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YouTube Playlists for Learning Programming

YouTube Playlists for Learning Programming
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50 Places You Can Learn to Code (for Free) Online If you’re curious about learning a programming language then you’re in luck: there’s no shortage of resources for learning how to code online. University-level courses, tutorials, cheat sheets, and coding communities all offer excellent ways to pick up a new language, and maybe even a new job, too. Read on, and you’ll discover 50 great places to learn how to code, for free, online. University Many big names in education including MIT and Stanford offer programming courses, absolutely free. General If you’re just dipping your toes into programming, or you want to find a variety of resources, these sites offer several different ways to learn how to code. Community Learn how to code on these sites with a heavy community influence ready to offer help to newbs. Language Specific Drill down to the language you really want on these sites, offering expansive learning in one or two specific languages.

READY TO HIT THE WEB: First 3D-Printed Handgun Successfully Test Fired « Secrets of the Fed This is an update to Defense Distributed’s ongoing progress with 3D printed weapons. The eyes of the world are on the innovation of 3D printing. Naturally, whenever a new technology is created that offers open source DIY opportunities to the average individual, it is going to make governments and their protected corporate interests very nervous. Such is the case with 3D weapons manufacturing. Now, after 8 months of discussing the possibility of a fully printable 3D handgun with all parts made of a composite plastic, except for the firing pin, Defense Distributed is set to release the new CAD files to the Web following a successful test fire on Saturday which can be seen in the latest video below. Defense Distributed founder, Cody Wilson, recently granted Forbes a behind-the-scenes look at how his new creation — The Liberator — will function: Wilson has once again drawn Israel’s attention according to the latest update from Forbes: Comments comments

27 Ways to Learn to Program Online Whether you are looking to switch careers and become a full-time programmer, want to try to build a website or app on the side, or are just looking to round out your skill set, learning to code has certainly been something a lot of people have started to do lately. And while being a programmer might not be for everyone, there is a lot to be said about gaining a better, more educated view of how all those pixels get moved around all those screens. Before we delve into our list of learning resources sites, we wanted to share some advice from Marissa Louie, a self-taught product designer for Ness Computing. F**k it, we'll do it live! Our biggest ever edition of TNW Conference is fast approaching! Louie said that once you attain the basic skills, the best thing to do is just jump in and try to give yourself custom tasks, and build experience on your own through lots of trial and error. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Just in case you were wondering, it kind of does. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

37 Tested PHP, Perl, and JavaScript Regular Expressions inShare22 A regular expression, also called regex or regexp for short, is simply a piece of code that matches a pattern. Mastering regular expressions can be a difficult chore, and if you don't need them all of the time, the syntax is tricky enough to make the task frustrating or slow as you will constantly need to use a reference sheet. In order to save you time, I've compiled a list of PHP, Perl, and JavaScript regular expressions for common use cases that have been tested and are ready to go. This isn't a regular expression tutorial or even a reference; you can think of it more as a cheatsheet for when you just need the regex but don't want to put a lot of time into relearning regular expressions. If you're looking for regex tutorials or regex resources, you can find them at the end of the page as well as some additional regex resources. Perl and PHP Regular Expressions All Major Credit Cards Alpha-Numeric Characters Test for alpha-numeric characters with this regexp. Alphabetic Characters

Common MySQL Queries Common MySQL Queries Basic aggregation Last updated 01 Oct 2016 Aggregate across columns Last updated 09 Sep 2009 Aggregates across multiple joins Given a parent table and two child tables, a query which sums values in both child tables, grouping on a parent table column, returns sums that are exactly twice as large as they should be. CREATE TABLE packageCredit ( packageCreditID INT, packageCreditItemID INT, Last updated 22 Feb 2013 Aggregates excluding leaders You have a table of grouped ranks ... Last updated 22 May 2009 Aggregates of specified size Find the values of a table column c1 for which there are a specified number of listed values in another column c2. All X for which all Y are Z You have an election database with tables for candidates, parties and districts. CREATE TABLE districts ( district char(10) DEFAULT NULL ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1; INSERT INTO districts VALUES ('Essex'),('Malton'),('Riverdale'),('Guelph'),('Halton'); Last updated 19 Mar 2016 Cascading aggregates or

Wonder How To » Show & Tell for Creators & Doers Udacity - 21st Century University Desenvolvimento de projetos (/dev/Kico) A questão dos micro serviços ainda me acompanha. Desde a publicação do meu último post sobre o assunto venho recebendo feedback de diversas pessoas além de ter entrado em contato com tantas outras. Com a mente um pouco mais clara (ao menos espero) chegou a hora de expor minhas conclusões correntes sobre o assunto. A grande questão: é SOA? A conclusão que cheguei é quase óbvia: sim e com poucas novidades. Alguém que me influenciou fortemente este ponto foi Steve Jones em um dos seus posts (a propósito, excelente blog). O modelo de referência do OASIS é um documento bastante árido mas que lido com atenção nos fornece um sólido conceitual para entender, de fato, o que é SOA. O que é SOA? Citando o modelo de referência do OASIS, SOA seria (…) um paradigma que visa organizar e usar funcionalidades (capabilities) distribuídas que podem pertencer a distintos donos (ownership domains). Há um conceitual muito importante (e interessante) neste documento que é importante divulgar aqui. Conclusões

10 Best Sites to Learn How to Code Quickly Web development has become a very important topic on the web these days and the internet has become the best source for developers to learn more about code. It is a very easy way and a very popular one and the developers can find important information related to anything on the internet very easily and do not have to face any kind of difficulty to lean new development ways. Web application development has some of its own unique features. Through the medium of the internet website developers can get a lot of information about the already existing applications and can very easily get to know about all the new tools very easily. Its our pleasure to share best and useful resources for web developers and designers. 1) Codecademy Codecademy is the easiest way to learn to code. 2) PHP Academy This site provide free PHP tutorials and other web development tutorials, including tutorials for MySQL, JavaScript (including jQuery) and CSS. 3) Code School 4) Code Google 5) School of Webcraft 6) jQuery Air

The Role of Intuition and Imagination in Scientific Discovery and Creativity: A 1957 Guide by Maria Popova “Those who do not know the torment of the unknown cannot have the joy of discovery.” Last week, we took in some timeless vintage wisdom on the role of serendipity and chance-opportunism in creativity and scientific discovery, culled from the 1957 gem The Art of Scientific Investigation (public library; public domain) by Cambridge University animal pathology professor W. I. B. Beveridge — a brilliant treatise on creativity in science and, by extension, in all endeavors of the mind. Today, as promised, we revisit Beveridge’s hefty tome to examine his ideas on the role of intuition and the imagination. The important thing to realize is that the conjuring up of the idea is not a deliberate, voluntary act. In allowing for these magic moments to occur, Beveridge stresses the importance of embracing uncertainty and doubt: He once again quotes Dewey, who advocated what he called “reflective thinking”: It is not possible deliberately to create ideas or to control their creation.