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Math My students love task cards - especially ones that get them moving. That's exactly why I created my Math Circles - sets of task cards that get my students up and moving while learning and mastering the concepts. So engaging for all students and absolutely perfect for your kinesthetic learners. If you're anything like me, you have probably have tons of sets of task cards in your teacher stash already. One day last year, while I was figuring out ways to use my task cards in more engaging ways, I had an awesome thought. I wanted a GIANT game board so we could "play math" in a GIANT way.

Writing Games & Activities Easter writing activities April 14th, 2014 — Holiday & Seasonal Ideas, Writing Games & Activities EACH YEAR, Easter brings wonderful reminders of God’s love and redemption, and the promise of new life and hope. Take some time this week to help your kids reflect on these themes with our list of Easter writing activities. Write a Prayer Guided Math, Chapter 1... and an Invitation Have joined us in the Book Study for Laney Sammon's Guided Math ? IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Please join in! This invitation is extended to anyone interested in a quick and easy read that may have an impact on the way you teach math in your classroom... and Jen Runde, this is your very own personal invitation : ) And you won't just be reading alone, you'll have lots of friends learning along with you... Here are some links to help you get started...

Building Better Math Responses by Runde's Room Building Better Math Responses - Constructed Responses for Problem-Solving in Math Building Better Math Responses - a scaffolded approach to help your students build and write better math responses and improve their problem-solving explanations and constructed responses. I created this resource based on the strategies I use in my own class to help my students build better math response answers when communicating their thinking during problem-solving or constructed response activities. Building Better Math Responses is the perfect companion to my Building Better Writing Responses and my Building Better Reading Responses. This resource can be used with any open response or problem-solving question where they have to explain their thinking. It can also be used with my Math Reflection Fans.

Fabulous in Fourth! My teaching partner Racquel came up with the idea of giving the kids pictures from the Chris Van Allsburg's book, "The Mysteries of Harris Burdick" and having them write their own mysteries. I did some research and came across a great unit on Teachers Pay Teachers from Rundees Room. (only $3.00, I have purchased many items from her shop) I followed her lessons to get the children motivated to write their own mysteries. I used "The Portfolio Edition of The Mysteries of Harris Burdick" which are large prints from the book. I laminated them, so they would be sturdy for my long term use.

TIPS Shop - These are Common Core Mathematics "I Can" statements for fifth grade in fun and bright colors. There are three statements per page which makes it easy for printing and hanging. Also included are color coordinated domain labels (e.g. geometry, measurement) Each statement also contains the standard in the lower right corner in small print for teacher reference. Some of the standards have been made a bit more "kid friendly"; however, the majority of the language is intact to ensure vocabulary rigor for the students.

Math Problem-Solving Collaborative Activity... by Runde's Room Collaborative Problem-Solving - 6th Grade Math Common Core Stick-It-Together Collaborative Problem-Solving This resource is a collaborative math problem-solving activity for small groups in your classroom. Each page contains a different math problem (one question for each standard in the 6th grade common core standards for math), an “I can …” learning goal, spaces for students’ individual answers on sticky notes, a space for them to collaboratively build their best answer using the individual responses, and success criteria for constructed responses in math. This activity works best for small group exploration of problem-solving and the understanding of different concepts covered during math lessons.

Duct Tape Anyone? Whooo Hooo! Got all my pretty duct tape and made my first "quilt" today! I started with a small one that I plan to use for my BOGGLE Board. Three-Part Math Lessons This year I've been part of a team that has been studying, co-planning, and implementing the three-part math lesson in our classrooms. In fact, one of the SMART goals for my division this year was to implement a three part lesson at least once a week. With so much on my plate already, I was relieved to realize that the three part math lesson was really no different than what we were already doing in class. Essentially, the three part lesson follows a problem-solving approach. The three parts are a short 10 - 15 minute hook (Getting Started), a longer problem-solving section (Working On It) during which the students work in pairs or small groups, and a summary (Consolidation and Practice) in which the students share their learning, then practice the learned skills independently.

Printable Brain Teasers Got it! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website More info Cookie Consent plugin for the EU cookie law Puzzles to Print Store Boggle Board w/ Printable!!! I have been working on some new ideas for my students to do during their Daily Five "Word Work" rotation. A couple days ago I posted about my Word of the Week Graphic Organizer. Another idea I had was inspired by a couple different sources. I first saw the idea for a Boggle bulletin board on Pinterest. Click here to see the pic.