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Enjoy English in 6ème Les exercices ont été fabriqués par M. Cadio à l'aide du logiciel Hotpotatoes. Si vous constatez une erreur ou un dysfonctionnement, veuillez le lui signaler. Merci Ecoutez les enregistrements du CD de votre manuel directement sur le site. Téléchargezle CD du manuel sur votre ordinateur puis installez-le. Cliquez ici. Il est au format ".zip". Bon courage ! Retour à la page d'accueil

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Coherence: Transitions between Ideas "There is" or "There are" Use "there is" for one item. (singular nouns) Use "there is" for non-count items. (non-count nouns) Use "there are" for many items. (plural nouns) Locker Decorations Growing in Popularity in Middle Schools But you can’t go in because the door doesn’t lead to a room. It leads to a locker. Specifically, Nola Storey’s locker at Rye Middle School in a New York suburb. “I’ve had a bunch of people stop by my locker and say, ‘Wow, your locker’s so cool,’ ” Nola, 11, said. Educational Tools home > > educational tools SuperKids has created a collection of easy-to-use, free educational resources, for home and school. Math Worksheets Make your own, printable worksheets for free! Telling Time Worksheets Practice reading a clock with these worksheets.

Stylehouse: My Room Rules Share this page: Here's How to Enter: Just upload a video of your room or dorm. Give us a tour and tell us what you like best about your space, and what makes it completely yours. Video Requirements: We'll accept your uploaded video or original tape, either miniDV or miniDVC format, or a DVD with the unedited video file as either a .mov or a .mp4 file. Conquering Cliques in School By Cindy Long Walk into the cafeteria at Vista High School in San Diego, and you’ll likely need a field guide—or at least a student like junior Karen Ceballos—to identify all the different student cliques clustered around lunchroom tables. “There are the anime lovers, the hip hop dancers, the gamers, the metal rockers, the skaters, the surfers, the honors kids, the drama kids, the emos, and many more,” says Ceballos. “A lot of the cliques are even further divided into sub-cliques, like the band geeks and the band hipsters, or the jocks whose cliques revolve around certain sports, like football, track, swim, baseball, or water polo.” Safety in Numbers Ceballos is one of the honors/AP students.

Adjectives Worksheets spaghetti string worksheets: there are pictures on the left and the words on the right. Students connect the pictures to the words and then trace the words. There are 2 versions; one with the words written out in dot form to be traced and a second with some of the letters missing for the students to think about and fill in. spelling worksheets : there are pictures on the left and three spaces on the right for students to write the words.

Superhero worksheets, flashcards, projects and super power activities to print Super Powers: breathe under water, control the weather, climb walls, become invisible, see through walls, shoot lasers, freeze things, make force fields, lift anything, run fast, stretch very far, talk to animals, fly, become anything, shrink large flash cards, medium flash cards, bingo, a handout color pictures with black and white backings: medium flash cards, bingo Get to Know Your New Students Through Comics As every teacher knows, it can take a while for new students to open up to each other and to you. One way to get them to share stories about themselves is to have them put it into a fun comic story. Through creating comic stories you can have students share favorite stories from their summer vacations. In the process students learn how to use a new tool, practice developing storylines, and they let you in on a little bit of who they are as people.

Internet Scavenger Hunts To make it easier for teachers to search our archive of Internet Scavenger Hunts, we have reorganized them by month. Click a month below for Internet Scavenger Hunts that are appropriate for that month. Click the "Anytime Scavenger Hunts" link to search out Internet Scavenger Hunts that might be used at any time during the year. (Note: We are aware that some of these scavenger hunts include inactive links.

Question Words Cartoon Chart We have just created this new chart about Question Words in English (Who, When, Why, What, Where, Which, How). If you would like to see more information about these Questions words with a lot more examples of their use, check out:Question Words in English UPDATE: We now have a printable version of this chart that English Teachers can use in the classroom. We have a wall chart as appears above but we have also includee each question word on its own page which can be used as large flash cards. More details here:

Wreck-It Ralph: Dialog Writing This animated movie is innovative and highly creative. It is great to see animation based on video games characters we all know - most students do!I. Talk to a friend:1. Holidays May - July Cinco de Mayo Banner A colorful banner for your classroom ©2011 Audrey Smith Color a Cinco de Mayo Banner ©2011 Audrey Smith Cinco de Mayo Lesson This is from Celebrate Cinco de Mayo A Cinco de Mayo lesson Lesson Plan for 3rd or 4th Grade from Mexican Holidays: Cinco de Mayo from Color Maracas from Color Cinco de Mayo Poster with Chili Peppers from Coloring Pages Make a Wearable Sombrero Made with craft foam from Make a Mini Sombrero from Make a Piñata *I use watered down glue - it dries faster Make a Bean and Seed Mosaic Cinco de Mayo Worksheets from abcteach Cinco de Mayo and other Mexico Links These links are from abcteach Celebrating Cinco de Mayo from Mother's Day and Father's Day Bulletin Board Idea. Memorial Day Banner (3.5 sheets) Remembering those who died for our country.

Whose room is it? It's Julie's room! - English Day by Day Wednesday 5 june 2013 3 05 /06 /Jun /2013 13:53 - Posted in: 6ème 4 - Freshmen Hey guys, today we worked on recapitulating what you had said about the house, the good and bad points. Then you practised reading out loud the dialogue and had to give a special intonation to the agent when she was lying. She even made a mistake when she pronounced /the/ ... Recipes for the EFL classroom What do you do with the vocabulary that comes up in a lesson? Where do you write it on the board? Many teachers keep an incidental vocabulary column at the side of the board and this can have many advantages. Compartmentalising the board space allows the teacher to leave the vocabulary there for the remainder of the lesson so they and their students can refer to it throughout the class. The rest of the space can be used, cleaned and reused as necessary. Here is an example of how an incidental vocabulary column might look: