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25 Tips For More Muscle And Superstrength!

25 Tips For More Muscle And Superstrength!
by Muscle & Fitness Last updated: Aug 17, 2012 Lift barefoot, if possible, or in minimalist footwear like Vibram FiveFingers shoes, wrestling shoes, or converse chucks. having your feet flat on the floor lessens the distance you have to pull the bar on a deadlift, increasing your leverage and helping you lift heavier weights. Training barefoot also strengthens your feet, which in turn adds stability and traction to all your lifts. Squeeze your glutes at all times during a set, especially on lifts like the bench press and overhead press. If the total number of reps you perform for an exercise adds up to 25, you're more likely to maximize muscle and strength gains. Train with heavy loads one month, using sets of four to six reps. Hold an 8- to 10-pounder and throw it hard into a wall a few feet in front of you, as if you were passing a basketball down the court. Want to look leaner without dieting? Here's a great bait-and-switch trick for the nervous system. Fat Gripz About The Author

one hundred push ups You should be a little stronger than you were a couple of weeks ago and able to complete considerably more push ups than your initial test. If you managed 16-20 push ups in the latest test, follow column 1. If you completed between 21 & 25, column 2 is for you. If you're struggling with the program, don't lose heart. Hopefully you made it safely through the third week and you're ready to move on to Week 4. Let's continue with the program take a look at Week 4. Proudly Hosted by Host Gator | Original Template Design by Andreas ViklundCopyright © 2008 | 2015 Steve Speirs Nutrition 101: Eat To Burn Fat The 15 Best Fat-Burning Foods 1. Walnuts All nuts do contain some amount of the omega-3 fat alpha-linolenic acid, but most only contain trace amounts. One ounce provides almost 3g of alpha-linolenic acid. 2. It has also has been shown to boost calorie burn when eaten. 3. This very slow-digesting carb keeps blood sugar and insulin levels low, so fat burning can stay high. In fact, research has shown that athletes who consume slow-digesting carbs in the morning burn more fat throughout the entire day and during workouts than those consuming fast-digesting carbs. 4. Avocados also contain a very interesting carb called mannoheptulose, a sugar that actually blunts insulin release and enhances calcium absorption, both of which are critical for encouraging fat loss. 5. This way you know you're getting a direct supply of the fats that turn on fat burning and block fat storage. 6. Soy has also been shown to aid fat loss, possibly by decreasing appetite and calorie intake. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

10 Vitamins Every Guy Should Take With so many professional athletes getting caught with performance-enhancing drugs, are there any supplements out there we can take and not get us banned from our dart leagues? Thankfully, there are. Here is a list of safe (and legal) vitamins that will get you performance great while still avoiding any A-Rod like repercussions. 1. Ginko Biloba To help you remember that girl’s name. 2. To finally cut out that bacne. 3. Keeps oxygen flowing well so you don’t pass out during sex (again). 4. Fights germs, so you won’t catch a cold going shirtless to the stadium this week. 5. Helps your face heal after power shaving in the car while commuting to work. 6. Replaces the nutrients you lost while staying out of the sun playing “Battlefield 4.” 7. Gives your muscles energy to perform in short, rapid bursts which you’ll need if she ever calls you back. 8. Helps send fat to where it’s needed most and not to that A-Cup you’ve had since Thanksgiving. 9. 10. Photo credit: hugo chang

Advanced Body Weight Workout - This Will Kick Your Ass Join the Rebellion, get free eBooks. If this little dude can get in shape without a gym, what’s your excuse? Most gyms these days are loaded with chumps, meatheads, pushy salesmen, and people who suck at working out. (If you DO go to a gym, make sure you DON’T suck at it). Are you ready for this? NF Advanced Body Weight Workout Warning: this workout that will have you sweating like a pig and leave you sore all over the next day. Obviously, if this routine is too tough, there are quite a few variations you can make to lessen the difficulty and then build your way up to the real deal. NOTE: I do use a pull up bar in this routine. Before you start, WARM UP - Never ever ever ever forget to warm up. Here’s the NF Advanced Body Weight Workout: Nerd Fitness TV – Advanced Body Weight Workout If you want to write down everything, here it is: That’s one complete rotation. You can cut short the number of repetitions, but never half-ass a rep. Can’t Do Pull Ups? How to Scale Your Routine Your thoughts?

