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25 Tips For More Muscle And Superstrength!

25 Tips For More Muscle And Superstrength!
by Muscle & Fitness Last updated: Aug 17, 2012 Lift barefoot, if possible, or in minimalist footwear like Vibram FiveFingers shoes, wrestling shoes, or converse chucks. having your feet flat on the floor lessens the distance you have to pull the bar on a deadlift, increasing your leverage and helping you lift heavier weights. Training barefoot also strengthens your feet, which in turn adds stability and traction to all your lifts. Squeeze your glutes at all times during a set, especially on lifts like the bench press and overhead press. If the total number of reps you perform for an exercise adds up to 25, you're more likely to maximize muscle and strength gains. Train with heavy loads one month, using sets of four to six reps. Hold an 8- to 10-pounder and throw it hard into a wall a few feet in front of you, as if you were passing a basketball down the court. Want to look leaner without dieting? Here's a great bait-and-switch trick for the nervous system. Fat Gripz About The Author

Maximizing Digestion and Assimilation | Wake Up World - Aurora 20th June 2012 By Jordan & Kyla Miller Contributing Writers for Wake Up World In our previous articles, we have addressed, on several occasions, the importance of eating a proper diet coupled with a toxic free environment for achieving/building optimal health and well-being. Both digestion and subsequently assimilation are in fact just as important, if not more important, as the type of food being eaten for building a healthy functioning body and mind. To ensure the body is receiving adequate nutrients, it’s not important how much ‘good food’ one is eating; rather, it is the quality of their intestinal micro flora which will determine how many nutrients are being effectively absorbed into the blood from their intestines. Most people in Western society consume “foods” that are heavily toxic and highly processed. In an attempt to “clean-out” our internal environment (stomach and intestines as the main organs implicated here), we need to give our digestive system a break. Sources: 1.

Are You Using The Wrong Rep Speed in Your Workouts? I like to keep things simple. So a general statement like, “always lift the weight as explosively as possible and lower it under control,” works pretty well for me in most cases. But there are definitely some exercises that you do NOT want to explode on. Exercises that you don’t consciously explode on are known as high-tension exercises. Explosive lifts are high velocity exercises where speed of movement is the most important factor. After training for a few years you’ll figure most of this out for yourself. High Velocity Exercises Jumps, throws and Olympic lifts should all be done explosively. All forms of barbell pressing exercises should be done explosively. All forms of barbell squats (front, back, safety bar, box, Buffalo bar, etc.) should be done explosively as well. Kettebell swings and snatches should also be done explosively. Always press explosively with hostile intent and ruthless aggression. Deadlifts are a combo of high velocity and high tension. High Tension Exercises PS.

The making of an action hero body - Entertainment - Movies When I was hired to train an actor for an action film, the studio executives would express how important it was to transform their body so they looked like an action hero. That's why I made the decision to utilize the same method of dieting and training I used to win many of my champion body building competitions. Matt Damon and Kevin Spacey were extremely excited to work with me, which made my job a lot easier than it had been with some of my other celebrity clients. I have the actors do weight training in the morning and cardio at night. The purpose of separating the weight training and cardiovascular training for 6 to 9 hours is because weight training causes the body to secrete anabolic hormones (muscle building) and cardiovascular exercises cause the body to secrete catabolic hormones (fat burning). This way my client got the most effective results from their workouts and fast results. WEIGHT TRAINING SESSION(* — increase weight each set) Wednesday – Rest Day

The Most Powerful Food Combinations Who came up with the idea that we are supposed to drink orange juice at breakfast? And why, if oatmeal is so good for us, do we eat that only in the morning as well? Apologies to the Palinites, but nutritionists are starting to realize that you and I like our oatmeal and OJ before we start the day because we evolved to like it that way—because enjoying the two together is healthier than eating each of them alone. Epidemiologist David R. What's more fascinating, however, is that the evolution between eater and eaten might answer the long-held question about why humans live longer, healthier lives on traditional diets. Tomatoes & Avocadoes Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a pigment-rich antioxidant known as a carotenoid, which reduces cancer risk and cardiovascular disease. "This also has a Mediterranean cultural tie-in," says registered dietitian Susan Bowerman of California Polytechnic State University. And when it comes to salads, don't choose low-fat dressings. Oatmeal & Orange Juice

Ice baths – The cool way to recovery | Fitsational Whenever you increase exercise intensity, whether it be through longer bouts of cardio exercise or by increasing weight during heavy lifts you are putting yourself at greater risk of injury. While your body gets stronger and fitter, as your body has to work harder to maintain intensity, it becomes more prone to injury which can lead to you having to take time out of your exercise schedule for recovery. This is obviously something you want to minimise and prevent to ensure that you can meet your training goals without suffering setbacks. One of the most effective ways to do this is to carry out cold immersion therapy (chryotherapy) – Or what is commonly referred to as ice bath treatment. The theory behind ice bath therapy When you work your muscles to an intense level, you create micro traumas in the muscle tissue (small tears). This is where ice baths come in. Good luck – The cold will be worth it…

