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1960s Braun Products Hold the Secrets to Apple's Future

1960s Braun Products Hold the Secrets to Apple's Future
could someone, in sincerity, explain how apple is the only one allowed to 'take inspiration'? it seems that wherever apple has trod, all others are copycats and guilty of infringement. i understand the issue of patents and patent law (as screwball as that may be currently - each company is exploiting it equally), but i don't follow the logic that apple is the epitome, the peak of design, which other companies must not even approach. for instance, let's say the sentence read: Ive's designs for Apple hold all the clues not only for past and present technological products, but their future as well would not this be a better situation? microsoft took the idea of a gui (which apple itself copied), htc took the idea of the iphone and reformed it just slightly, doubletwist copied itunes, android borrowed from linux, apple took from nokia ... should not the best be emulated, copied, elevated to the highest point? #whitenoise #meanderings

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Dieter Rams and the products he designed for Braun and Vitsœ Dieter Rams was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, in 1932. He was strongly influenced by the presence of his grandfather who was a carpenter. Rams’s early awards for carpentry led to him training as an architect as Germany was rebuilt in the early 1950s. Prompted by an eagle-eyed friend, Rams applied for a job at the German electrical products company, Braun, in 1955. Friends Don't Let Friends Use IE YOU ARE HERE: Memebase / Very Demotivational / Friends Don't Let Friends Use IE What's Hot on Memebase Right Now Share: Friends Don't Let Friends Use IE Favorite Submitted by: ImJustThatGuy

An Espresso Machine That Exudes Warmth Instead Of Industrial Cool I’m an incorrigible caffeine addict and a hopeless collector of all coffee accoutrements--from French presses and stovetop espresso makers to percolators and milk steamers. So when I saw this porcelain wall-mounted espresso machine, I found myself wiping away some coffee-tinged drool. Arvid Häusser, a 23-year-old German design student at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, has revamped the industrial-looking espresso machine, with its metal body and plastic knobs, and made it friendlier, adding warm wood tones and creamy ceramic. But the improvements extend beyond mere aesthetics: Porcelain is a good insulator and doesn’t impart a metallic taste. And by adhering the appliance to the wall, Häusser has managed to free up valuable counter space and even create a place for resting a few mugs securely on top. - design and cultures 2 - 10770 Henry Moore (1898-1986) English Sculptor, painter Moore was from a very working class background, with left-wing ideals and a stong work ethic. Watching a documentary on his life, I was very surprised to hear of his time as a bayonet instructor during WWI, as his work has always struck me as very gentle. The 6 Most Ill-Conceived Video Game Accessories Ever Every time a new console comes out, there's a flood of accessories made to help people get the most out of their gaming session. Customized colors, shapes, decals for the style conscious, game genies for those who like to play a game on God Mode and comfort grips for the endurance gamer. Then there are accessories made by companies that are clearly run by mad scientists. The idea: You can play the Wii in your car. The Reality: You can crash your car while playing the Wii in your car. We don't think that manufacturers actually decided to build these specific power adapters and LCD screens for the Wii, but rather decided to throw a Wii tag on stuff they had lying around in the warehouse.

Lunar Rethinks Rock Climbing Walls, Making Them Slicker And Smarter Few things say filthy rich more succinctly than an indoor rock-climbing wall. But even those lucky enough to have them, must contend that the hulking structures don’t match their surrounding décor. As Lunar Europe puts it, “Pro gear is out of place. Since it lived in the gym, no one has re-considered the design.” That is, until the Munich-based design studio decided to put its spin on the climbing wall, transforming the standard pebble-like holds into a wall art comprised of indented ripples. Google Glass Might Change Everything YOU ARE HERE: Memebase / Google Glass Might Change Everything What's Hot on Memebase Right Now Share: Dieter Rams On Good Design As A Key Business Advantage Dieter Rams is best-known for his work at Braun--where he revolutionized the design of electronics--and his indelible influence on Apple’s Jony Ive. But he has had a decisive hand in another, much smaller company: Vitsœ, a British manufacturer that has been producing Rams’s modular shelving system for 50 years. To mark his 80th birthday, the German master has allowed Vitsœ to release the transcript of the speech he delivered in New York in 1976, in which he articulates his ethos of user-centered design and some of his famous 10 commandments.