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Tuto_LIGHT_techniques d'éclairage classiques

Tuto_LIGHT_techniques d'éclairage classiques

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IKFK Solver 3dsmax Download File: Update News (May 28, 2010) Installation: Download the .zip file corresponding to the version of your 3ds max and extract the files in the plugins folder of your max root directory, restart max. Description:

Accès interdit Wilderness Photographer says: LumoPro LP 120 A User Review I recently purchased two LumoPro LP 120 flash units and here is a users report after a month of ownership and a week with them in Big Bend. The Photo-Realistic Pastel Drawings of Ruben Belloso Adorna Ruben Belloso Adorna, a young artist from Seville, Spain, has taken the art world by storm with his incredibly detailed portraits of real-life and fictional characters drawn exclusively in pastel on wooden canvas. Painting hyper-realistic works of art with oil paints requires great talent and skill, but drawing them with pastel sticks and crayons seems almost impossible. It appears the word “impossible” is not in Ruben Belloso Adorna’s dictionary, as the young Spanish artist manages to create stunning photo-quality masterpieces using only pastels.

ANIMATABLE PIVOT 3dsmax Download File: Release Version 1.0.3 Jill Greenberg lighting setup and lighting diagram David Bicho's tribute to Jill Greenberg, using her characteristic lighting setup. Lighting diagram explaining the Jill Greenberg lighting setup This image is a pure tribute to the classic crying-images by Jill Greenberg. This is really showing the crisp and contrasty light of the beloved Profoto Giant (the huge umbrella). From the back, I use two strip lights and a hair light on a boom stand to create a “kicker” all around her silhouette.

Software Download This page features a growing set of free Adobe Photoshop® filters / plugins coded by myself for 3D production, 2D design, and technical research. These filters are only compatible with Windows, NOT Macintosh. This is not a developer decision but rather a compiler limitation. 64bit versions will be coming soon. While these filters were created primarily for Adobe Photoshop®, they also work with many free applications such Gimp, Pixoid, IrfanView, Ultimatepaint, Photo-Editor, and QFX LE. Tree Modeling Using Custom Particle Syst This method uses a particle system to generate foliage dynamically based on the geometry of the trunk. By Andy Zibits -UV Unwrap a basic model -Basic (beginner) 3ds max knowledge (nothing fancy, but you should know how to apply a texture to something, know where the material editor is, know what sub objects are etc.) 1) To begin with, we must have a fully fleshed out trunk. This can be done through standard box-modeling techniques, or through the technique outlined in my other tree-modeling tutorial.

10 Ways to Shoot Stunning Portraits With Only One Light We're here today to talk about shooting high quality, lit portraits with only one strobe or flash. Maybe your budget doesn't allow you to purchase multiple lights for portraits. Maybe you have to travel light and don't have the space for two flashes. Maybe you just want a challenge. Whatever the case is, you can produce a wide variety of lighting scenarios using a single flash.

Create paintings from photos Did you ever wanted to be a great artist? But unfortunately you are really bad at it? Well that's ok because now with Psykopaint you can be a great artist with no skills. But how does it work? Stickman Animation Setup In this tutorial, I will be demonstrating the use of Hypershade to do a simple setup of controlling the animation of a stickman based on its distance and an incoming sphere. This setup is of course expandable to, for example a crowd of stickman, and also hoping that this tutorial could help to trigger more ideas into your own project. The concept behind this setup is to: 1) prebuild the dodging animation using set driven key, transfering the control into a slider

7 items you need to make awesome lighting with speedlight Hey fellow photographer how is it going? I’m Michael Zelbel and in this little video I’m going to walk you through what I call the Pretty Flash Kit, yeah? It’s the - in my opinion -the most affordable option for you to get your hands on a fully blown flash kit for a professional photo production and I call it th “Pretty Flash Kit” because it’s pretty simple, it makes very pretty lighting and it’s working pretty much in any situation. And the reason I’m coming up with that today is because last week Cousin Chris asked in the comment, what kit would I suggest if he wants to start flash photography and here it is. The kit consists of…, yeah, speed lights – so one master speed light on camera in order to control other speed lights. And it is also working as a fill flash, so it’s one master on camera.