Bodyweight Exercise Routines from Basic to Advanced | One of my favorite aspects of bodyweight training is how its underlying simplicity is so scalable, from basic to extremely advanced levels. So, today I’m going to highlight an outdoor bodyweight workout for lower and upper body that can be done at basic, intermediate or advanced levels, which was featured in an article about Global Bodyweight Training in last month’s Men’s Health South Africa, called “The Evolution of Exercise”. Click here to read the complete Men’s Health article as a PDF. I’m pretty excited with how the Men’s Health article takes the time to explain the Global Bodyweight Training system, and in particular to demonstrate how the progressions work: With GBT you start with the Basic exercises outlined below and then, after you’ve mastered those, you can progress to Intermediate and Advanced. “Since you can’t add more weight, you have to challenge yourself by decreasing your leverage, which means that gravity makes you work harder,” says Fitch. Basic Bodyweight Workout

How to Increase Your Metabolism and Start Losing Fat Why do I need to register or sign in for WebMD to save? We will provide you with a dropdown of all your saved articles when you are registered and signed in. Your brother inhales pizza three times a day and never gains a pound, while you watch your carbs, calories, and sweets and still haven’t lost an ounce. He must have a fast metabolism, you decide, while you seem to be cursed with a slow metabolism. Should you throw in the towel and forget about dieting? No, say the experts. Metabolism 101 Simply put, metabolism is the process of breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to yield the energy your body needs to maintain itself. How can you increase your metabolism? Continue reading below... “Your body can burn calories from either fat, protein, or carbs,” says John Berardi, PhD, CSCS, president of Precision Nutrition, and author of The Metabolism Advantage. One such time is during exercise, but it’s difficult to exercise all the time, especially if you’re stuck at a desk all day.

Muscle Building Workouts- 44 Ways to Get Big & Strong - How to Build Muscle 1) Before you get to the gym make sure you have your muscle building workouts planned out. Failing to plan is planning to fail. 2) Psyche up on the way there by visualizing the workout in your head. 3) If you train at a public gym, where it’s more than likely they’ll be playing Usher and similar R&B tunes that will make you wanna clean out your ears with a gun, make sure you have some good training songs loaded on your iPod. 4) Train hard but don’t make every workout a competition. 5) Limit your workouts to an hour, tops. 6) Stick with a muscle building workout plan for 12 weeks, minimum. 7) Start each workout with a full body dynamic warm up to fire up the CNS, lubricate the joints and activate the muscles; especially those that might not always fire properly or in the right order. 8) If you have nagging injuries stay covered up and dress warm for your workouts. 9) Knee and elbow sleeves can also be a great friend to the older beat up lifter. 13) Don’t skimp on your warm ups. Thanks

Q, a blog by Equinox | Your daily guide to fitness, life and style. 4 Great Core Exercises To Help Flatten Your Abs Everyone wants flatter abs, and a lot of people try to “spot reduce” by doing ab exercises to try to get them. The problem is, you aren’t going to lose fat from your midsection by doing 1,000 crunches. It’s just not going to happen. What I like to do instead is Core Exercises. You see, you need to achieve overall fat loss before you will see the results you want around your abs. In order to do this, you need more complete workouts. 7 Reasons Core Exercises are good for your personal training routine: Core exercises improve your balance and stabilityCore exercises don’t require specialized bulky equipmentCore exercises can help tone your absStronger core muscles make it easier to do almost all other physical activitiesCore exercises can be done at your own paceCore exercises can be done from the comfort of your own homeCore exercises can help you reach plenty of your other fitness goals Now it’s time for the workout. Breathe freely and deeply during each exercise. Like this: Like Loading...

Foods for Workouts: Cardio An all-around healthy diet is best for any exercise routine, but cardiovascular exercise requires a balance of special nutrients. If you get cardiovascular exercise regularly (and we all should) – here’s how to fuel up. Cardio Basics Cardio exercise like walking, running and biking require energy from both carbohydrates and fat. As exercise intensity changes (like due to an increase in speed or running uphill, for example), the body switches back and forth between carbs and fat to provide energy. All foods are digested and metabolized differently, so you need to think about the best times to eat foods that will support your exercise schedule. Before A Workout Pre-workout meals should focus mostly on healthy carbs, but since carbs with high amounts of fiber take longer to digest, you want to be careful not to take in too much directly before exercise. If you have 3 to 4 hours before exercise…… Have a regular meal. If you have 60 minutes or less before exercise…..