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How to build My 50 Dollar Greenhouse & The Door Garden

How to build My 50 Dollar Greenhouse & The Door Garden
First off – you really can build this thing very cheaply, but to do so you have to recycle, freecycle, and scrounge. If you just go out and buy new everything it will probably cost over $200 – still not bad all in all.This Article is featured in Jan 2010 issue of Birds and Blooms Magazine!Want to find out if this thing works before you read all this? Read 6 months in the Greenhouse first.Want to see what happens when a few inches of wet snow accumulates on this? My $50 Greenhouse Welcome Stumbleupon Gardeners! Materials list Construction Steps Hind Sight – What I would do differently The planning is over and construction on my hoop house greenhouse has begun. After some research I’ve decided to build the structure of the hoop house out of 20 ft. joints of three quarter inch PVC plumbing pipe. My hoop house green house is going to be 11 feet wide and 15 feet long, and will be about seven and a half feet tall in the center. If your Greenhouse is too Flat it will collapse! Thusly Thusly.

How I built an electricity producing Solar Panel Several years ago I bought some remote property in Arizona. I am an astronomer and wanted a place to practice my hobby far away from the sky-wrecking light pollution found near cities of any real size. In my attempt to escape city light pollution, I found a great piece of remote property. The problem is, it's so remote that there is no electric service available. That's not really a problem. No electricity equals no light pollution. I built a wind turbine to provide some power on the remote property. Here is a video of the solar panel set up and in use on my remote, off-grid property. Let me state up front that I probably won't be able to help you out much if you decide to build your own solar panel(s). So what is a solar panel anyway? I started out the way I start every project, by Googling for information on home-built solar panels. After a while, I came to some conclusions: <a href=' seller. A solar panel is really just a shallow box.

How to Keep a Gardening Journal | Web Gardening Tips If you enjoy gardening as a hobby, you might want to consider keeping a gardening journal. A journal can enhance your experience in many ways, and it’s easy to start. There are many reasons you might decide to keep a gardening journal: Pleasure A journal can make gardening an even more pleasurable experience. Pride Even though your plants and crops may one day die, a journal gives you a way to make your garden timeless. Utility The more involved you are with your garden, the harder it can be to keep track of all the different aspects of gardening. Once you have decided why you want to start a gardening journal, there are many ways you can go about it. Aesthetic If your journal is primarily for your own pleasure or pride, you can pick any journal that is visually appealing to you. Loose-leaf Binder If your journal is more for utility, consider a loose-leaf binder. Calendar Another type of journal can be a calendar or agenda book. Paste Pictures Draw Diagrams Press Flowers Related Posts:

How To Solder - Soldering Tutorial Soldering is defined as "the joining of metals by a fusion of alloys which have relatively low melting points". In other words, you use a metal that has a low melting point to adhere the surfaces to be soldered together. Consider that soldering is more like gluing with molten metal, unlike welding where the base metals are actually melted and combined. Soldering is also a must have skill for all sorts of electrical and electronics work. It is also a skill that must be taught correctly and developed with practice. This tutorial will cover the most common types of soldering required for electronics work. Soldering Equipment The Soldering Iron/Gun The first thing you will need is a soldering iron, which is the heat source used to melt solder. For hobbyist electronics use, a soldering iron is generally the tool of choice as its small tip and low heat capacity is suited for printed circuit board work (such as assembling kits). Solder The choice of solder is also important. Preparing To Solder

Growing Marijuana Guide – Perfect Light For Growing Marijuana - Cannabis Seeds Now Light is a very important thing when it comes to growing marijuana. You need the perfect amount, at the perfect place, at the perfect time in order to get perfect bud! When growing indoors, you shouldn’t go under 2,000 lumens per square foot. If you’re under this mark, plants will grow slowly, and the stem length will increase, allowing for less bud development. 3,000 lumens psf is optimal especially if you’re going to enrich the soil with co2, but a good goal is 2,500. High Intensity Discharge lights are ideal for indoor growing. HID’s come in 3 basic types: HPS, or high pressure sodium, Metal Halide (MH), and Mercury Vapor. The nice thing about HPS lights is that they can be used from seedlings to budding stages. You need to think about energy costs when deciding what kind of lights to use. The above chart should help you make some decisions and calculate energy:output costs. Light: The Key Element A few years ago a new kind of HPS was released, called Son Agro.

