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Camus's "The Stranger": First-Line Translation

Camus's "The Stranger": First-Line Translation
For the modern American reader, few lines in French literature are as famous as the opening of Albert Camus’s “L’Étranger”: “Aujourd’hui, maman est morte.” Nitty-gritty tense issues aside, the first sentence of “The Stranger” is so elementary that even a schoolboy with a base knowledge of French could adequately translate it. So why do the pros keep getting it wrong? Within the novel’s first sentence, two subtle and seemingly minor translation decisions have the power to change the way we read everything that follows. What makes these particular choices prickly is that they poke at a long-standing debate among the literary community: whether it is necessary for a translator to have some sort of special affinity with a work’s author in order to produce the best possible text. Arthur Goldhammer, translator of a volume of Camus’s Combat editorials, calls it “nonsense” to believe that “good translation requires some sort of mystical sympathy between author and translator.” Related:  written Words

25 Banned Books That You Should Read Today Almost since the dawn of publishing, books have been banned for one reason or another. Many notable banned books are also compelling reads from classic or contemporary literature. This list summarizes 25 of the most controversial banned books from throughout history. #1 To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Harper Lee's only novel is considered by many to be among the greatest works of fiction in American literature. #2 American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis Ellis is a frequent target for protests due to the nature of his writing, but none has faced the level of opposition of American Psycho. #3 And Tango Makes Three by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson This picture book tells the true story of Roy and Silo, two male penguins in New York City's Central Park Zoo. #4 The Awakening by Kate Chopin Chopin's story of Edna Pontellier asserting her independence was a pioneering work of feminism when it was published in 1899. #5 The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. #6 Candide by Voltaire D.

Pronunciation of ‘s’ sounds impacts perception of gender, CU-Boulder researcher finds A person’s style of speech — not just the pitch of his or her voice — may help determine whether the listener perceives the speaker to be male or female, according to a University of Colorado Boulder researcher who studied transgender people transitioning from female to male. The way people pronounce their “s” sounds and the amount of resonance they use when speaking contributes to the perception of gender, according to Lal Zimman, whose findings are based on research he completed while earning his doctoral degree from CU-Boulder’s linguistics department. Zimman, who graduated in August, is presenting his research Jan. 5 at the annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America in Boston. “In the past, gender differences in the voice have been understood, primarily, as a biological difference,” Zimman said. Vocal resonance also affected the perception of gender in Zimman’s study.

The 10 Most Disturbing Books Of All Time In my younger days if I heard a book or movie was disturbing or hard to handle I generally took that as a challenge. Most books generally turned out to not be too bad, but occasionally I’d come across something that would leave me with a sick feeling in my stomach for weeks. I’ve largely outgrown this “genre” of late, but here are my picks for the ten most disturbing books of all time. Any one of these books is capable of leaving you feeling a little depressed at the least, and permanently scarred at the worst. I’d say enjoy, but that doesn’t really seem appropriate … 10. Blindness is a book with a truly horrifying scenario at it’s heart: what if everyone in the world were to lose their sight to disease in a short period of time? 9. Anti drug crusaders should stop airing goofy commercials that nobody takes seriously and start pushing to have Requiem For A Dream made required reading for every high schooler in the country. 8. Naked Lunc is another ode to drug addiction. 7. 6. Bleak. 5.

The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran: A Contribution to the Decoding of the Language of the Koran English Edition of 2007 (Die syro-aramäische Lesart des Koran: Ein Beitrag zur Entschlüsselung der Koransprache (2000)) is a book by Christoph Luxenberg. This book is considered a controversial work, triggering a debate about the history, linguistic origins and correct interpretation of the Qur'an. It has received much coverage in the mainstream media.[1] The book argues that the Qur'an at its inception was drawn from Christian Syro-Aramaic texts, in order to evangelize the Arabs in the early 8th century.[2] Summary[edit] Richard Kroes summarises the argument of the book as follows: According to Luxenberg, the Qur'an was not written in classical Arabic but in a mixed Arabic-Syriac language, the traders' language of Mecca and it was based on Christian liturgical texts. Thesis[edit] Luxenberg remarks that the Qur'an contains much ambiguous and even inexplicable language. A review by Prof. Dr.

