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Five Best Tablet Drawing Apps

Five Best Tablet Drawing Apps
It seems to impress passers buy when you edit video with your fingers in iMovie on the iPad. It still impresses people when I edit photos on an iPad. I'm not so much out to impress people with what I'm doing, but what the end result may be. Though I do agree that it was skewed away from windows tablets. these were user submitted and voted choices. next time speak up louder during the initial submissions and you'll see your preference listed here. oh, and the windows tablet digitizers are NOT more accurate then the cintiq, not even close. they are built by wacom but only have: 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity no tilt/rotation detection 2540 lines per inch detection resolution no tip/pen type detection the cintiq has: 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity tilt and rotation detection 5080 lines per inch detection resolution tip/pen type detection the Intuos is even better, but has no display on the digitizer so it is a different beat altogether.

Easiest Online Fundraising. Raise Money by Sharing Your Story. Please upgrade to a modern web browser so we can make sure you have the Rally experience you deserve. Rally s BrowseLearnSign in Help this Rally grow by simply liking it: I'm in Let's rally for vasiliaxia Learn more Contribute Amount1Details2Payment3 This rally is not currently accepting contributions. vasiliaxia I’m rallying for vasiliaxia and asking my friends and family to join me in support. Number of supporters:2 Rally Leader: 22891229 SHARESShare Tweet Email 2SupportersI'm in 0Fan FundraisersBecome a fundraiser Thanks for supporting this Rally! Know someone else who would support this? Share on Facebook Tweet Email vasiliaxia Thanks for supporting this Rally. Growing this rally is just as important as giving. Share Tweet M Have an account? Sign In Join Now Sign in with Facebook By signing up, I accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Success! Need an account? Sign Up Sign In

5 mobile apps that could kill business cards Business cards are an important part of life, helping us quickly swap contact details and turn a brief meeting into a valuable long-term contact. The thing is, business cards are so 20th Century. There are now a number of companies vying to replace them with far more tech savvy solutions. If you’re tired of getting having to take a box of cards around wherever you go, here are five solutions to try. Bump One of the highest profile replacements for business cards out there, Bump is an app for iOS and Android that lets users exchange their details between devices by simply “bumping” them together. The service lets you set up multiple profiles for different social settings and it works cross-platform, meaning that an iPhone can ‘bump’ an Android device, for example. My Name Is E This solution couples a good-looking Web-based “virtual business card” with a Bump-like wireless contact sharing service via its app for iPhone and mobile website for other platforms. Jumpscan SnapDat Google Goggles

Mobli - Share Photos & Videos! With PhotoGrid you can make your photos collection into amazing collage. #1 Collage app on Android, over *** 51 Million*** users like PhotoGrid.* Top1 in Photography over 11 Countries.* Top5 in Photography over 46 Countries. Photo Grid's simple interface and outstanding menu of pre-designed grids make it the best collage app on the market. - CNET We love Photo Grid. Best Instagram collage maker for Instagram to make grid pictures on Instagram. Photo Grid offers five different collage types, and lets you pull in photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, and the highly dubious Google Image Search. PhotoGrid add video maker function which is more powerful than Flipagram. Photo Grid is a free app with lots of options for creating collage, as well as Instagram video slideshow accompanied by music. #1 photo sharing app for Instagram users. FAQ and answer Q: Cant Save or Share? Instagram questionsQ: how to make photo in square, so i dont have to crop it.A: Default mode is square now.

Mobli - See the world through other peoples eyes Facebook Is Testing out Region Switching for Pages If you’re a global brand and want to be able to reach as many people as possible with your marketing message, you might have difficulties in getting those people to the right brand page you’ve created for them. Bad Ads, Big Returns The higher-quality the ad, the better its impact? Maybe not, in today’s saturated market. In April, the Plenty of Fish Ad Blog put out a post that quickly made waves among the technorati and advertising-focused, as its conclusions were antithetical to the common sense surrounding how to garner the attention of the public. You see, Plenty of Fish put together a slick, normal Facebook ad, and they made a utterly terrible one in Paint. Here’s the two ads: Now, the numbers. Of course, one study is hardly gospel, but the results were intersting enough that it piqued the curiosity of many. I love it. However, I have no eye for such things, and so I showed the above ads to TNW’s design guru, Harrison Weber, for his perspective: “Oh, this is absolutely terrible, but equally brilliant. Terrible, it’s the new good.

WorkFu + Find work opportunities. Discover talent. The opportunity network. WorkFu Taps Your Social Connections to Find the Perfect Job WorkFu, which first caught our attention back in January pre-release, is a gorgeous Web app that uses your existing social networks to find work opportunities for you, or talent that is relevant to your company. Bolstered by a handsome UI and the purpose-driven FU score, which automatically ranks your technical and social compatibility with jobs, this site has tons of potential to overtake the old giants in this space. Upon signing up through Twitter, your smart profile is automatically created. From there, you can check out your opportunities, create and manage jobs and review your applications. To find out more, I spoke with WorkFu co-founder Mike Kus… HW: Not trying to pick on LinkedIn, but what’s out there now for the career market that simply isn’t provided? MK: Our vision for WorkFu is to be the social platform at the heart of your working life, be you talent or business. HW: How is WorkFu different from everything else? HW: What are the different sides of WorkFu? ➤ WorkFu Hipster Habit App Is a Pocketable, Printable Mini-Book Designed to Help You Create or Remove Habits in 30 Days I may be alone here, but for what it's worth, I'm not clicking any link where there is no indication what kind of material it leads to. I may be alone, but I'm not replying to any link where there is no indication what kind of person it leads to.... [kidding! As I tell people who encounter my big dog for the first time is "It's healthy you were concerned at first. You don't know him or me! [This comment was not paid for or soliticited in anway way, nor am I related to or interested-in dating anyone on the staff either centrally or distributedly, and my wife can testify to that. Little palm-held printable super-nice customizable booklet planner previously featured on Lifehacker.