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Metro style app development

Metro style app development
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Being productive in the background – background tasks - Windows 8 app developer blog In my previous post (Being productive in the background), I explained the Windows 8 background model and how your app can be productive even when it’s not on screen in a power efficient manner. In today’s post, I will talk about background tasks and how your app can run code in the background even when it is suspended. I will describe two common scenarios with example code that show you how to run your own app code in the background; downloading POP email every 15 minutes with a lock screen capable app and how any app can do work in the background when the device is on AC power. Introduction Background task triggers are designed for varied scenarios and applications, and so have different requirements and resource management constraints. You don’t have to use background tasks if you simply want to keep your app fresh with content. Doing work in the background when the device is on AC power JavaScript You must declare Background tasks in your app manifest. Download POP mail every 15 minutes

Windows 8 app certification requirements Document version: 6.0 Document date: April 10, 2014 In this document, we describe the criteria an app must meet to be eligible for listing in the Windows Store. Welcome Thank you for your interest in developing apps for Windows. If our certification requirements change, we’ll identify the updates to ease your consideration. Your apps are crucial to the experience of hundreds of millions of customers. 1. 1.1 Your app must be fully functional and offer customers unique, creative value or utility in all the languages and markets that it supports For example, your app may not use a name or icon similar to that of other apps. 1.2 Your app must be testable when it is submitted to the Windows Store If, for any reason, it is not possible to test some parts of your app, your app may fail this requirement. 2. — Deleted See Revision history. 3. 3.1 You must use only the Windows Runtime APIs to implement the features of your Windows Store app We describe these APIs in the Windows Store apps API reference.

Signing in to Windows 8 with a Windows Live ID - Building Windows 8 With Windows 8, we introduce the optional capability to sign in to your PC with a Windows Live ID and, by doing so, gaining the ability to roam a broad range of settings across all of your PCs. In this article by Katie Frigon, the group program manager of the You-Centered Experience team, she describes the feature and its benefits. --Steven Each Windows user wants to have the ability to set up and use a PC in a way that is unique to them. Doing so, however, can be challenging in today’s multiple user and multiple PC environment. Shared PC usage occurs in 72% of desktops and 49% of laptops How user accounts are used on shared computers PCs per household in the United States Benefits of signing in to Windows 8 with Windows Live ID Download this video to view it in your favorite media player: High quality MP4 | Lower quality MP4 Signing in with an ID allows you to: Associate the most commonly used Windows settings with your user account. User controls Privacy and security Katie Frigon

Getting Started Guide for Windows Phone Development - Microsoft Student We get a lot of questions on Facebook & Twitter from our student followers asking us about Windows Phone app development and how to get started. We’ve put together a Getting Started Guide which includes links & information to help you on your way to developing your first app. Check out the basic steps below and download the full Getting Started Guide for helpful tips, tricks and links. Step 1: Download Your Free Dev Tools. The Windows Phone developer tools for free. In addition, students can get even more developer and designer tools at no charge through Microsoft DreamSpark. Step 2: Build and Test Your App. From QuickStarts to Starter Kits – the Getting Started Guide offers links to great tutorials to help you get started building your first app. Step 3: Publish Your App. After you’ve built your app, you can publish it to the Windows Phone marketplace. Are you developing a Windows Phone app?

Windows 8 Customer Preview- User Review Make sure to copy the product key, and store it somewhere for safe keeping, so as to keep up with any new Windows 8 calls to action once its time to fully activate your new Win 8 operating system, and once the time comes for Microsoft to make it open to the public for purchase. Windows 8 will not work on XP operating systems or below, so make sure not to attempt to upgrade any older versions of windows before Vista. This new operating system is really unique with multiple hidden menu features, social customizations, X-box compatibility, windows media center synchronization, Windows live connectivity, and it brings the entire online Cloud to the desktop experience, as auto streams of information are poring onto the cool slick windows icons. I believe Windows 8 will definitely help to transcend the older much more primitive desktop experience that people world wide have grown accustomed to utilizing, but not fully understanding in its full embrace.

