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Sock Bunny

Sock Bunny
Unlike many sock toys that needs a pair of socks to sew, each sock bunny only needs one (1) sock to make. With a pair of socks you can make a pair of bunny couples. If you have a rather new sock that lost it’s partner, you can make a bunny with it instead of throwing it away. You may use different sizes of socks to come out with various sizes of sock bunnies. The sock bunny can’t sit on its own, I pinned them down for photography purpose. You may add beads or rice to make the bottom heavier so that it can sit properly. [If you are interested on the felted carrot shown at the background, here is the tutorial to make it.] {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

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Sew A Sock Kitty {Tutorial} I wanted to try sewing sock plushies since months ago but keep on postponing due to my long craft lists and ideas, until I saw Brenda of KrafteeBee posted her long ear sock cat, Gumbo, I can’t resist for not asking her to guest post in Craft Passion. I want to share with you how to sew sock plushies while I learn from her!!! Brenda, who is also known as Sweetee Bee in KrafteeBee blog is a working mum with 2 lovely 20 month-old twins, Aiden and Caileigh, twins! TWINS? Puppet Crafts for Kids How to Make Puppets Sock Puppets, Canvas Puppets, Paper Bag Puppets, Stick Puppets, Marionettes, and Hand Puppets, Bent Spoon Puppets and Puppets from Cups How to Make Sock Puppets Easy to Make Sock Puppets - These puppets are so cheap and easy to make. You can add different features to make an endless array of puppets.

DIY: Sew Baby Rattle Did you know babies (from 0-6months) are very excited about high contrasts? That’s what they see the most. I designed the perfect baby toy for it! Black and White! One side polka dot, one side stripes, stripy tags to chew on and 2 jingle bells inside for the little noise! Beachwear Necklace with earrings made using paracord Hello Friends, Since my first paracord project till now, I have become very very Knotty...LOL. I mean it, I have been trying and experimenting with knots a lot, especially the decorative ones.

Droopy Ear Sock Bunny As promised in my previous sock bunny sewing tutorial, here comes the kawai-i version – the “Droopy Ear Sock Bunny”. This bunny can sits on its own, it is great as toy for kid and as well as for home decoration. Hope you like it and made some for your loved ones. Again, it is a single sock sewing, perfect if you have some don’t-know-what-to-do stray socks laying around that are still “new”. Or, you can make twins bunny with a new pair of socks. Since there have been quite some sock tutorials here, including the sock monkey, sock kitty and sock skeleton, I will have this tutorial a little simplified on the step photos.

RAWR Creatures: HOW TO MAKE A SOCK TEDDY BEAR Hi! I came across a cute tutorial last week on how to make a sock teddy bear. He looked so fun and easy, I thought I'd give one a shot. I stitched one up while Tim and I were watching a movie Friday evening so I snapped a few pics along the way and thought I'd share. I tried to track down the original creator and designer of these little bears and I believe the source comes from a site called Taobao. You'll notice I had the help of a little kitty named Boo, who you'll see makes a couple of guest appearances in the step-by-step photos. :) Boo is a frequent sidekick while I'm sewing my RAWR creatures and does have his own drawer in my desk where he likes to curl up while I sew.

bird nest necklace} I have been seeing a lot of bird nest jewelry around lately. They are beautiful and I love the trend so I thought I would try making my own. These turned out to be really easy to make and require just a few simple supplies. Sock Skeleton I think this is the most spooky cute handmade I have ever made … ha ha ha… Even I feel eerie watching them sitting there…. Welcome the Mr. & Mrs Skeleton!!! [More pictures in the gallery] Let them startle your guests when they come for trick or treating!!! You might be interested to make the pumpkin and the spider from pom pom as well and set them up in a corner of your door step, and Thirty Pillow Blanket Design by Joon & Jung There’s nothing more comfortable than laying your head down on a pillow each night, and if there’s anything that could be better– it might be this. The Pillow Blanket from designers Joon & Jung happens to be a close second with its 30 pillow capacity design. A makeshift bed that travels light and can realistically go anywhere, or the perfect spot for a quick and quiet cat nap, this unique design could prove helpful in many situations. There’s one spot that’s missing a pillow for a uniquely designed hole for one’s head. The pillows and cover are separate to allow for ease of care and washing of the quilted part after a few uses.

How to Make a Sock Monkey Printable Sock Monkey Instructions. Free Sock Monkey Pattern. 1. how to make a doll tutorial 3 Here is my thrid tutorial, and this is not too easy for beginner. It took me at least one hour to make it. No worry, you will slowly learn how to make it if you can follow my step by step instruction. Enjoy~ (Click on the image to get a bigger view) 第三个教程出炉啦. Monicas Creative Room Casting in hypertufa is fun and not at all difficult. Hypertufa is a mixture of Portland cement, sand and peat moss. If you want you can replace the sand with perlite, it makes the pots and trays a lot lighter as perlite weighs almost nothing. Tufan takes a little longer to harden than ordinary concrete. When casting bigger things it is a good idea to reinforce the castings.

Sock Bunny Softies With spring just around the corner, what little one wouldn’t squeal with delight upon receiving one of these adorable bunny softies? They will make for the perfect addition to any Easter basket, alongside those candy-filled eggs. Let me show you how you can make your very own with in just a few hours time. The supplies you will need to complete one bunny are: one pair knee-high socks, craft felt sheets in coordinating colors, buttons, white twine, embroidery floss, embroidery needle, pins, Shape Templates – Mixed Shapes and Mixed Borders, Shape Templates – Super Sized Circles, Shape Templates – Super Sized Ovals, sharp scissors, pencil or marker and a sewing machine (optional). For the face pieces, trace and cut two circles onto one color of felt using the inside of the smallest circle from the Shape Templates – Super Sized Circle package.

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