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Dave's Garden - Tips and Advice on Outdoor Gardening, Flower Gardens, Plants, & Seeds

Dave's Garden - Tips and Advice on Outdoor Gardening, Flower Gardens, Plants, & Seeds
With almost 500,000 members, Dave's Garden is an amazing resource for beginning and experienced gardeners alike. Inside, you'll find over 250 forums dedicated to every type of home and gardening topic you can think of. From annuals and bonsai trees to vegetable gardening and winter sowing; from tips on seeds and planting to advice on regional gardening, this is a gold mine of friendly advice and knowledge shared by experienced gardeners from around the world. Enthusiasts of every gardening niche can put down roots and grow their knowledge. Are you into water gardens, vegetable gardens, hanging gardens, growing flowers or arranging bouquets, container gardens, raised beds, farming, poultry, beekeeping or any other gardening pursuit? If so, you'll find we have forums, articles and videos to help you learn, grow and share advice.

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The Largest Plant Identification Reference Guide - Dave's Garden PlantFiles is the largest plant database in the world, with information and photos for 210,070 different plants! View our 365,378 images and read our 138,488 detailed and helpful comments. Search for a plant by its common or botanical name using the green button below, or scroll down the page and browse through hundreds of popular cultivars, or search for plants by their characteristics (height, hardiness, etc.) Discover which plants grow well in your area, and which plants to avoid. Join the 58,387 gardeners, PlantFiles Pioneers and Uber Gardeners who contribute to PlantFiles, and share what you know.

Organic Hydroponics / Aquaponics Aquaponics is the commingling of Aquaculture, a.k.a. fish farming, and Hydroponics, growing plants/crops without soil. This instructable will show you a simple method of growing both fish and plants, using easily obtained and/or household items, for enjoyment and beauty or for consumption.Why should you care?Aquaponics (AP) is easy and has been used for thousands of years (from Chinese rice paddys to the Aztec water gardens), can be practiced on any scale, consumes approximately 1% of the water in a traditional growing system, and is a great way to learn about closed-loop systems and ecology.AP can help feed families in dire need of nutrition, with agricultural crops; but also with much needed proteins in the form of fish. This example isn't exactly what a poor family in a third-world country might put together, it is exactly as stated; an example.The entire earth is (more or less) a giant aquaponic lab; but we're going to start small, in the living room.

Why I Use Epsom Salt in the Garden *Why I Use Epsom Salt in the Garden*By: LL4e14 June 2004 I wanted to show everyone what a difference it makes with and without with only water being added all of these plants was planted on the same day and time. I am showing you ones I am growing with the sq. ft. method. All of these photo's were just taken today. I do have several baby tomatoes now. However now the non Epsom salt plants will be fed it also this was only to show those what a difference it makes.

Windowsill Sprouting my way through the Winter. My orchids are dark speckled and bruised from the cold. The flowery Lantana shrubs are like coarse twine unraveled in a pile on the ground. The tall ornamental grasses, which I love for their swaying grace, stand in stiff bunches like little scarecrows scattered across the lawn. My herbs…oh, let’s not even go there (I think thyme and cilantro are barely holding on). Then there’s the pile of dead and crispy Christmas trees strewn around the fire pit. We like to collect the discarded trees at the end of the season and use them for firewood throughout the winter, but right now, as I look out across the pathetic winter landscape of our backyard, they only add to the overall state of things.

BugFiles - Identify Bugs & Insects with Pictures - Dave's Garden Welcome to BugFiles, a database designed to help gardeners identify the insects, spiders, and butterflies in their gardens. BugFiles continues to grow through the collaborative efforts of 2,893 gardeners from around the world. Any registered user may add new insects, images, comments, and ZIP codes. Learn more about BugFiles in our BugFiles FAQ There are 7,214 bugs listed, with 16,228 images and 3,027 comments in our database. You may search for entries by common or scientific name, or browse through an entire order of bugs to find what you're looking for. If you would like to add your own photo, description, or other details to a particular insect or bug, you will find the links to do just that under the current information within each entry.

Automatic Watering of SIPs, Part 1 I think these planters should be self watering. As in hook up a hose and you're done watering. For the summer. I knew I wanted to work with one of the strengths of the SIP, its water reservoir, rather than adapt watering systems and techniques used for ordinary container or garden irrigation.

Eartheasy Blog - StumbleUpon It took over 20 years of gardening to realize that I didn’t have to work so hard to achieve a fruitful harvest. As the limitless energy of my youth gradually gave way to the physical realities of mid-life, the slow accretion of experience eventually led to an awareness that less work can result in greater crop yields. Inspired in part by Masanobu Fukuoka’s book, One Straw Revolution, my family experimented with gardening methods which could increase yields with less effort.

11 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes The days are finally getting longer, the snow is (slowly!) beginning to melt, and spring officially arrives in just a few days! While the prospect of warmer weather has us all a bit giddy, we can’t forget the unwelcome intruders that tag along with the sunny summer weather. Yes, we are talking about mosquitoes, and everybody knows that they can be a huge nuisance. However, using chemical products to keep them away is not on the top of everyone’s wish list. BirdFiles - Bird Identification Guide with Bird Pictures - Dave's Garden Welcome to BirdFiles, a database designed to help birders identify the birds in their gardens and in nature. BirdFiles continues to grow through the collaborative efforts of 658 people from around the world. Any registered user may add new birds, images, comments, and ZIP codes. There are 3,521 birds listed, with 7,765 images and 922 comments in our database.

Our Ohio - Restaurants that buy local products For Mariola, finding farmers who can supply great ingredients is a standard of doing business as well as a statement for his 38-seat downtown bistro. Ten years ago, Emeril Lagasse proclaimed food in this country to be "more exciting than anywhere else in the world." "It's cool to be a farmer and it's cool to be chef," he said.

Natural Companions: The Garden Lover's Guide to Plant Combinations by Ken Druse Synopses & Reviews In Natural Companions, acclaimed garden writer Ken Druse presents recipes for perfect plant pairings using diverse species that look great together and bloom at the same time. Organized by theme within seasons, topics include color, fragrance, foliage, grasses, edible flowers and much more, all presented in photographs of gardens that show planted combinations from a wide variety of climates and conditions.

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