Precision Nutrition Coaching | My Favorite Gourmet Nutrition Recipes The Gourmet Nutrition V2 cookbook was created to show people that great-tasting food can also be great for you. We took the healthiest ingredients and whipped them into nearly 300 pages of delicious culinary creations that you can serve with confidence to the most discerning foodie – or the most nitpicky nutritionist. We also included detailed cooking instructions and ideas for improvisation. And we’ve even photographed every recipe in beautiful color to show you just how appetizing healthy food can be. To say the book has been a big hit would be an understatement. We’ve sold over 50,000 copies to date and Gourmet Nutrition customers continue to post raving reviews both on the Precision Nutrition Forums (190 reviews) and at (25 reviews). For an upcoming project, a collaboration with a 3-time New York Times bestselling author, I was asked to share my top six Gourmet Nutrition recipes. My favorite “post-workout” recipes Banana Cream Pie Oatmeal (page 42) Banana Cream Pie Oatmeal

Harness A Healthy Lifestyle: 40 Must-Read Health Tips Taking the first step toward a healthier lifestyle can be overwhelming, but eating healthy doesn't have to mean drinking your weight in protein powder or downing a dozen egg whites for breakfast. If you're looking to reclaim your health—or simply boost your activity levels—realize that simple changes are enough to spell success. Making smart swaps in the kitchen and lacing up your walking shoes more frequently can be a great start. Use these 40 tips as a roadmap for change on the path toward a healthier you. Avoid Refined, Flour-Based Foods Cutting out refined, flour-based products can redefine your diet. Take Fish Oil Fish oil may help combat depression, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Drink Green Tea Filled with powerful antioxidants, green tea may help ward off certain diseases and keep you feeling your best. Bask In The Sun Let a little sun shine down. Don't Fill Yourself To The Brim We live in a world where many of us constantly eat—even when we're not hungry. Do HIIT Cardio Laugh

Perfect Push Ups Workout Guide: 35+ Exercises The humble push-up. Used by militaries all over the world to get their soldiers in fighting condition and middle school P.E. teachers to punish punk kids. The push-up is the ultimate bodyweight exercise. It requires no special equipment and can be done anywhere, anytime. The push-up often gets overlooked because many men find it too simple or too boring to perform. The Ultimate Push-up Exercise List Hands Elevated Push-up If you struggle to perform a standard push-up and knee push-ups are too easy, try this one as a segue between the two. Standard Push-up It’s the one you’ve been doing since your days in middle school. Wide Grip Push-up The wide grip push-up puts more emphasis on your chest. Diamond Push-up The diamond push-up is a triceps killer. Feet Elevated Push-up Elevating your feet from the ground will work your shoulders more when you perform a push-up. Hindu Push-up The Hindu push-up has been used by Indian wrestlers and physical culture enthusiasts for centuries. Dive Bomber Push-up

Train Like A Secret Agent: Becoming Bond and Bourne In honor of my “How to Blog like James Bond” post over on CopyBlogger (hey CopyBlogger readers!), I figured I’d keep the good times rolling and teach you how to train like a secret agent. When you think of any movie featuring James Bond or Jason Bourne, you know what’s coming: a mysterious plot, espionage, incredible skills, risky maneuvers, great chase scenes, and a bucketful of action. Whether you’re a guy or girl, it’s practically impossible to leave the theater and not say “damn that was cool, I want to be able to do that!” I’m obviously not talking about the assassinations or constant risk of dying, but rather the way that these two characters carry themselves: they are in peak physical condition, prepared for any situation, comfortable in any environment, and ready to to kick ass at a moment’s notice. Let’s do this! Be a jack-of-all trades James Bond isn’t some scrawny dude that only runs marathons (my apologies if you’re a scrawny dude who only runs marathons). Take calculated risks

Heavy Metals Test aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, chlorine, chrome, cobalt, copper, iron, lead, manganese, MERCURY, molybdenum, silver, tin Osumex's Heavy Metals Test kits test the presence of heavy metals ions to a high degree of accuracy (in parts per billion {ppb} and million {ppm} in the body and of a wide range of materials in the environment The Heavy Metals test kits are designed especially to detect the presence of toxic heavy metals in the body using urine or saliva. They can also be used to detect heavy metals in most clear liquid medium. It is important to check the presence of heavy metals because they are the main cause of excessive free radical activity, which can cause damage to the healthy state of the body including depleting the body's immune system. The Heavy Metals Test kits can also be used to confirm the presence of metals/minerals in food such as iron in rice, etc. Toxic heavy metals can cause the following health problems: The Heavy Metals Test kits come in two options: What to test? Dr.

Prison Workout Welcome! If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy levels or just generally look and feel healthier you've come to the right place. Here's where to start: Visit the Start Here and Primal Blueprint 101 pages to learn more about the Primal Lifestyle. Subscribe to my free weekly newsletter to receive 10 eBooks, a 7-Day Course of Primal Fundamentals, and more - all for free. Thanks for visiting! The Prison Workout. Why We Can Appreciate the Prison Workout: 1. You have no excuses. 2. You don’t get to decide whether you should go to the basketball court, to the gym, to the tennis court, to the park, ride your bike, play ultimate Frisbee with friends etc. etc. because you don’t have a choice. No specialized equipment, no gimmicks, no late-night infomercial tchotchkes, no gym membership. 4. There is something about being on your own. How is this Primal, you ask? Prison Workout? We hear you, but you don’t have to get yourself locked up to take part in the Prison Workout. The Burpee

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