background preloader - Don't Break The Chain App - Don't Break The Chain App helps you improve your habits. One day at a time. 71,500 users with 236,000 chains have kept them up for 3,710,000 days. This is how it works. is an online motivational tool based on the "don't break the chain" method that helps you stick to your good habits and break bad ones. Each day you complete a task you want to keep up, you mark it in your chains.

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How the 'Seinfeld Strategy' Can Help You Stop Procrastinating Reader Resource Join Entrepreneur's The Goal Standard Challenge and make 2017 yours. Learn more » Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most successful comedians of all-time. Don’t Try To Prioritize, Work On Your Timing I’ve discussed at length how you should get rid of your to do list immediately and the harmful effects of the Zeigarnik Effect which is that voice in our subconscious that nags at us to finish the unfinished. People often ask me how they should prioritize the things they do because they look at their list of tasks and it’s a big mess. Every time they get something done they have to add two more things to the list. Well, not to belabor the point the list itself it the problem.

Top 10 Management Templates and Checklists, Free Free Management Ebooks Tips and Tricks Guide Request Your Free Tips and Tricks Guide Now: "Top 10 Management Templates and Checklists""Top 10 Management Templates and Checklists" These FREE management resources will help you acquire the skills needed to perform your role effectively. You no longer have to create your own template or wonder if you’ve thought of everything you need to do to perform a task.

Rules for SuperFocus SuperFocus is a very simple but effective method of processing your work. You write everything you have to do in a long list in a notebook. As you think of more things you add them to the end of the list. Then you start at the beginning of the list and keep circulating round the first page, working on the tasks until you have worked on as many as you want to. Then you move on to the next page and do the same. What It Takes To Form A Good Habit I think "accountability buddy" really misses the point. There is satisfaction and joy in accomplishing the task, but that's where accountability buddy is a misnomer. All habits of any sort will trip, falter, fail, etc. 15 Awesome Time Management Tools and Apps As promised in my previous post regarding time management, here I am with a list of cool tools that can help you manage your time effectively and become more productive in your work. Since I am a big fan of tools which are operating system independent, you will find that most of these tools are browser-based and can work on any computer whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux. By the way, since I am also a fan of saving money, you will also notice that all of these tools are free! Launchy">Launchy is a tool for Windows users and as the name indicates, it helps launch files, folders, and programs in a single keystroke instead of searching through the start menu or file manager. A huge timesaver.

Asian Efficiency Blog This is a guest post by Tom Casano, the founder of Life Coach Spotter, where you can connect with a life coach to find your purpose in life, reach your goals, and be more productive… Read More Email is a problem that we all have to deal with, but why is it so bad? According to one study cited in the Huffington Post, the average US worker spends 6… Read More Kendra Wright is back on the podcast to talk about why planning in 90-day periods is good for your professional and personal life… Read More The Secret is to Focus on the Change Process I bet you have some harmful habits that you would love to change. What are some of the things you wish you didn’t do? We all have habits that limit us, things we just can’t help doing and we swear we will never do again. Nobody is perfect and everybody has limiting habits—some more than others—but we generally notice our harmful habits once they are already limiting us in some way and we find ourselves saying things like “I wish I could just be more…” or “I wish I didn’t always do that”, and then we simply move onto the next thought, and it is forgotten. Have you considered how much of an influence your habits have on your life right now?

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