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Second Life Grid Status Reports

Second Life Grid Status Reports
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Second Life Italia How to uninstall and reinstall Second Life - Second Life Overview Typically, when you install a new version of the Second Life Viewer, you can simply install over your existing version. However, if you are experiencing problems, one of the first things to do is completely uninstall your current version and reinstall the same or a newer version. Sometimes this is referred to as a clean install. A clean install may help if there is an unusual issue affecting the Viewer user interface (UI), or if a Resident is having difficulty loading UI elements such as windows or menus. It can also be done to restore lost settings or return things to a default setup, if somehow the settings in the Viewer have changed or become unusuable. It's important to clear out temporary Second Life files (such as the cache) when reinstalling. Procedure The procedure to use depends on your operating system: Windows 7 If you can't see the files or folders described above: Windows Vista Windows XP Mac OS

Second Life Marketplace Category:Virtual reality in fiction From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Subcategories This category has the following 5 subcategories, out of 5 total. ► .hack‎ (3 C, 11 P, 6 F) Pages in category "Virtual reality in fiction" The following 85 pages are in this category, out of 85 total. Login failure - Second Life This article helps you identify your problem and choose an appropriate solution. Before you start troubleshooting: First check Second Life grid status to make sure there are currently no known issues that prevent login. Error messages If you can't log in to Second Life, the error message may indicate the source of the issue. Waiting for region handshake The "Waiting for Region Handshake" message occurs when the Second Life Viewer does not receive an acknowledgement from the server. For information on how to configure firewalls, see: Using Second Life with a firewall. Your account is not accessible until (date/time) If the error states that you are already logging in (or out), then Second Life is still attempting to log out your avatar. If you see this error message: Login failed; Your account is not accessible until (date/time) — this usually means that your Second Life account has been administratively blocked. Linden Lab is unable to remove administrative blocks for abuse. Possible causes

Your Portable Profile and Virtual Goods Mall Clothes (Outfit or Apparel) for your avatar. Language Home | Help Cart (0) ItemsMerchants/Stores Help Search filters: Category: Price Over L$5,00055001 to Prim count: Permissions: Advertisement 18183 matching items found. You may be able to see more items after you log in or join Second Life. View as: List Gallery Thumbnails Featured Items « Previous Next » GAS [Men's MESH Jacket Adam - 3x3x12 Colors with HUD] 0 stars Reviews (0) GAS Clothing Company by GASCC2013 ! 5 stars Reviews (9) SN@OKS gothic fantasy medieval l... by Hendrik Snook MESHCENTER - Joe sweater and jacket Mimetic P@ck 0 stars Reviews (0) MESHCENTER by Claudio Citron ODDITY Shirt -Bruce- Aloha I COLORS [150501M] 5 stars Reviews (1) ODDITY 3D by Oddity3D MESHCENTER - Topgun full outfit man 0 stars Reviews (0) MESHCENTER - Bradd Jacket black and white shirt (for p... 3 stars Reviews (1) AG. 0 stars Reviews (0) Avi-Glam by Kendra Parfort ::ZED:: MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: Black Hawkeye RolePlay... 0 stars Reviews (0) ::ZED:: Designz for Men by EVK GizzA - Stephen Outfit [Black] 0 stars Reviews (0) reversmith !

Virtuelle Welt Dieser Artikel wurde wegen inhaltlicher Mängel auf der Qualitätssicherungsseite der Redaktion Informatik eingetragen. Dies geschieht, um die Qualität der Artikel aus dem Themengebiet Informatik auf ein akzeptables Niveau zu bringen. Hilf mit, die inhaltlichen Mängel dieses Artikels zu beseitigen, und beteilige dich an der Diskussion! Als virtuelle Welt oder Virtual World (engl.), kurz VW, wird eine Welt bezeichnet, welche zumeist über den Computer und das Internet betreten werden kann. Die Intensität der Interaktion ist durch die jeweilige Ausprägung der Virtuellen Welt bedingt. Die dargestellte dreidimensionale Computergrafik wird durch die Zeit als vierte Dimension ergänzt. Alle dreidimensionalen Welten unterliegen bestimmten physikalischen, sozialen und biologischen Gesetzen, die vom Erfinder, Designer oder Entwickler festgelegt werden. Software[Bearbeiten] Avatar[Bearbeiten] Jeder Besucher wird durch einen Avatar vertreten. Physikalische Gesetze[Bearbeiten] Siehe auch[Bearbeiten]

Second Life Quickstart Before you start Registering for and installing Second Life Follow this quick four-step process to register for and install Second Life. 1. Choose an avatar This is how YOU will appear in Second Life. If you change your mind later, don't worry—you can select a different avatar any time you want! 2. Your username is the account name that you use to log in to Second Life. Later, you can also choose a display name that everyone sees in addition to your username. For more information, see Usernames and Display names. 3. Choose a free basic account, or sign up for a premium account for as little as $6 per month. With a premium account, you get your own private Linden Home (if you're at least 18 years old), virtual currency rewards, exclusive virtual goods, and many other benefits. If you choose a basic account now, you can always upgrade to premium membership later. 4. You may need to run the installer program explicitly. Your first steps inworld Logging in Volume and media controls. Your inventory