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Busque música mediante su voz cantando o tarareando, vea vídeos musicales, únase a clubes de admiradores, compártalo con sus amigos, dese a conocer y mucho más gratis -

Busque música mediante su voz cantando o tarareando, vea vídeos musicales, únase a clubes de admiradores, compártalo con sus amigos, dese a conocer y mucho más gratis -

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100 Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music UPDATE 12/10/13: We’ve released a follow-up to this post with 100 More Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music. Prepare yourself for another dose of Monday roundup madness! It’s time for another crazily comprehensive, yet carefully curated, look at an entire industry–the music industry to be specific. This if the first in a two-part series on the music industry which will conclude next week. Top Rap Songs of All Time Rap has always been a hit with Afro-Americans. Now, with names as diverse as Eminem, Fort Minor, Ludacris and 50 Cent giving some really great rap songs for all music lovers to listen to, rap music has cut across this barrier of race and is a very popular music genre among millions of people worldwide. Initially considered as just a fad, rap music has come a long way since the 1970s, the time when these songs became popular for the first time.

THE MOZART EFFECT … AND BEYOND BABBITT EFFECT: Child gibbers nonsense all the time. Eventually, people stop listening to him. Child doesn't care because all his playmates think he's cool. BARTÓK EFFECT: Child becomes more and more dissonant. Has trouble maintaining harmony with his peers. A 160+ Cover Song Playlist So. I know it’s Wednesday, but in light of my going AWOL last Friday I’m releasing two playlists this week. The first is very near and dear to my heart: freaking cover songs. I can’t get enough of cover songs, they are my musical weakness. This week more than ever, I want you commenting if your favorite is missing. About the list: Of course, there are multiple covers of the same song.

6 Insane Coincidences You Won't Believe Actually Happened America's Freak Luck During the Battle of Midway The Battle of Midway may be remembered as one of the most spectacular naval battles in history and one of the huge turning points in the Pacific theater, but it started out as a pure clusterfuck for the Americans. Despite going into battle with most of Japan's game plan in their pocket thanks to American codebreakers/Bothan spies, the U.S.

The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist — 50 Best Road Trip Songs  No road trip is complete without a playlist of songs that capture the spirit of traveling on the open road. So we’ve compiled a list of the 50 best road trip songs . In order to make this be-all end-all totally definitive list that all other lists look up to, the songs had to meet the following criteria: a.) encompass the excitement and freedom of road tripping b.) make the time pass faster Songs that justify why I bought $800 headphones Mayhem, Metal and Massacre Requested by kobalt · Compiled by FuckYeahMetal \m/ (>.<) \m/ ROCK ON 01. Creative and Cool Comb Designs. Collection of ‘Creative and Cool Comb Designs' from all over the world. Switch Comb: It measure 9" long, made of metal with a plastic comb; push of a button, you get the comb as it swivels out from the handle. Comb-At and Combmando: The red comb called 'Comb-At' is designed by Italian designer Lorenzo Damiani. And the black/yellow combs called 'Combmando' is the creation of Studio Studiobo.

16 Awesome Found Footage Music Videos Thanks to non-linear editing software and various forms of piracy, we don't have to rely on our favorite artists to create great music videos for the songs we love. We can do it ourselves, and that's what the Internet has been doing in abundance for years. CHART's got such an appreciation for these labours of love that we scoured the Internet for the best examples and posted them here.

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