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Dangerous Minds

Dangerous Minds

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SF Diggers (1966-68, beyond) What is the Digger Archives? First time here? The Overview page explains who the Diggers were (are) and the intent of this site. The What's New page highlights additions to this web so returning visitors might check there first. The old Digger Forum Discussion Group has morphed into a WordPress blog. Feel free to check it out. Tim Ferriss's 4-Hour Workweek and Lifestyle Design Blog I love testing new gadgets and products. It’s an obsession. For The 4-Hour Chef alone, I tested well over $100,000 worth of gear. computing machinery and intelligence - a.m. turing, 1950 We may now consider the ground to have been cleared and we are ready to proceed to the debate on our question, 'Can machines think?' and the variant of it quoted at the end of the last section. We cannot altogether abandon the original form of the problem, for opinions will differ as to the appropriateness of the substitution and we must at least listen to what has to be said in this connection. It will simplify matters for the reader if I explain first my own beliefs in the matter. Consider first the more accurate form of the question.

Millennials Compared to previous generations, Millennials seem to have some very different habits that have taken both established companies and small businesses by surprise. One of these is that Generation Y doesn't seem to enjoy purchasing things. The Atlantic's article "Why Don't Young Americans Buy Cars?" mused recently about Millennials' tendency to not care about owning a vehicle. The subtitle: "Is this a generational shift, or just a lousy economy at work?" Dischord Jawbox's second full-length, Novelty, is now back in print on clear-colored vinyl with revised artwork. It’s out May 6th and available for pre-order now. Jawbox interview w/ Flipside, May/June 1991.

Showbiz Imagery and Chicanery Harry The Hipster plays downtown Los Angeles click to watch this very rare 1939 Universal comedy Ted Flicker’s creation premieres 5 Websites That Are Sure to Be Entertaining (and Extremely Distracting) With the semester coming to an end, and finals starting soon, this time of the year can be stressful. So, what better way to handle your stress, than to avoid all your responsibilities? Check out these websites listed below to provide yourself some quality entertainment when you need a little distraction from your everyday tasks!

All Intelligent and Sentient Beings have a Right to Freedom We are entering an age when technological advancements will allow other intelligent and sentient beings, besides people, to come into existence; however most governments are not yet prepared to deal with this eventuality. For instance, if a company somehow manages to develop an artificially intelligent computer, would this new being be a property of the company and be forced to work as a slave? Obviously, all the computer’s hardware and software would have been purchased or constructed from the company’s resources, and therefore be owned by the company. Yet how can a company own a sentient being?

Flavorwire You can finally stop chugging the dreamwine — HBO’s Game of Thrones is officially back for its second season, and you’ll want to be as clearheaded as possible for what’s about to go down in the Seven Kingdoms. But before we get into that, how about a quick refresher on where things currently stand? Warning: Possible spoilers ahead! The long summer is finally drawing to a close. Ned Stark’s head is still on a spike in the King’s Landing, where the only other Stark left is poor, dutiful Sansa, who has been taken hostage by King Joffrey and his mother the Queen Regent; her sister Arya, now posing as a boy and going by Arry, left town with a ragtag group headed up by Yoren, a recruiter for the Night’s Watch. Meanwhile, her brother Robb Stark, now known as the King in the North, is camping out in the Riverlands with a party that also includes Catelyn Stark, Greatjon Umber, Theon Greyjoy, and Jaime Lannister, who admitted that he pushed Bran out of the window, but won’t explain why.

College No.9 The Fabulous Hoplite returns to College no.9. Our Fab writes about the main player in the birth of the Salsa and Disco scenes in New York City and the legendary Cheetah nightclub. Oliver Coquelin was a French man who opened some of New York cities most infamous go-go clubs of the 60s. He paved the way for the Disco scene of the 70s. The gay Parisian moved to the U.S in 1950 and the “King of the Clubs” opened his first nightclub called Le Club at 416 East 55th Street in the city in 1960, which remained open until 1995.

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