand-me-down Windows 98 tower, you’re unlikely to find a PC user that hasn’t at least tried these titles at one point or another. This year’s crop of games is also the first to integrate with Xbox Live through the "Xbox Games on Windows" program.

Finding the Top Bot: High School Students (and Their Robots) Take the Prize at Tech Challenge [Slide Show] NEW YORK—Despite the rain and cold this past weekend, dozens of robots took the field to compete in the New York City FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) regional championship at the Javitz Center in Manhattan. The tournament tested the skills and determination of 48 teams of high school students who have spent the past several months building, programming and otherwise preparing their bots to face off in a friendly game of HotShot! The objective of HotShot! was straightforward enough—build a robot from a kit of about 1,200 parts that can shoot plastic balls into goals in and around a 13.7-square-meter playing field.