Hunter S. Thompson Essay. “Open Letter To The Youth Of Our Nation” 1955 | Hunter S. Thompson Books Hunter wrote this essay in 1955 for The Athenaeum Literary Association’s bound yearbook, it won third prize in The Nettleroth contest. Great writing for a 18 year old, and makes for a funny read too. Young people of America, awake from your slumber of indolence and hark-en the call of the future! I say there is no excuse for a feeling of insecurity on your part;there is no excuse for juvenile delinquency; there is no excuse for your attitude except that you are rotten and lazy! I warn you, if you don’t start now it will be too late, and the blame for the end of the world will be laid at your feet. Fearfully and disgustedly yours, John J. Like this: Like Loading...

Current Biology - Absence of racial, but not gender, stereotyping in Williams syndrome children To view the full text, please login as a subscribed user or purchase a subscription. Click here to view the full text on ScienceDirect. Figure 1 Lack of racial stereotyping by WS children. (A) Examples of racial-attitude (top) and sex-role (bottom) items. Summary Stereotypes — often implicit attributions to an individual based on group membership categories such as race, religion, age, gender, or nationality — are ubiquitous in human interactions. To access this article, please choose from the options below Register an Account If you do not have an account, create one by clicking the button below, and take full advantage of this site's features.

The 10 Best Psychology and Philosophy Books of 2012 by Maria Popova From Buddhism to the relationship between creativity and dishonesty, by way of storytelling and habit. After the best science books, art books, and design books of 2012, the season’s subjective selection of best-of reading lists continue with the most stimulating philosophy, psychology, and creativity books published this year. (Catch up on last year’s roundup here.) Every year for more than a decade, intellectual impresario and Edge editor John Brockman has been asking the era’s greatest thinkers a single annual question, designed to illuminate some important aspect of how we understand the world. Brockman prefaces the essays with an important definition that captures the dimensionality of “science”: Here, the term ‘scientific’ is to be understood in a broad sense — as the most reliable way of gaining knowledge about anything, whether it be human behavior, corporate behavior, the fate of the planet, or the future of the universe. Marketers exploit the focusing illusion.

The Stanford Prison Experiment: A Simulation Study of the Psychology of Imprisonment Terminated on August 20, 1971 Our study was terminated on August 20, 1971. The next day, there was an alleged escape attempt at San Quentin. Prisoners in the Maximum Adjustment Center were released from their cells by Soledad brother George Jackson, who had smuggled a gun into the prison. Several guards and some informant prisoners were tortured and murdered during the attempt, but the escape was prevented after the leader was allegedly gunned down while trying to scale the 30-foot high prison walls. Less than one month later, prisons made more news when a riot erupted at Attica Prison in New York. One of the major demands of the prisoners at Attica was that they be treated like human beings.

Admit it: Living In New York Sucks I spent most of my twenties being brainwashed and lied to. Everybody told me that living in New York was the best–nothing could touch its food, its culture, its opportunities–and I believed them. I believed them every day for the first three years I lived there. I fell in love with the city the way any young person does. Let’s face it, there’s no better place to be young than New York. Whenever someone tells me they spent their twenties somewhere like LA, I wanna cry and be like, “Babe, you should really ask for a refund. Going into my fourth year, I saw my feelings of love and admiration for the city slowly morph into resentment. The last two years I lived in New York were not so good. I tried to leave. Sometimes the prospect of moving in New York is enough for you to move altogether. It took awhile for the last option to occur to me, which goes to show just how fucking cult-ish living in New York is. Of course, there are things I miss about New York.

L'envers et l'endroit - Albert Camus L'envers et l'endroit - Albert Camus C'etait une femme originale et solitaire. Elle entretenait un commerce étroit avec les esprits, épousait leurs querelles et refusait de voir certaines personnel de sa famille mal considérées dans le monde où elle se réfugiait. Un petit héritage lui échut qui venait de sa soeur. Cette affaire la contenta si profondément qu'elle fut prise d'un véritable amour pour son tombeau. Et voici que je reviens sur ces choses. Tout à l'heure, d'autres choses, les hommes et les tombes qu'ils achètent. Un homme contemple et l'autre creuse son tombeau : comment les séparer ? Après tout, je ne suis pas sûr d'avoir raison.