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Bags and items

Bags and items

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Pryanik Серия сумок от pryanik workhouse. В арсенале каждого человека, будь-то бизнесмен, или свободный художник, парень или девушка, молодой или слегка поживший, крайне необходима такая вещь, которая разработана мастерской pryanik. Вещь, над которой не дрожишь, что потрескается лак или потеряется форма. Именно практичность, стильность, функциональность и долговечность закладывалась в разработку линии сумок и клачей. Внутри них органично будут себя чувствовать как планшет, так и женские мелочи. hard graft

histoire - OSTFOLD OSTFOLD est une marque française proposant une gamme d’étuis associant cuir et laine naturelle, dédiée aux produits technologiques du 21ème siècle (Apple et Samsung). Designé à Paris, OSTFOLD puise son inspiration dans le minimalisme scandinave des années 50 et 60 incarné par le couple simplicité – fonctionnalité. Le design reprend un motif de perforation en quinconce iconique, obtenu grâce à l’utilisation d’une presse de 60 tonnes. Dans un monde en perpétuelle évolution, OSTFOLD considère que les modes d'expression traditionnels sont aussi importants que l'accès aux dernières technologies. Convaincu que les plus brillantes idées naissent souvent sur une simple feuille de papier, les étuis OSTFOLD emportent avec eux un carnet de notes et un crayon à papier. Fabriqué à la main dans les ateliers d’une manufacture familiale de Silésie, nos étuis sont conçus à partir de matières premières exclusivement naturelles et sourcées localement en Europe:

5 Minutes with Bleu de Chauffe Bleu de Chauffe bags rock a blend of chic French style and practical functionality for everyday use. Beautiful vegetable-tanned leather, careful craftsmanship and a balance of modern yet timeless aesthetics make this French brand’s carry suitable for a diverse range of environments, from the office to the airport. To learn more about Bleu de Chauffe we shared 5 minutes with them to talk design inspirations, new developments and daily carry… What key insights drive your stuff? We love genuine products and fashion in general; finding new trends, imagining new products and developing new ideas for bags. DubbelDuffel Atelier / Boutique maroquinerie Lyon Croix Rousse Depuis plusieurs années nous vous accueillons dans notre atelier – boutique de Lyon Croix Rousse. Nous réalisons pour vous tout article de maroquinerie sur-mesure (sacs, cartables, ceintures, bagages). Nous créons et fabriquons nos propres collections.

Isle Royale Bushcraft Packs Isle Royale Bushcraft Packs Bushcraft – wilderness self reliance skills… Being able to not just survive but thrive in the bush (meaning woods). For some it can take a lot of gear to thrive, and for that reason our Isle Royale Packs are built to carry big loads. There’s plenty of capacity in the tall, narrow pack body. The buckskin padded backstraps are distinctive and comfortable. Twin 2-in-1 pockets straddle an axe sleeve on the front of the pack. Sac voile recyclée : résolument sac vintage, absolument sac marin - Oborddelo

Rucksack This water-repellent, durable rucksack with roomy interior has Bridle Leather straps, rustproof brass zipper closure and a storm flap for added protection. It meets standard airline carry-on size requirements. Features Rustproof brass zipper closure with storm flap for added protection2 bellows pockets, 1 stow pocketRoomy full-access interior with three exterior pocketsBridle Leather carrying loop and adjustable strapsMeets standard airline carry-on size requirements How to sew a recessed zipper on a bag I’ve been working on some new bag ideas and one of the areas of bag-making that has been a bit of a puzzle to me until recently is how to close the top of the bag. Of course, not all bags need to be closed. Some simple tote bags are left open, and that’s just fine. With these examples of the Expanding Nautical Tote Bag and the Turning Japanese Purse, in each case simply holding the handles keeps the bag closed. The Zipper Top Tote bag as a zipper right across the top and isn’t very deep. Other bags I’ve made have either had magnetic closures and snaps or zippers at the top, like the Easy Cosmetics Bag.

Fusible Interfacing More about interfacing: Woven vs. Non-Woven More about interfacing: Sew-in Interfacing What is fusible interfacing? Fusible interfacing has glue on one (or sometimes both) sides that is activated with a hot iron and allows to adhere directly to the fabric. The glue side is either shiny or bumpy. It will usually come with instructions about how hot the iron should be, how long you should press and whether or not you should use steam. Adding A Hard Bottom To Your Bags I love a hard bottom on a bag...I think it adds a touch of polish not to mention helps it be more stable and durable. This tutorial is how I add a hard bottom to a simple tote bag. I have been doing it this way for awhile and I think its one of the simplest ways out there.

3 methods for boxing corners on bags Take a look at some of the bags you own. If you are a typical woman, you probably own more than 3, maybe even more than 10. Bags can be made for all types of purposes, styles and occasions, but generally they are all designed to do the same thing – carry things. To fulfill their basic function, they will usually have common features such as straps or handles, zips or closures, and pockets. They can be flat like a simple tote bag designed to carry a few light items and perhaps roll or fold up flat, or can be designed where their size and shape fit a certain function, such as the Easy Cosmetics Bag you see here. One common feature that most bags will have is some kind of volume.