5 Ways to Give Yourself an Education That Kicks the Crap Out of the One You Got in School 5 Ways to Give Yourself an Education That Kicks the Crap Out of the One You Got in School One of the biggest reasons that people are denied the privilege of education is because they can’t afford it. However, today we live in a world where knowledge and information are at our finger tips like never before. Self Motivation is Not Optional Taking this kind of approach to educating yourself requires an extremely high degree of self motivation. 1. There are a handful of traditional education institutions that have started to embrace this trend. 2. In a recent feature, the CBS Sunday morning show said that there were approximately 50 million active blogs online. Want to learn how to get in shape? What’s interesting about the blogosphere is that it has created a trend of unconventional education and the opportunity to study any subject you have an interest in. 3. 4. 5. TED: One of the most inspirational educational resources at everybody’s disposal is the TED web site. Interested? Tweet Like

EEG System | Electroencephalography Blastoise (Yellow Version) - Pokédex - The Ultimate Pokémon Center Home > Pokédex - Blastoise (Yellow Version) Basic Information Race Values ("Base Stats")8 View detailed stat info for Blastoise9 Pokédex Entries10 English Blastoise - Shellfish Pokémon Once it takes aim at its enemy, it blasts out water with even more force than a fire hose. French Tortank - Pokémon Carapace Une fois sa cible alignée, il projette des jets d'eau plus puissants qu'une lance à incendie. German Turtok - Panzer Nachdem dieses POKéMON einen Gegner anvisiert hat, attackiert es mit einem Hoch- druckwasserstrahl. Spanish Blastoise - Pokémon Marisco Cuando ataca a un enemigo, su descarga de agua es aún más potente que una manga de bombero Italian Blastoise - Pokémon Crostaceo Dopo aver preso la mira colpisce il nemico con getti d'acqua più potenti di un idrante. Japanese カメックス (KAMEKKUSU) - こうらポケモン (KouraPOKEMON) ポカンと あたまを たたかれるとき こうらに ひっこんで よける。 Evolutions (When Blastoise Evolves) Evolves from Wartortle at level 36. Locations (Where to Find or Catch Blastoise) Area Map Blastoise's Nest Moves Learned

Paper Mache Recipes This page contains recipes for several kinds of home-made paper mache paste, and home-made gesso recipes for finishing your sculptures. I have been messing around with paper mache for over 50 years and up until a few months ago I always came back to the easiest paper mache recipes, using plain old white flour and water paste with torn strips of newspaper. Now, however, I have abandoned the traditional layered paper process and use my new paper mache clay recipe and/or the even newer silky-smooth air-dry clay recipe for most my sculptures. Paper Mache Paste Recipes: Paper Mache Recipe #1 White flour and water make a remarkably strong paste. Boiled Flour and Water Paste: Many people use a paste that is made of white flour and water that has been brought to a boil. Raw Flour and Water Paste: This is the paste I almost always use, because it’s stronger than boiled paste and you can complete a project with only a few layers of paper. How thick should you make your paste? Glue-Based paste:

Running Bride and Groom Preview Included The head is hand-sculpted based on the photos you provide. You can preview each stage of the creation process. The head and face of the bobblehead can be changed or modified until you are fully satisfied. Depending on how many changes you request, or how soon you approve them, the time to completion may be longer. Frequently Asked Questions 1. After you complete the order for this custom figure, we will email you a request to send front and side photographs of your face. 2. Because every figure is sculpted by hand, it will take about 3-4 weeks for your custom figure to be completed and presented to you for approval. 3. Poly-clay. 4. Yes, please request your baker to put a support inside the cake. 5. Clean the figures with a damp cotton swab. 6. Due to the personalized nature of the figures, all sales are final. Note: The bobblehead will be have exaggerated, cartoony facial features. Sorry, but this product has been discontinued. items.

25 Repurposed Magazine Projects - DIY It's time for another installment of 'My Favorite Things'. This time I've scoured the net and found 25 of the best repurposed magazine projects. These repurposed craft and DIY ideas range from easy to advanced, some come with tutorials, and others you get to figure out for yourself (or even buy in the case of a few). What do I like best with repurposed magazine arts and crafts...they are low-to-no cost! The downside? Ready to be inspired? beads boxes drink coasters placemats wrist purse wallet wall art (leaves) decorative bowl photo frame hanging mobile clock mirror frame wall art flowers a wall of stacked magazines! wreath end table vases portrait art portfolio/briefcase starburst mirror art extra seating stool hanging stars Until next time... Michael Stumble this post

Game Capture Edit H.264-encoded game videos and add one of over 95 transitions, up to 6 picture-in-picture boxes, soundtracks, special effects, gamer-style text overlays and voice changed narration to match gameplay. Video Production - How to Create Budgets and Price Your Work by: lisa Pricing your work when you produce video is a tricky business; charge too much and the clients will run away screaming; charge too little and you may as well be creating content for free or worse still making a loss. So how do you work out a fair price for your videos? For many people the very idea of creating a budget is scary. The first rule of creating a price for your work is don't just pluck a number from thin air. Small things can really add up, so make a comprehensive template of all the potential costs for any video shoot and use the template every time you price for a job. Another important thing to consider is how to price for your own time. Once you have your list of all the costs for a project do some market research and see what other production companies are charging for similar work. Pricing your videos to sell is a bit like getting a date, you don't want to seem cheap but then if you're too expensive it's never likely to turn into a meaningful relationship.