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Focus Your Ambitions with the Lifehacker Hierarchy of Goals

Focus Your Ambitions with the Lifehacker Hierarchy of Goals
Setting goals is easy, but prioritizing them is hard. Humans suck at properly weighing what we need to achieve our goals. We take on too much, skip steps, and often, as a result, we give up. Once you commit to a framework to prioritize your goals and cut the junk, achieving your goals gets a lot more realistic. Here's one way to do it.P If you're anything like me you have a ton of goals. Consider this a system of life designing that helps you question assumptions and figure out what you really want. Level 1: The Primary GoalsP SExpand Your primary goals are the base of all other goals—the one or two things you aspire to do before you die. Level 2: Long Term GoalsP Your long term goals are the major goals that are required to get to the primary goals. Level 3: Short Term GoalsP Think of short term goals as weeks or months out. Level 4: Recurring GoalsP Your recurring goals are what you want to do daily/weekly/monthly regardless of what else is going on. Level 5: Immediate GoalsP

Technology I use on a Daily Basis - updated for this year In the past, I've written about the technology I use on a daily basis at school. I just saw that Richard Byrne did the same thing on his blog this week, so I decided to update my list with what I'm using these days. All of them are free, except for PowerTeacher (paid for by the district) and my smartphone. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. iGoogle - I use iGoogle as my start page to keep myself organized. 6. 7a. 7b. There are also Dropbox apps for iPhone, Android, iPad and Blackberry. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. So, you now know what I use for educational technology on a daily basis. Please share your resources too.

Your Life. Organized. How to Invert Your Browser's Colors for Easier Reading at Night Whitson Gordon claims that for longer reading, "black on white is much easier to read than the opposite or any other combo." - This is not true. The most efficient and 'easiest' on the eyes set up is: pale yellow font on dark blue background. This is true for all reading. And for longer content, serifs fonts (ones with the fancy hooks and and swings) in them are better than non-sans: more points of reference to distinguish one letter from another, so less processing effort is needed. Perhaps Whitson's comment is simply a personal preference. Pale yellow on dark blue has science of how the human eye-to-brain processing system works as proof. Btw: Ironically, bright saturated yellow (canary) is the most complex and therefore confusing color for the human site system to process, so it can cause agitation, be it as a font or the color of someone's clothing.

Cloud Productivity | Business and Personal Productivity in the Cloud Dynamic Templates v2.05: The Next Generation The D*I*Y Planner Dynamic Template application has now hit version 2.0, ready to produce any size and shape of yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily calendars for your printing pleasure. All designs are based upon the Classic versions of the D*I*Y Planner, along with input from Doug, and so will integrate completely into your DiyP setup. (The daily design was created by Doug, but was never implemented as a static template owing to the insane amount of repetitive work required.) Simply select your paper size, choose the calendar type, and tweak the settings to come up with your own printable set of calendars that perfectly fit your planner and your lifestyle. The Mac version was built in Mac OS 10.4.11, using Qt 4.5.2 Here's a shot of the Mac version as it starts up: The Windows version was built in Windows XP, using Qt 4.5.2 and MinGW Here's the Windows version as it starts up: This is multi-platform software. Some Major Changes: One application instead of many. Screenshots: Version History:

Get Hired Can we get a counter point article written by job interviewees? This article comes across as slightly arrogant. I've noticed that a lot of interviewers treat me as if they are giving me some amazing life changing opportunity by agreeing to talk to me, even though most of the time they're the ones who approached me. Just a few off the top of my head: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. KeyRocket - A simple way to master keyboard shortcuts. Quick Example Sally installs KeyRocket and starts using Word. KeyRocket notices that Sally habitually uses the mouse to center align her text and suggests that she use a shortcut instead (in this case, Ctrl + E). Not Your Dad’s Office Assistant From the moment you finish installation, it starts learning how you work. Constantly Learning KeyRocket is always learning – constantly recalibrating its recommendations based on your current level of knowledge. Teaches What You Need to Know KeyRocket’s teaching algorithms and user interface were developed through research at one of Germany’s top universities. Sounds simple enough, but it’s taken years of research and development to create software that adjusts to your unique learning and working style.

What Advice Do You Wish You Could Give Your Younger Self? The points from The Buried Life, that I would advise to my younger (15 year old) self are: 1-5, 7, 10-16, 18 and 19. In addition to those points, I'll add: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Survival Guide Puts the US Military Survival Manual in Your Pocket A little while ago I sitting in the garden when a neighbor had a heart attack, turning immediately into a zombie. I ran back into the house, bolted door and windows, only to discover the demon from Paranormal Activity breaking things and stuff. I ran out through the back door, and that's when the raptor saw me. I ran and ran down the road. A while later I saw a car coming and stopped it, asking for a lift. I ran into the woods, hoping to find a place to hide. I somehow climbed a tree to try and wait it out till things slow down a bit. Guess I should download the app now, eh?

How Can I Overcome a Work Slump? There is no panacea that you can use for the rest of your life to keep your work ethic going. What gives you drive is going to be a constantly changing thing. My work is in music, but for the past couple of months, I have been getting over my own slump, too. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Create a Behind-the-Scenes Blog to Augment Your Résumé Nonsense like this is why I dread the job search more than anything on earth. At your first job after college, you should build enough bridges that afterwards, a resume is a mere formality. My last job interview was with a boss from a previous company, who moved onward. The interview was more of us catching up after not seeing each other for a while. If you work at a large company, and plan on staying in that industry, the turnover rates can be pretty high, and you will often know many people at many places.