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Tumult Hype tries hard to deliver 100% fidelity across all browsers. Yes, that even includes IE 6! When there are no good fallbacks, Tumult Hype warns about browser incompatibilities in the inspector and at export time, so you’re never caught by surprise. Tumult Hype outputs state of the art HTML5, CSS3 styles, and JavaScript. Built-in support for HTML5 audio and video allows for creating multimedia experiences. Tumult Hype strives to always adopt cutting edge features, like blurring, hue shifts, box shadows, reflection, and 3D transformations.

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8 Ways to promote your online courses Apart from using compelling content, you can support your eLearning activity with a series of other actions. When looking at Best Practices by our customers (both from eFront and TalentLMS) we notice that most educators invest in specific things. Here are the most important ones: 1. Make a blog Maintaining an active blog in order to support your elearning activity as an educator is the best thing to do. Free Lightning Photoshop Brushes Close You are allowed to: Download to obtain the non-exclusive right to use Eezy files to create new, derivative, unique works, however the original Eezy file or artwork must be largely unrecognizable. Download, edit, and remix for personal and commercial use, but give credit back to the author in one of the following ways For Video: please add "" in the final credits For Print: please add "" in the final copy For Websites: copy and paste the following code for attribution You are not allowed to:

GSAP, the standard for JavaScript HTML5 animation Crazy fast Performance is paramount, especially on mobile devices with sluggish processors. Silky smooth HTML5 javascript animation is the hallmark of any tweening engine worth its weight and GSAP outperforms old “industry standards” by literally 1000%+ under stress.

Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility Bulk Rename Utility: file renaming software for Windows. Bulk Rename Utility is free of charge for personal, private use, at home. To use Bulk Rename Utility within a business entity, company or for commercial purposes, a commercial license is required.

Microsoft’s Smart Fitting Room Is Like A Robo-Shop Clerk Imagine a fitting room that knows what clothing you’ve brought in—the cut, size, and color. And if something doesn't fit, it could retrieve another garment with the push of a button. It’s not such a sci-fi idea. In fact, a new project by Accenture, Avanade, and Microsoft has prototyped exactly this.

Cloud WordPress Integration - SCORM Cloud WordPress SCORM Cloud plugin for WordPress Turn your WordPress site into an LMS. It’s easy. Vintage Grunge Textures - HeyDesign Magazine Thanks to Zeppelin Graphics for this great pack of 16 vintage textures. Format: : .PSD Files: 16 Size: 245 MB Use: For personal use SK - very first serious HTML5 animation tool Simplicity Use your past experience with other animation tools to start working with Blysk in just a second - we don't want to reinvent the wheel, we just give you an outstanding tool inside your browser. Everything you create is available for preview with one-click preview mode. Intuitive interface and WYSIWYG approach provides access to our tool for everyone, not only professionals. Portability Create your animation once and run it on every device, in every web browser around the world. Some big company doesn't allow you to install necessary plugins on one of it's devices? It's not a problem anymore.

Website speed test Nobody Likes a Slow Website We built this Website Speed Test to help you analyze the load speed of your websites and learn how to make them faster. It lets you identify what about a web page is fast, slow, too big, what best practices you’re not following, and so on. We have tried to make it useful both to experts and novices alike. In short, we wanted it to be a easy-to-use tool to help webmasters and web developers everywhere optimize the performance of their websites. Proactive, logical, and well-organized design evaluation with a solid reference design helps simplify Wireless personal-area networks (WPAN) design and development Wireless personal-area networks (WPANs) are exceptionally useful for sensing, monitoring, and control applications. Cost-effective WPANs have the unique potential to implement wireless connectivity in many end products where this functionality wasn’t considered previously. A thorough, fact-based, logical, and organized evaluation of key WPAN design factors can closely manage system financial objectives, increasing end product value with a positive rate of return, while still achieving key wireless design objectives. Sensing, monitoring, and control solutions drive specific consideration factors for WPAN implementation. Ranges for low-cost wireless networks in sensing, monitoring, and control applications encompass those distances of 300 m or less and data rates of 250 kbits/s or less. In WPAN end node designs, it’s often necessary to extend battery life to the optimum to meet product needs.

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