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Results on ReadWriteThink

Results on ReadWriteThink
Home › Results from ReadWriteThink 1-8 of 8 Results from ReadWriteThink Sort by: Classroom Resources | Grades K – 12 | Student Interactive | Writing Poetry Acrostic Poems This online tool enables students to learn about and write acrostic poems. Elements of the writing process are also included. Classroom Resources | Grades K – 12 | Student Interactive | Writing Poetry Diamante Poems This online tool enables students to learn about and write diamante poems. Related:  Skrivaenkla verktygpoetry work

Concrete Poetry Sites - North Davidson Middle School Guest | Login Amber Crotts 7th Grade ELA & Science North Davidson Middle School » Departments » 7th Grade » Amber Crotts » Concrete Poetry Sites Concrete Poetry Sites Concrete Poem Maker Sites * Google Docs: * Create Document * Insert Drawing * Choose Shape, Picture, etc. * Start working on your Poem * Go to Text Layout: --> Choose from the following: * Valentine/Heart * Banner * Spiral * Wave * Read, Write, Think ---> Type in your Name ---> Choose Theme: Nature, School, Sports, Celebrations, Shapes * Concrete Poetry ---> Choose shape or draw own * Tagxedo (Can use this site AFTER you complete Concrete Poem) Click on Load & type poem in box Choose Shape Word Cloud Website by SchoolMessenger Presence. © 2017 West Corporation.

Att utveckla sitt skrivande » Meningar med elever I menyraden kan du klicka fram andra underlänkar på hur du utvecklar ditt skrivande med bl a gestalningar och person- och miljöbeskrivningar. Du hittar även responsark och skrivprocessen visualiserat. Att utveckla ditt skrivande kan du göra genom att: förklara varförge konkreta exempelanvända bildspråk och olika person- och miljöbeskrivningargestaltavariera ditt språk med längd på meningar, inledningar och längden på meningarnaställa frågor för att ge djupproblematisera med olika perspektivgeneralisera Detta gör du för att kunna förklara precis det du menar. Den här filmen från UR Orka plugga (som kommer som sajt också framöver) visar också konkret hur du kan utveckla ditt resonemang: Källa: filmen är från Orka Pluggas Youtube-kanal. Instruktionerna är skrivna utifrån elevernas kunskaper de tillägnat sig i undervisningen.

Super Teacher Tools Writing Poetry with English Language Learners I Have to Write a Poem for Class By Jack PrelutskyI have to write a poem for class But don't think I'll succeed, I know I don't know all the words That I am going to need. I cannot quite imagine How my poem's supposed to be — I've got a sinking feeling I'm not good at poetry.My poem must have a meter And it also has to rhyme, It's due tomorrow morning… How I wish I had more time! I do not think that I can write A poem the way I should — But look…this is a poem right here, And it is pretty good. Writing poetry is a great exercise for English language learners. Read a variety of poems first. My own knowledge of poetry forms was pretty limited before I began teaching poetry, but here are some poetry forms that work effectively with students, as well as some ideas of how to help students try their hand at writing! Poetry Forms for Beginners Video: The Power of Poetry Group Poem This is a good place to start before students create their own poems. Acrostic Lessons: "I Am" Poem Template: Name Poem

Skoltidningstips | Mediekompass Värmland-Dalsland Scribus är ett grymt bra OpenSource Desk Top Publishing program (DTP program) som är jättebra för redigering av din skoltidning. Påminner lite om Windows Publisher men med den stora skillnaden att Scribus är helt gratis och mycket kraftfullare. Gör så här (gäller Windows) 1. Ladda ned programmet Scribus här. Välj vilket operativsystem du har på din dator och klicka på den länken. Du hamnar sedan på sidan (som är en distributions sida för open source program) där nerladdningen av Scribus startar automatiskt efter fem sekunder. Klicka på ”Spara fil”.Spara filen på din dator, se till att du sparar den på en plats där du sedan hittar den.Leta reda på filen ’scribus-1.4.1-windows.exe’ och dubbelklicka på den.Nu installeras Scribus på din dator. 2. 3. 3. 4. På länken nedan finns ett ännu mer heltäckande material om att göra skoltidning. Ung media är en organisation som ”brinner för att skapa bättre förutsättningar för ungdomsmedier att verka och utvecklas. - helps you choose fonts! 24 Best Poems to Teach in Middle and High School It can be hard to know which poems will spur your middle and high schoolers into deep, meaningful discussion and which will leave them, ahem, yawning. So we asked experienced teachers to share their favorites—the punch-in-the-gut poems that always get a reaction, even from teens. Here's what they had to say. 1. Snow by David Berman Captures a narrative in miniature with a creative structure. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. What are your favorite poems to teach? - dramaturgi i lärande The Hat - Random Name Generator Current version: Freeware "I'm first!" "No I'm first!""No, I called it!" "Well I'm second!"" Sound familiar? The Hat is a simple but handy little utility that offers a fun and easy way to automatically determine a random order from a list of any amount of names. Note: The Hat is completely free but comes bundled with optional partner offers during installation. Recent changes:Key FeaturesGreat for Parents! Just like pulling names from a hat to determine a random order for a group of people, The Hat generates a random order from a list of any number of names. Names can be entered in several different way. The list of names can be optionally be remembered between sessions so that the next time you open the program, the same list of names is already entered. Great for raffles and sweepstakes! The Hat also allows you to pick individual names one at a time. Great for teachers to assign partners or split classes into random groups! Click here to download your free copy today.

Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face On September 8, 1940, Jack Prelutsky was born in Brooklyn, and attended Hunter College in New York City. Although he claims to have hated poetry through most of his childhood, he rediscovered poetry later in life, and has devoted many years since to writing fresh, humorous poetry aimed specifically at kids. “I realized poetry was a means of communication, that it could be as exciting or as boring as that person or that experience.” In 2006, Prelutsky was named the first Children’s Poet Laureate by the Poetry Foundation. He lives in Seattle, Washington, and spends much of his time presenting poems to children in schools and libraries throughout the United States.