Win32 and COM for Windows Store apps Windows Runtime apps can use a subset of the Win32 and COM API. This subset of APIs was chosen to support key scenarios for Windows Runtime apps that were not already covered by the Windows Runtime, HTML/CSS, or other supported languages or standards. The Windows App Certification Kit ensures that your app uses only this subset of the Win32 and COM API. The following topics list the Win32 and COM API elements that are provided for developing Windows Runtime apps for Windows. Windows API documentation and header files The documentation for each programming element in the API indicates whether it can be used in a Windows Runtime app. In addition, the subset of the Windows API that can be used in a Windows Runtime app is indicated in the header files in the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8.1. These statements respectively indicate whether the API in the defined region can be used in Windows Store apps, Windows Runtime apps, both, or neither (desktop only). In this section

Best practices when adding single sign-on to your app with the Live SDK - Windows 8 app developer blog A few months ago I wrote about how to bring single sign-on and SkyDrive to your Windows 8 apps with the Live SDK. Since then we made the Windows 8 Release Preview publicly available and we’ve begun to see some inconsistency in the design patterns forming in how apps expose entry points for users to sign in, connect accounts or sign-out of their experience. To help you with these design patterns, we put together some guidelines for apps that want to use a user’s Microsoft account. There are three primary scenarios where your app might need to integrate authentication with Microsoft accounts: Your app requires the user to be signed in to work. Now let’s dive into the details of each of these. Guidelines for apps that require a user to sign in If your app uses a Microsoft account as its identity provider and it doesn’t work until after the user signs in, show the Microsoft account sign-in dialog immediately after the app starts. Sign-in dialog. Permission dialog. JavaScript Some rules of thumb

Globalizing and Localizing a Windows Phone App With Marketplace recently launching in 13 new markets, it's more important than ever to have a globalized, localized app that can reach as many of your customers as possible – but doing so can seem daunting. This blog post seeks to demystify the process and help enable you to write a truly global app. What is a globalized app? A globalized app displays things like dates and money in a way that's familiar to a user. If you have a calculator app, some people will expect to see a dollar sign, and others will expect a euro. This blog post will mostly focus on localizing your app – a meaty topic that can be tricky to understand. What is a localized app? You can think of a localized app as one that's been translated into one or more languages. App Text - menu headings, help text, etc. Do I have to localize my app to publish in multiple markets? No – the two actions are separate. It's important to understand that this is the only way you can choose where your app is published. App Title App Text a.

Touch hardware and Windows 8 - Building Windows 8 Last September we blogged about experiencing Windows 8 touch on Windows 7 hardware, introducing the story of touchscreen hardware, how it is evolving, and what we expect Windows 8 will bring to the ecosystem of touch. We discussed how our engineering efforts (software and hardware) are driven by key user experiences, how these experiences play a big part in how we evaluate Windows 8 hardware, and how we communicate with hardware partners. Since that post, we’ve been working closely with our partners to build Windows 8 PCs. With the Consumer Preview, we want to update you on where we’re at. The Windows team has continued to work in lock step with external hardware partners to fully embrace the experience we want for Windows 8. It’s worth reinforcing that Windows 8 will run on the hardware available today, and we are committed to making sure that happens. Making sure Windows 8 works on your Windows 7 PC New UI concepts in Windows 8 also impact touch hardware design. Touch hardware testing

Nouvel onglet The Windows Store is open | Microsoft We make it easy to get started. All you need to build compelling apps for phones, tablets and PCs is in Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows (with Update 2 RC). Included are universal app templates, a full-featured code editor, a powerful debugger, emulators, rich language support, and more, all ready to use in production. We have dozens of code samples to get you up and running fast. They’re based on Visual Studio’s new universal app templates, letting you build for both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1. We’ll help you get your Windows Store app ready for a successful launch through one of our worldwide community events or by connecting you with a Windows platform expert.