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Sock Bunny

Sock Bunny
Unlike many sock toys that needs a pair of socks to sew, each sock bunny only needs one (1) sock to make. With a pair of socks you can make a pair of bunny couples. If you have a rather new sock that lost it’s partner, you can make a bunny with it instead of throwing it away. You may use different sizes of socks to come out with various sizes of sock bunnies. The sock bunny can’t sit on its own, I pinned them down for photography purpose. [If you are interested on the felted carrot shown at the background, here is the tutorial to make it.] {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

Droopy Ear Sock Bunny As promised in my previous sock bunny sewing tutorial, here comes the kawai-i version – the “Droopy Ear Sock Bunny”. This bunny can sits on its own, it is great as toy for kid and as well as for home decoration. Hope you like it and made some for your loved ones. Again, it is a single sock sewing, perfect if you have some don’t-know-what-to-do stray socks laying around that are still “new”. Since there have been quite some sock tutorials here, including the sock monkey, sock kitty and sock skeleton, I will have this tutorial a little simplified on the step photos. Happy Sewing! {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

DIY | Photographic Trick On Pattern Bokeh Lights I promised that I will show you how to do shaped-bokeh lights effect in this post and I didn’t forget! Here is the tutorial with a shamrock pattern in a green ambient. You may adapt the tutorial for any shaped-bokeh lights you like. Happy St Patrick’s Day to whom who celebrate! Remember the beautiful morning dew drops at the tips of the wheat grass I woke up to see and adore 3 years ago? Overs the years, I have earned and saved enough to invest in an affordable and good DSLR camera. . One last thing before you jump to the tutorial, look what I have found in the wheat grasses… a tiny little visitor resting on the wheat grass. {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

Entrelac Messenger Bag After 3 weeks of knitting, sewing, photographing, pattern and tutorial preparation, here is the “Entrelac Messenger Bag” I did from the rectangle piece of woven-look I have showed you…. Yippee, I am completely thrill of it’s outcome, never thought it could turn out so perfect and practical. At first, I just blindly made the entrelac piece without knowing what to do with it. A few options ran through my mind… I could make different kind of bags, cushion or throw pillow cover, may be join a few pieces to become a baby blanket…. but ended up with messenger bag. I added a long straps which act as a gusset for the bag. See… me carrying this bag during a photographing outing with friends. {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

DIY | Faux Brick Wall Panel DIY Faux Brick Wall PanelTools & Materials: 1. Polystyrene Foam / Styrofoam, 1/2″ thick, 2′ x 4′ 2. Wooden panel, 2 1/2′ x 4′ 3. Primer (aerosol), Brand: Krylon, color: Gray [buy at] 4. Mark 2 1/2″ x 8″ on the polystyrene foam with pen and ruler. Apply glue on both panel and polystyrene foam. Create some stone debris between the gaps by gluing some small broken pieces of polystyrene foams. Leave it dry until it is safe to work on. When the brick foams are securely adhered to the panel, take out the soldering tip and switch on the soldering iron and let it heat up. Spray a layer of primer onto the brick foam in an well ventilated space / outdoor. Leave the primer to dry for a few minutes to 1/2 hour or as per the instruction on the label. A closer look on the texture, basically it is like some tiny paint splashes in black, gray and white tone. After 3 coats and the faux brick wall is completed, leave it to dry until it is safe to handle. {More photos and story on Page 1.}

Handmade Halloween: Make Spider Sack Decor with the Kids I’m so excited about this Halloween project, it turned out even better than I’d envisioned. It’s the quintessential MPMK project – easy enough for kids of all ages to get in on the action and the finished product is a decidedly stylish take on traditional Halloween decor. And did I mention how inexpensive it is? The basic materials include a pack of water balloons ($1.99), yarn ($3.79), and standard craft glue (already had it but glue should be on back-to-school sale right now). That’s it for the essentials. To really get the full effect, it’s nice to add a few plastic spiders which are on sale pretty much everywhere. To make the sacks, I simply adapted this yarn ball tutorial. Next, approximate how much yarn you’ll need to cover your balloon and wrap it around you hand to create a loop (this helps prevent tangles). Then dunk it. Now comes the really hard part, blowing up the water balloons. You probably think I’m exaggerating – I’m not! Now comes the second hardest part, waiting around.

Last Minute Pumpkin Decor From Oranges Halloween is right around the corner! If you need a quick Halloween decor idea, or if you want a healthy option to hand out to trick-or-treaters, this is a fantastic holiday craft. (Note: this is not a craft for kids, because it requires a hot-glue gun. This one is strictly a DIY for Mom.) Supplies: sharpie yarn scissors hot glue and glue gun oranges Instructions: Step 1: Start by drawing faces on the oranges with a black sharpie. Step 2: Cut a bunch of short strands of yarn (about 4 inches). Step 3: Now you have a few jack-o-lanterns to add to your Halloween party decor in no time! Want more DIY Halloween Craft ideas?

Macaron Coin Purse Just can’t help for not sewing these sweet little macaron coin purses when one of Craft Passion’s Facebook fans showed them to me. Thanks to XYZZhandmade for her inspiring handmade and some tutorial links in Japanese, this, this, this and this. No, I can’t read Japanese but I can guess from the pictures on how to sew it. Here is the English version of tutorial on how to sew this macaron coin purse where I have added more details in the sewing. The space inside the coin purse is quite limited but good enough to place some small jewelries like ear rings, rings; may be to keep some small coins, folded money; a place to keep small piece of note that wrote your shopping list and reminder etc. I have tried both nylon and metal zipper, each gave different feel and effect on the macaron coin purse.

Cup Lanterns! French Fruit Wall Art There’s a little story behind this wall art. I was selected as a contestant, along with 11 incredibly talented ladies in the super fun competition, Crafting with the Stars. I was paired up with Amy Anderson of Mod Podge Rocks fame, and together we were to come up with a brand inspired knock off project. We both had a few different ideas, but I decided that the apple and pear wall art from Land of Nod that Amy found could be transformed into some fabulous kitchen wall art. I had originally planned to just put “apple” and “pear” above the fruit, but the amazing Amy suggested writing the words in French. Tres bon!! UPDATE: These two French Fruit Wall Art pieces are available in my Etsy shop here. As for my inspiration… (thank you Amy!) These two pieces of art from Land of Nod are adorable, but they are 1) huge, 26″ x 26″2) really more geared toward a child’s playroom or bedroom3) a whopping $119 each! Umm.. no. French Fruit Wall Art What you need What you do Print the fruit patterns.