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Biodiesel from Algae Oil - Oilgae - Information, News, Links for Algal Fuel, Alga Bio-diesel, Biofuels, Algae Biofuel, Energy -

Biodiesel from Algae Oil - Oilgae - Information, News, Links for Algal Fuel, Alga Bio-diesel, Biofuels, Algae Biofuel, Energy -
The global information support resource for the algae value added products industry. Started in 2007, Oilgae originally had a focus on biofuels, but has today grown into a comprehensive resource providing intelligence on a wide range of fuel and non-fuel products and solutions from algae. We welcome you to use our Web site, Blog and Newsletter for insights, and our Club and Forum for interactions. Besides, you can also review our highly acclaimed white papers and reports. Do You Provide Products or Solutions to the Algae Industry?Promote Your Company in Oilgae's Global Algae Industry Guide and Vendors Showcase Click Here

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Using Algae to Clean Wastewater, Make Fuel A wastewater treatment plant might seem like the last place to find a fuel for the future, but a team of researchers has done just that. Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology are using algae grown in wastewater to produce biodiesel. They say the process is “doubly green” because the algae consume pathogens in the water even as they can be used to produce biofuel. The process holds some appeal over conventional feedstocks like corn because algae is easy to grow, doesn’t require vast tracts of land to raise and uses photosynthesis to convert sunlight into energy. “Algae—as a renewable feedstock—grow a lot quicker than crops of corn or soybeans,” researcher Eric Lannan said in a statement.

How Algae Biodiesel Works" The race is on for a new form of fuel. With gasoline skyrocketing to more than $4 a gallon in 2008, dependence on imported oil and depleting resources worldwide, finding alternatives to petroleum-based fuel and fuel-related products is urgent. Fortunately, scientists have been studying the production of alternative products to make a cleaner, greener fuel for years. It's possible that we may be using one of these alternative fuels in the near future. Alga (or its plural, algae) may be the miracle element in the search for a more environmentally-friendly, mass-produced product that can be converted into fuel. What is biodiesel? Simply put, it is diesel fuel that is made from vegetable oil. It will run in any unmodified diesel engine. Print – OMEGA Global Initiative Publications magazines, blogs, interviews NASA News Release, 2009. “NASA Envisions ‘clean energy’ from algae grown in wastewater. Trent, Jonathan D. 2009. NASA bags algae, wastewater in bid for aviation fuel.

Biofuels From Algae, Wood Chips Are Approved for Use by Passenger Airlines Airlines won the backing of a U.S.- based technical-standards group to power their planes with a blend of traditional fuel and biofuel from inedible plants, the Air Transport Association said today. Fuel processed from organic waste or non-food materials, such as algae or wood chips, may comprise as much as 50 percent of the total fuel burned to power passenger flights, ATA spokesman Steve Lott and a Boeing Co. (BA) official told Bloomberg. “The real winners of this type of regulatory breakthrough will be technology companies involved in the production of aviation biofuels,” said Harry Boyle, an analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance in London.

Getting Started Making Biodiesel - Utah Biodiesel Supply Getting Started Making Biodiesel by Graydon Blair of Utah Biodiesel Supply INTRODUCTION Welcome to our Getting Started page! We've packed this page with everything you'll need to know from A to Z to get you started making Biodiesel. When you make your own fuel, you not only get the benefits of running biodiesel, but you get the savings benefits of making it yourself. Solazyme's algae diesel ready to hit the road Tiny algae is ready for some long-haul trucking. Solazyme, a South San Francisco, Calif.-based company that creates synthetic biological products, said Wednesday that its microalgae-derived fuel is the first renewable diesel to meet the American Society for Testing and Materials' D-975 specifications. The fuel is chemically the same as petroleum-derived diesel, Solazyme said, so it can be distributed using the existing infrastructure. But it burns cleaner than petroleum-derived diesel, with fewer particulates and sulfur levels. A 100 percent blend of Solazyme's diesel has been road-tested in a 2005 Jeep Liberty with a diesel engine, the company said in a statement.

Best Biodiesel Processors,Biodiesel Processing EquipmentMake Biodiesel at Home, Medium and Small Scale Biodiesel Processors for Commercial and Home Biodiesel Production Low Prices - Fast Delivery - Right to Your Door Home Biodiesel Kits - Titration Kits - Biodiesel Supplies - Biodiesel Test Kits We offer a wide range of the best biodiesel processor kits for a small or medium capacity biodiesel production unit. Graham Thompson: Search results for ALGAE Synthetic Sustainability - Bio Farm, Turin(Biological systems research facility) Research topic : observation of synthetic biology and living technologies as a way of optimizing biological systems and improving a more sustainable architecture. Formal intent : examining mutational and evolutionary change in plants to generate morphological and emergent structures that underpin natural processes to generate an architectural form.

Fuel from waste Residue-to-energy conversion technology may be a worthwhile alternative to landfilling otherwise unrecyclable plastics. Plastics once considered difficult or impossible to recycle are being converted into fuels. Items such as carpeting, construction and demolition plastics, tires and industrial polymer scrap that most often are shipped to a landfill for disposal now are being collected by energy producers that have developed technology that can turn this material into crude oil, natural gas or other fuel products. Several common methods are used to convert plastics to energy. Kim Holmes, principal consultant at 4R Sustainability Inc., Ore., says, "Some systems operate in a vacuum, some operate at atmospheric pressure, some replace oxygen with a gas." Pyrolysis, the thermal treatment of plastics that results in a gas, is a common conversion method.

Algae Production Systems - What is Algae Oil? The algae with which we are concerned are microscopic plants referred to as green algae found in all aquatic environments, including marine, freshwater and brackish water. Green algae (singular: green alga) are the large group of algae from which the embryophytes (higher plants) emerged. As such, they form a paraphyletic group, variously included among the Plantae or with the Protista. The green algae include unicellular and colonial flagellates, usually but not always with two flagella per cell, as well as various colonial, coccoid, and filamentous forms. In the Charales, the closest relatives of higher plants, full differentiation of tissues occurs. Home Biodiesel Kits, Biodiesel Processors for Making Biodiesel At Home Use our home biodiesel kits to make your own biodiesel fuel. Our biodiesel processor kits are reliable, and easy to operate. Best of all, home made biodiesel fuel costs less to produce. Home Biodiesel Processor Kits: