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3D Virtual Meetings

3D Virtual Meetings
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Compiling 3Di Viewer “Rei” Firefox Plugin | 3Di Viewer "Rei" In the following instructions, the string MOZ will refer to the location where you installed Firefox, which is typically C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox. If you have installed the 3Di OpenViewer plugin from , uninstall it first. If you do not do this, it is conceivable that the existence of some files from the official 3Di OpenViewer may interfere with correct operation of the open source 3Di Viewer “Rei”, which is why it is recommended to uninstall 3Di OpenViewer before attempting to install the open source 3Di Viewer “Rei”. Copy the following files from SRC/3di-viewer-rei-firefox/bin/ to MOZ/plugins/ npOpenViewer.dll npOpenViewer.xpt Copy the entire folder contents (including subfolders) from SRC/3di-viewer-rei/bin to MOZ/ Copy the following files from SRC/3di-viewer-rei-firefox/bin/ to MOZ/ NOTE: Step 4 must be performed after Step 3, because the same bootstrap.dll file is present in different directories.

Des mondes virtuels pour la médecine ? -, web-tv comm You are a lecturer, journalist, blogger, speaker and you need the source video file? You can buy: Fee: 1800€ Video file command Fee: 1980€ In the first two cases be careful: you can purchase the file for a single use (for archiving, integration of excerpts in a film company, integrating on your blog in a format and / or another player that you selected): you can not then claim as a commercial file: please read terms and conditions prior to purchase that will appear below. NB. Be careful, you're about to acquire the source file that permits generating this video This does not in any way correspond to an assignment of copyright or opening any proprietary and / or commercial exploitation of this file. This video is dedicated to use for backup and comfortable viewing in a private setting (under archive, for example if you appear in the film and want to keep track of quality, or to mount a DVD with your response). Thank you for your understanding. Remember to check your mailing address.

A Practical Guide to using Social Media in your Job The next free online social activity will take place 29 August - 7 October 2011 on Share&Learn Create an account and then join the Autumn Group We'll keep you updated with news about the programme there (Limited to 100 participants) The revolution that is social media means that now everyone can have access to the Social Web and a range of services and applications to support their own as well as their team's learning, performance and productivity - in order to work (and learn) smarter. The Autumn activity looks at 4 main areas in which social media can help you work (and learn) smarter. Each day for 30 days (see Contents to the right) you will access some introductory reading, take a look at some examples and links to further resources, as well as work on a short activity. But the important part is that there will also be a question to dicuss, so this is an opportunity to discuss thoughts and experiences working alongside you.

Literacy 2.0:Teaching Media Literacy Jane L. David Media literacy is making a comeback, spurred by students' access to unlimited information on the Internet. Can schools provide the skills students need to become media literate in a digital world? What's the Idea? The Internet has kindled a resurgence of interest in media literacy. Media literacy in the past tended to focus on alerting students to stereotypes, advertising, and propaganda and on protecting them from undesirable influences. What's the Reality? Although some countries (notably Canada, England, and Australia) have made progress in integrating media literacy into the school curriculum, schools in the United States generally have lagged behind (Hobbs & Frost, 2003). Advocates of digital media education agree that reading online demands different skills than reading print-only texts does. What's the Research? Research on teaching digital media literacy is in its infancy. Survey results confirm that students are increasingly online both in school and at home. Jane L.

Planet Calypso - Home Travailler Mieux Lingos Coaching for Results and Consumer Protection & Financial Education in Microfinance Courses Win in 2 nd eLearning Global Giveback Competition March 23 (Orlando, FL) Eric Berg, Executive Director of LINGOs (Learning in NGOs) thanked all volunteer developers and announced the eight finalists and two winners of the second eLearning Global Giveback Competition today at the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions Conference and Expo. Through the first two eLearning Global Giveback competitions, instructional designers and eLearning developers have created over 50 online courses as volunteers for international non-profit organizations. These courses will help the global staff of the non-profits, all members of LINGOs, do their good work in the fields of humanitarian relief, development, conservation and social justice even better. View the courses: The winning and finalist courses are available for viewing at Volunteer and Agency Perspective Judging

