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FMOD Studio is an audio content creation tool for games, with a focus on a ‘Pro Audio’ approach. It has an entirely new interface that will be more familiar to those using professional Digital Audio Workstations than existing game audio tools and is loaded with new features. FMOD is available for downloading in full without feature crimping or trial evaluation periods. Click here to go to the Downloads page for the latest versions of FMOD. View information on the official training course for educational users and institutions, as well as in-studio training for FMOD products. Also view the range of videos to help you navigate through FMOD’s latest features.

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Introduction to Digital Audio In the game development environment Unity (version 4.2.1) it is possible to work with audio in the scenes. To add audio to a game scene an Audio Listener component and one or more Audio Source components need to be added to the game objects of the scene. An Audio Source can be used to play back an Audio Clip which is either an Audio File or a Tracker Module. The Audio Listener acts as a microphone-like device.

Ludum Dare Ludum Dare 29 Theme Slaughter!! April 10th, 2014 1:16 pm With over 3000 themes suggested by the community, how do we make that more manageable? How Choice of Middleware Tools Can Affect The Music Composition Process This post is part post-mortem, part insight into the world of audio implementation from the audio guy POV and all catharsis! When I was contacted for the job, I was informed that we would be using FMOD Designer. At this stage I had had much more experience with XACT, through my work with numerous indie developers on the Xbox Indies program. Lost Chocolate Blog: Footsteps – Informal Game Sound Study THE STOCK MARKET Lately, I've been taking stock. Not the usual “What have I done with my life?” or “Where is everything headed?” (although those questions perpetually tumble around my brain stem on a regular basis); I somehow found myself obsessed with the minute details of movement sound and system design. If you're working in games today, chances are good that you've recorded, implemented, or designed systems for the playback of character footsteps and Foley at some point during the course of your career. It's even more likely that you've played a game where, at some point during your experience, footstep sound wrestled your focus away from the task at hand and demanded your listening attention.

Christophe Heral and Billy Martin Talk Rayman Legends on Top Score March 6, 2014 Copy and paste the HTML below to embed this audio onto your web page. Audio player code: St. Paul, Minn. — Christophe Héral and Billy Martin collaborated on their second Rayman game: Rayman Legends. Cryengine Fmod Music Game Here is some code from me where i tested some stuff and tried to change the pitch parameter. Maybe it works better for custom parameters the pitch parameter however is very buggy... (but works sometimes) // again this doesn't work reliable in this fmod integration // sometimes it isn't the right speed or it seems like a random speed // also the positions/durations returned arent affected at all so any kind of synchronization is then impossible // when you use bullettime ingame with synchronized videos containg sound you might see the effects.. if(fabs(m_fSpeed - 1) > 0.05 || fabs(fSpeed - 1) > 0.05) { m_fSpeed = fSpeed; if(m_p2DSound) { // Not working needs to be pre resampled.. ptParamF32 param(0.0f); if(m_pCE3Sound->GetParam(spPITCH, &param)) { // Seems to not work.. so couldnt test param.SetValue(float(m_fSpeed-1)); // * MILLISECOND // which unit?

Gapless looping MP3 tracks The MP3loop utility, user interface This article has two objectives: to be a "how-to" guide for creating an MP3 track that can loop gaplessly, and to give the details of how it works. The first section is pragmatic: it simply tells you what you need and how to use it. If you are more interested in knowing how the ready-made software performs the trick, you will find the answers in the second part of this article. Especially the second section assumes that you know a bit of digitized audio and that a DOS box (or "console") program does not scare you.

Video Games are the New Best Way to Make a Living Composing Music first, the amount per minute is based on what you can get. If you're just starting out, on your first project, then yea, $10 a minute might be okay. it seems like you haven't had a lot of experience scoring things commercially (please correct me if i'm wrong), because you're basically ensuring that you will sell yourself short. most of my projects lately have been percentage-based. So if the project doesn't make any money - neither do I. arguably, that's a more moral route to go, since if I scored a project for a percentage and it didn't make any money, the developer would have to pay me nothing, but would still have to pay you. and if the game makes millions, then I'm appropriately compensated for contributing to a financially successful project. I'm a fan, lots of neat tracks on there. Love the vocals at the end.

Music System - Doc 2. Sandbox Manual - CryENGINE 3 Free SDK Overview This page contains documentation about the Music System of CryENGINE and its subsystems. Music System Generally spoken the Music System as a whole consists of three parts: The Music System plays back music.The Music Logic automatically changes the music, depending on certain game inputs.The Music Editor located in The DataBase View tab of the Editor specifies which music to play.

How to Create Concatenated Audio for Mobile Apps The increase in production of mobile phone apps in the past 3 years has opened up some excellent opportunities for the commercial composer. Theme songs, music timers, UI hits and level music are now needed for all mobile apps, be they functional, informational, or game programs. However, mobile app production teams face the same challenge all software development teams do - that of limited real estate. But even worse: some mobile apps can be as small as 10MB - including all art assets, programming, and your audio.