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Recycled Plastic Bottles Partially Filled with Colored Water Used to Create a Parking Canopy

Recycled Plastic Bottles Partially Filled with Colored Water Used to Create a Parking Canopy
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These Vector Logos for Animals are Awesome Graphic designer Tom Anders Watkins created a wonderful series of vector animal logos that have been receiving plenty of accolades on the creative showcase website, Behance. The 19-year-old, half Finnish half English artist is currently studying Creative Advertising at the University of Lincoln (UK) and hopes to pursue a career in advertising after graduation. You can see much more of his design work on Behance as well as his personal website. [via Behance] Paid Content:Paid Content:Paid Content:Paid Content:Paid Content: TetraBox Light by Ed Chew Liquid to Light Designer Ed Chew takes a green step in the right direction with the TetraBox lamp, a light object made from discarded drink packets that would have otherwise ended up in landfills already packed to the brim. The design is achieved by unfolding the packets and refolding them into hexagonal and pentagonal sections that are then pieced together to form a geodesic sphere or any other desired shape. Designer: Ed Chew

6 Interior Design Apps for Your Home Renovation Spring cleaning season may have come and gone, but like when you give a mouse a cookie, your simple home reorganization can easily grow into full renovation, for a person with a big imagination. If you're thinking of painting the walls, moving the furniture into a new formation or adding an accent lamp to enhance the mood, you might want to experiment via app before doing the heavy lifting. After all, the designs in your head don't always look good in real life, and taking a saw to a table that's an inch too long isn't for everyone. What apps do you use to plan your home interior? Tell us in the comments. 1. If you're using Behr paint for your interior, you'll want this handy app. 2. If you're looking for home inspiration, you'll definitely want to download Houzz. 3. Carrying around paint samples is cool until you lose them or get two mixed up. 4. If you've ever said, "Wow, that chair is bigger than it looks," this app is for you. 5. There's floor layouts, and then there's real life. 6.

9 Houses That Look Normal On The Outside But Are Anything But On The Inside | Home Decoration Never judge a house by its cover. 1. This looks like just another one of those average storage barn places. Yeah, no. It’s not. It’s a custom-built house in San Antonio, Texas, made by Morton Buildings. It’s huge. 2. It looks…pretty boring. Except nope. On the inside, it’s like a medieval castle. Like, it’s legit. Look at this archway! The dining room! And the best part —the bedroom. You can purchase it, stained glass and all, for the low price of $399,000. 3. Except it’s actually nice as hell. Like WHAT?! You can buy this guy for a cool $1,160,000. And it even comes with this backyard. 4. Go inside and you’ll realize almost immediately… …that you’ve gone back in time. The house has been left unchanged since the 1960s. The woman who owns the house is 97 years old and has left it in “pristine” condition. I mean, look at this bar and wood paneling. It was on the market for $699,000. 5. It’s really nice… …but there’s something else… …get closer… …open that huge door… There’s a silo too! 6. It has a normal backyard.

Wine Bottle Light November 3rd, 2009 This past spring Daniel and I went on a road trip from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon. Along the way we stopped at Chateau Julien for a wine tasting. I wanted to do something with the empty bottle instead of throwing it in the recycling bin. So here it is! You’ll need: an empty wine bottle a drill safety glasses and gloves (just in case the bottle breaks) 1/2″ glass drill bit masking tape short strand of Christmas lights (with a plug only on one end) How to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Easy DIY Wall Art For Your Home Blog: Papery and Cakery Why we love it: Because it brings a dose of color into a kitchen and totally stays on theme! What you need: Spoons; an assortment of colorful plaint; masking tape; paintbrushes; water bowl; canvas; hot glue gun; glue sticks; measuring tape; carpenter’s level; hammer; and nails. How to make it: Mark off half of the cup-part of each spoon. For more detailed information, visit Papery and Cakery. Portable, solar-powered ecocapsules mean you can live rent- and electric-bill free, globally In the 1960s, when Britain applied to join the European Economic Community, a predecessor of today’s European Union, it was vetoed by France. Twice. The UK made it into the club, eventually, in 1973. Shortly thereafter, new prime minister Harold Wilson called a referendum on whether Britain should remain a member. It wasn’t close—two-thirds of voters opted to stay in the club on June 6, 1975. Belying its initial enthusiasm, Britain has been an awkward member of the economic bloc ever since, reluctantly pulled along as the EU has expanded to 28 countries, of which 19 now also share the same currency, the euro. It is shaping up to be a much closer contest this time around. Negotiating on the brink Cameron says that it’s “vital to keep Britain in a reformed EU.” The two days of talks in Brussels were thus pitched as a momentous, last-ditch, do-or-die attempt to save the EU as we know it. “Everybody will have their own drama and then we’ll agree.” And so it went. Let’s make a deal

