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Ad-free print and graphic design

Ad-free print and graphic design
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Denmark Student Design Blog Thise Mejeri packaging Designed by Randi Sjælland Jensen | Country: Denmark BA school assignment. I was inspired by the old fashioned milk bottle and round shapes. Read more… Thise Mejeri identity and packaging Designed by Steffen Steffen | Country: Denmark Identity and Package design for the Danish dairy “Thise Mejeri”. Read more… Simon & Simon Website Simon & Simon is a fictive Danish commedy talkshow focusing on politics. Read more… Rawganical Bodycare Packaging Designed by Casper Holden, Randi Sjælland Jensen & Ingeborg Lund | Country: Denmark This packaging design concept was made as a school assignment. Vistas Revisor Visual Identity Designed by Thorbjørn Gudnason | Country: Denmark Vistas Revisor is an accountant company who focus on smaller entrepreneurs based in Denmark. Read more… H&M Online Shopping Designed by Casper Holden | Country: Denmark The assignment was to redesign the existing H&M webshop – make it more modern, appealing for the user and of course more userfriendly. Read more…

Atipus is a graphic design studio specializing in corporate identity, art direction, packaging design, and web services. The Messy Art Of UX Sketching - Smashing UX Design Advertisement I hear a lot of people talking about the importance of sketching when designing or problem-solving, yet it seems that very few people actually sketch. As a UX professional, I sketch every day. I often take over entire walls in our office and cover them with sketches, mapping out everything from context scenarios to wireframes to presentations. My desk. Although starting a prototype on a computer is sometimes easier, it’s not the best way to visually problem-solve. Many articles discuss the power of sketching and why you should do it, but they don’t go into the how or the methods involved. Sketching ≠ Drawing Some of the most effective sketches I’ve seen are far from perfect drawings. Sketching is an expression of thinking and problem-solving.It’s a form of visual communication, and, as in all languages, some ways of communicating are clearer than others.Sketching is a skill: the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. OK, let’s get started. Work In Layers Technique Why? Tools

Katherine McCoy I have to begin this essay with a confession: it is not easy to write about an old friend and teacher, someone to whom I owe so much. I have been in awe of Katherine McCoy's talents and accomplishments for the almost thirty years that I have known her, and that admiration is framed by my experience of being her student at Cranbrook back in the '70s. When I heard that Katherine McCoy was being awarded the AlGA Gold Medal, I interpreted it as a sign that the AlGA was honoring design education through this specific award to such a consummate educator. My reaction may be an automatic reflection of the stubborn split between those designers who perceive themselves primarily as educators, and those who see themselves primarily as professionals. And I am sure there are designers our there who think Katherine McCoy comes purely from the educator's side, and is somehow detached from the pragmatic concerns of day-to-day practice.

MM Identity Lab | Shaping brand DNA through good chemistry 25 New Fonts for Graphic & Web Designers - Download Now Russell Brown: Tips and Techniques for Using Tilt Shift, Iris Blur, and Field Blur in Photoshop CS6 Robots of Brixton Origins - A Beautiful 3D Animated Short Film hello friend Graphic design portfolio David Airey, graphic designer David Airey is an independent graphic designer working with companies of all sizes since 2005. Custom Search Portfolio A small sample of identities I’ve designed for good people around the world. (Click an image for more details on each.) LeFLOW Virtulos Rupp Kairos TalkTo Digital Luxury Group Feru Asian Development Bank Berthier Associates CampusIT Profinity Capital Management Vissumo Aspect 46 Pinebank Asset Management goTeach Miskeeto Henri Ehrhart Ecometrica Giacom Tunelinks Read what others have said about working with me. If you’d like to talk about working together, send a message and I’ll get right back to you. Self-employed since 2005 // Thanks very much for reading

É Possível Estimular a Criatividade? | Jogos de Lógica A criatividade é a mais nobre característica humana em minha opinião. É ela que faz o mundo evoluir, que resolve os nossos problemas, ou como alguns diriam, que separa os homens dos meninos. Parece até que alguns já nascem com essa característica cognitiva bem aguçada e fluente. Ser criativo ou não ser, eis a questão... É possível aumentar a minha criatividade? Dessa forma, surgem as promessas milagrosas dos oportunistas espalhadas em livros, sites, jornais: “Aumente sua criatividade em 6 dias”, ou “O segredo da criatividade”. Não estou querendo dizer que a criatividade não é uma característica que possa ser estimulada ou treinada. Como eu posso saber se sou criativo ou não? Se você é uma criança ou possui filhos (se continuou lendo este texto acredito que não é uma criança :)), saiba que é nessa fase em que se pode modelar ou permitir as maiores experiências criativas e determinar o comportamento criativo na fase adulta da vida. Como posso estimular minha criatividade?

Art Inspiration The Magnetic Wallpaper by Luis Pons Design Lab Interactive Wall Installation. The Luis Pons Design Lab deals with the extraordinary in the ordinary to discover new meanings and interpretations. Their interactive magnetic wallpaper is an installation made of a magnetic panel, covered with a metal mesh. Illustrations by Jiwoon Pak Jiwoon Pak Illustrations. Paintings by Tristan Pigott The Visual Art of Tristan Pigott. Paintings by Chinese Artist Tangshi The Visual Art of Tangshi. Body Painting and Scandinavian Spring Body Painting for Minna Parikka SS14 collaboration. Paintings by Travis Collinson Intriguing Portrait Paintings. Paintings by Amelia Midori Miller Abstract Oil Paintings. Street Fighting Years Vol.1 – Book Illustrations “Rough City” (Street Fighting Years Vol.1) – Illustrations. Self-Deception Drawings by Gillian Lambert Self-Deception Portraits. Art Basel – Hong Kong 2014 Art Basel – Hong Kong in May 15 – 18, 2014. Artworks by Reey Whaar Macabre Paintings and Illustrations. Cuts!