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Turn Your XBMC Media Center into a Video Game Console

Turn Your XBMC Media Center into a Video Game Console
Congrats, you once again timed your post exactly right.A week ago I was tryijng to acheive exactly this :D Thanks! Flagged @Igor: It's like I'm in your miiiiiiind! ;-) @Whitson Gordon: I second Igor, I just got my XBMC Live Acer Revo fully set up and fully automated, my next step was to add games. Any thoughts on to how this process compares to the same process in the Linux / XBMC Live environment? Oh also #corrections the link to the XBMC forum is incorrect. @Izod517: Assuming you're running XBMC from the hard drive, the process should be mostly the same apart from the folder paths. @Whitson Gordon: Ok some final words for those of us with an Acer Revo 1600 running XBMClive / Linux - which I know a lot of Lifehackers are doing based on previous articles. The set up is fairly similar to the one above - you can get through the Launcher mess in XBMClive following these instructions and modifying it to your liking for your specific EMU / ROMs: [] Change your .asoundrc to: Reboot.

Turbo Charge Your New XBMC Installation Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. I used to use XBMC daily with a modified xbox. However, with the current HD and MKV containers the xbox struggles to play them. Make an Awesome, Portable Retro Gaming System This Weekend I have spent a great deal of time researching on what might be the best portable emulation console, and have recently found one that I am really satisfied with. What I have tried/owned already: 1. non-keyboard Android phones 2. 10" Android Tablet 3. Home automation server with router Install the Linux based OpenWRT firmware on the router. The TL-WR741ND instructions can be found here: If you are stuck, start here: After you have a working SSH connection you can proceed. Because of the router (by default) runs the web admin page on the port 80, we need to add a secondary port to serve our custom web site. For that, we need to configure the uhttpd (web server application) configuration file.

Keyboard controls 1 Default keyboard controls The default keymap can be found at 2 Mouse controls 3 Picture slide show controls 4 Platform specific controls Themes, VoIP/PBX, Amahi 5.5 ready! And the winners are ... Wow! We are blown away with the innovative ways in which the community responded to the theme and app contest! We got 9 new themes, which we are releasing live today (screenshots below) and we even have a top notch VoIP/PBX app, FusionPBX and a hot full-disk backup solution, Redo Backup, in progress!

The Ouya debate: Who really wants indie gaming hardware? Upstart indie game company Ouya has made serious waves with its self-titled game console. The under-development system wants to be an open gaming platform, built around freemium games running on Nvidia's Tegra3 platform. According to the project's popular Kickstarter page, the Ouya will cost $99, but won't be ready until at least March 2013. Despite the hype, however, there are some serious questions about whether the game industry can support another living room console, and whether gamers are looking for more set-top boxes to plug into their TVs. Rich: Fact: more than 45,000 backers have pledged a total of $5.8 million toward the development of the Ouya game console via Kickstarter (disclosure: I'm one of them).

50 Animated Gifs for Every Situation Ever If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animated gif must be worth some kind of number I can’t even begin to comprehend. If you’ve ever found yourself browsing the Internet and felt compelled to respond with a witty reply, only to come up: wow, mind. blown., golf clap, etc. Then these animated gifs are for you! With the simple copy and paste of one of the images below you can make your feelings resonate while bathing in the adulation of Internet pundits the world over. This is the Sifter’s seventh installment of the Awesome Animated Gif Series. [UNSUPPORTED] Advanced Launcher - Applications Launcher Addon for XBMC Last Version : 2.5.8 (Helix, Gotham, Frodo, Eden & Dharma) forkable on GitHubThis add-on is no more supported. Advanced Launcher allows you to start any Linux, Windows and OS X external applications (with command line support or not) directly from the Kodi GUI. Advanced Launcher also allows you to modify and reorganize all your kODI favourites stuff as you want.

4 Easy Ways To Stream Your Music Online A while back, Damien published a great article on How To Install And Setup Jinzora Media Server In Ubuntu. Jinzora is a great and powerful way to stream your music over the internet, but getting it set up can be somewhat complicated. Today, I thought I’d cover some of the other options that are a little easier to set up, and may work on other platforms. How I built a This is an all in one desktop computer, based on the Raspberry Pi. The goal of this project was to produce a computer system, based on the Raspberry Pi, with an absolute minimum of cable clutter. I think I have succeeded. Note the single power cord exiting the frame to the left.

Home Server Hacks: Running Windows Home Server Connector on Windows 7 Beginning tomorrow, January 9th, you will be able to download Windows 7 from the Windows 7 page on It will be an ISO image that will have to burn to a DVD using something like Roxio or Nero. Let's say you decide to take the plunge.

30 Books I’m Glad I Read Before 30 In various ways, these 30 books convey some of the philosophy of how Angel and I live our lives. I honestly credit a fraction of who I am today to each title. Thus, they have indirectly influenced much of what I write about on this site.

BerryBoot v2.0 - bootloader / universal operating system installer For people short on SD cards: Berryboot is a simple boot selection screen for ARM computers like the Raspberry Pi, that allows you to put multiple Linux distributions on a single SD card. In addition it allows you to put the operating system files on an external USB hard drive instead of on the SD card itself. Download link Berryboot for the original Raspberry Pi and Pi Zero: sha1sum: f8cfc1b4f57e0b6886569091ca7e277d33ffee0f Download link Berryboot for the quad-core Raspberry Pi 2 and Pi 3: sha1sum: 7f44898dcca58cd4c1562273a44121c90e3543ab To install: extract the contents of the .zip file to a normal (FAT formatted) SD card, and put it in your Raspberry Pi. This can be simply done under Windows without any special image writer software.