DIY best of: organization I think it’s the inspiration and motivation I get from seeing other people’s homes, or maybe it’s the relaxation of being in a clean hotel with modern fixtures, but organization becomes very important to me when I get back to my house after a long trip. Since the weather is improving, I’m feeling ready to tackle spring cleaning head on — just in time too, since summer is right around the corner! Here are some of our favorite DIY projects for organizing loose items and clothing. Image above: Grace keeps her keys handy on this pretty patterned key rack. More organizational DIY projects continue after the jump! Image above: Brenna’s secret storage books, all made from paper and cardboard! Image above: Create a compelling art installation on your wall that can also keep your clothing organized with Morgane’s drawer hangers. Image above: Add a bit of nature to your organizing with these easy-to-make twig pushpins. Image above: Derek and Lauren’s nifty pegboard wall unit.

Simple Gadgets and Accessories You know what they say, “less is more”, and these simple (yet awesome) gadgets are the perfect examples. While the “Slide to Unlock” doormat and superhero bookends don’t feature the latest in technology, they most certainly are eye candy as well as conversation pieces. Continue reading to see twenty five more. 25. 24. 23. 22. 21. 20. 19. 18. 17. 16. 15. 14. 13. 12. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Read More: Updated New Gadget Post Look At Our Amazing Must Have Gadgets For Summer 2013 Click For More 10 New Trends of Logo Design for 2015 When the foundation of a business firm is laid, the most cardinal aspect that can help in the development of a business’ stance is a logo, a trendy creative logo plays an important role in making up the impression and to display the perspective of the firm. New and latest techniques come into the world of art and design so people can get the best outcome in the most possible ways. Experts are coming up with new logo trends to give new directions to the genre of logo designs so I am presenting before you 10 new trends of logo design for 2015. 1. Low Polygon Logo Design Low polygon is mostly used in backgrounds and wallpapers in the year 2014. 20+ More Polgonal > logos 2. At times, logo designs are embellished with intricate elements that don’t make a logo design beautiful rather complex. More beautiful examples of negative space logo designs Credit: 1,2 3. A new technique is recently introduced where two design elements overlap each other with shading to form a shadowed logo design. 4. 5. 7.

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art Well that’s a mouthful! So the time has come, it’s Pinterest Challenge time again! Every season Sherry from YHL and Katie from Bower Power throw a little link party to get people to stop pinning things and actually start making. This was the image I saw that sparked me to start saving my toilet paper rolls. I literally have been saving my rolls for. ever. Here’s what my toilet paper wall art turned into! Ok let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Next, I cut them up. Then, I took 4 pieces and glued them together using a hot glue gun. I continued doing this until I had about 40. Then I took the mirror I was going to use (10″ mirror purchased at Joann’s for $8) and placed it on the floor and started adding all the circles around keeping in mind that I wanted to keep it in a circle. At this point when I looked at it I felt it resembled a snowflake so I had to figure out how to completely round it out. Once everything was attached I used command strips on the back of the mirror and hung it up!