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World's Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive)

World's Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive)

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Cannabis Effects THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the chemical in cannabis that makes you stoned. There can be a huge difference in the amount of THC in the cannabis you buy, sometimes it will be hardly anything, and other times it can go up to 40%. When THC enters your brain it has many effects – it can make you happy, relaxed and giggly. It can also make you feel stressed, paranoid, forgetful and sometimes make you see things that aren’t there. It can also make your heart beat faster and give you red eyes, because it makes your blood vessels open. It can give you a dry mouth and the 'munchies' as well. Chemistry News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - io9 Interesting — when I was in the Army, it was called CBR (chemical, biological, radioactive). I wonder why they changed the order and the initials? Pressure from Jay Leno? NBC was for Nuclear, Biological, Radiological.

What Drugs Are Our Astronauts On? Outer space, at least as we encounter it in science fiction, is basically a drug free-for-all. If character's aren’t piloting starships on Melange or Somec, then they're playing with dolls on Can-D or pumping their brains full of Merge Nine, Semuta and whatever passes for rave music 20,000 years from now. But let's steer clear of the fictional space drugs and consider the buffet of pharmaceuticals that real astronauts might indulge themselves in. Booze: While coffee continues to be readily available in space, alcohol is more of a gray area. In 1969, Buzz Aldrin consumed communion wine on the moon and, if you believe some of the stories, the Russian MIR space station was practically swimming in vodka. While the ISS is technically a dry operation, NASA came under scrutiny in 2007 amid reports of astronauts hitting the bottle before takeoff.

The Future of DMT Research 8th March 2016 By Luke Sumpter Guest Writer for Wake Up World N-dimethlytryptamine, or DMT, is a psychedelic tryptamine that is structurally similar to serotonin. Boy discovers microbe that eats plastic It's not your average science fair when the 16-year-old winner manages to solve a global waste crisis. But such was the case at last May's Canada-Wide Science Fair in Ottawa, Ontario, where Daniel Burd, a high school student at Waterloo Collegiate Institute, presented his research on microorganisms that can rapidly biodegrade plastic. Daniel had a thought it seems even the most esteemed PhDs hadn't considered. Plastic, one of the most indestructible of manufactured materials, does in fact eventually decompose. It takes 1,000 years but decompose it does, which means there must be microorganisms out there to do the decomposing.

Report reveals use of ‘truth serum’ at Guantanamo prison Two members of the military walk out of the "Camp Six" detention facility of the Joint Detention Group at the US Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on January 19, 2012. Recently-declassified US documents point to the forcible administration of a ‘truth serum’ of severe side effects to all the detainees at the US notorious prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The documents detailed operating procedures for nursing staff at the facility, including the use of the drug, named scopolamine, The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Sunday. According to the paper, information released by the CIA has shown that scopolamine had been disqualified as a truth drug because of its many undesirable side effects, including hallucinations, disturbed perception, headaches, rapid heartbeat, and blurred vision.

Rivea Corymbosa Shamanic Extracts The sacred Aztec hallucinogen " Ololiuhqui " is perhaps the best kept secret for the outside world today, strange enough Ololiuhqui is widely used among the local Indians in Sierra Madre, Oaxacan Mexico. The local Mazatecas use the Rivea corybosa seeds for divination when the Teonanacatl Mushrooms are not available. Rivea corybosa grows easily and abundantly in the mountains of southern Mexico.

Elephant Toothpaste , a hydrogen peroxide chemistry experiment If you are looking for a hydrogen peroxide chemistry experiment, Elephant Toothpaste is really fun, and also really popular! There are soooo many videos of it….. (You’ll see why – it is fun to watch).