NoodleTools : MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian Bibliography Composer, Online Notecards Blue Mars (video game) Blue Mars is a 3D massively multiplayer virtual world platform currently in open beta. The platform, being developed by Hawaii-based Avatar Reality, allows 3rd parties to create virtual worlds, MMOG games, simulations, shops, businesses, entertainment venues, clothing, custom avatars, furniture, virtual homes, and other items. It consists of four main parts: the client software, the Sandbox Editor SDK suite, the website, and the host servers. It is often compared to Second Life, since both are virtual social worlds allowing user-created content.[1] According to Jim Sink, CEO of Avatar Reality, "Blue Mars was inspired by a vision of the future when the power to terraform whole worlds is within our grasp. The name Blue Mars represents possibility and hope. The editor suite is a free download after upgrading to a developer account. The host servers deliver city data files, individual item and avatar files, and player interaction and updates when logged in. Official website

Souriez, vous êtes dataminés Il y a quelques jours, Gabe Rivera, le fondateur de TechMeme twittait : Et Sacha Quester-Séméon de nous répondre dans la foulée d’aller voir cette vidéo : Personnellement, un outil comme celui-ci, me serait d’une aide précieuse…Et j’attends avec impatience que ce concept développé par TAT soit mise en prod… j’ai une excellente mémoire visuelle et celle d’un poisson rouge en ce qui concerne les prénoms et noms… imaginez pouvoir choisir exactement quels profils vous souhaitez afficher en réalité augmentée et en fonction des situations où vous vous trouvez, ce n’est pas de la science fiction, les technos sont là et elles fonctionnent ! Voilà qui ne peut qu’enchanter le défenseur du respect de la vie privée que je suis. Surtout lorsque je lis le dernier papier de Mike Melanson et Fabrice Epelboin sur RWW et dont je me suis largement inspiré pour le choix du titre de ce billet

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) So to all the folks who had a moment of crisis about seeing Ender's Game because of the hateful comments of the book's author, as wrong and misguided as I thought that protest would be (since the message of the movie countered those hateful comments), this letter, this makes me want to cross Wolf of Wall Street off my list. I say that having not seen the movie and knowing that while Scorsese is known for nuanced, multi-faceted films - that some people will come away from this seeing the Wolf as someone to emulate.I think looking again at Ender's Game and this film - the fact that one is a fiction and one is based on real people - the Wolf is still out there profiting as a motivational speaker - really makes this a more dificult call. Read the letter though, and you decide. (story link) An Open Letter to the Makers of The Wolf of Wall Street, and the Wolf Himself BY CHRISTINA MCDOWELLI hate to be the bearer of bad news, dear Kings of Hollywood, but you have been conned. I believed him. PS.

Digital Plagiarism: The Role of Society and Technology Examines the application of the World Wide Web in class education and research and the ways in which the Internet has enabled cheating and given educators ways to fight plagiarism. Internet-based information has had a profound effect on the way people can now educate themselves from a pool of seemingly endless content. It is estimated by the NEC Research Institute that there are more then 1.4 billion pages on the Internet with 25 new pages being added every second (Dyrli 1). With so much available content, the application of the World Wide Web in class education and research has now become common practice in schools and universities. As a result, the Internet has succeeded in its purposes of bringing together information from one part of the World to another. But like most great advancements in modern technology, the Internet's purposes have become altered and used for other nefarious acts. Plagiarism and Society Plagiarism and Writing In his book “Orality and Literacy”, Walter J.

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research The full website for the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research can be found at: Vol 8, No 1 (2015): Assembled 2015 Issue editors: Stephanie Blackmon, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA, and Patricia Anderson, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, USA Virtual worlds hold a tremendous amount of potential for research, education, and interaction. While the literature available on virtual worlds has increased over the years, there are still unexplored arenas as well as areas that require further conversation and investigation. Table of Contents Editor In-Chief Corner Peer Reviewed Research Papers This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. The full website for the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research can be found at:

Présentation Dental Life est une plate-forme d’échange innovante utilisant l’univers virtuel de Second Life®.Elle regroupe les professionnels de l’art dentaire sur un site interactif modélisé en 3D .Dental Life possède une île virtuelle nommée IVOIRE.Vous vous y déplacez et vous interagissez avec l'environnement, sous forme d'avatar. IVOIRE , l'île de Dental Life, et les avatars, personnages virtuels représentant les utilisateurs. L’univers virtuel créé par Dental Life permet d’accueillir chirurgiens-dentistes, fournisseurs de matériel, assistantes dentaires, associations, laboratoires de prothèses, organismes de formation continue, etc … dans des lieux dédiés aux différents secteurs de la profession dentaire. Dental Life précurseur dans son domaine, vous ouvre son univers en 3D , passerelle extraordinaire vers les nouveaux moyens de communication.