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Wicca Spirituality Homepage

Wicca Spirituality Homepage

Links to Hopi, Wayne Dyer, Kabbalah, yoga Here are some links to some of my favorite sites on the web. I hope you will find enjoyment and information browsing them as well. ~Anna First of all, my love of Native Culture and the awe at how each one has their own prophecies (Visions) that are so similar. That this is no coincidence, has been a passion now for years. The world as we know will end, even the bible states this fact, but there is much hope for a better tomorrow where living in peace and harmony with the Earth Mother will be the way again! Hannah’s Great Dog Store: This is for all dog lover’s. Wayne Dyer: I love this man! Kabbalah: It is not just for the Jewish faith. Don Miguel Ruiz: This is my all time favorite teacher/author. Christiane Northrup, MD:This site is filled with a wealth of information on women’s health. Yoga Postures: I have been practicing yoga now for many years and I feel it is the perfect exercise not only for the body, but the mind and Spirit as well. Peak22: The New View of You

Witchcraft | Witchcraft Spells | Love Spells | Money Spells | Cast Spells Enhance energy flow at home. To enhance energy in your home, the first thing to do is to take a quiet moment to feel the energy. Do you feel the energy flow, do you feel harmony? Write down everything that comes up to you, things that need to be repaired, thrown out, painted, moved, taken care of, cleaned. Take your list and start acting, do it with joy, sing or smile or even dance while you start creating new energy for your space. The same way tension stops the energy flow in the body, clutter blocks the free energy flow in your house and in your garden. My suggestion at that point is: throw or give away as much as you can! Throw anything you haven't used for one year or more! Done? This technique, will help you locate "good" and "bad" energies you have in your house. The Bovis Biometer , which requires dowsing knowledge too, is a very helpful tool to measure the energy level rooms, objects, sculptures, masks or paintings. In your garden use your eyes for scanning too. Create a good atmosphere using candles.

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Read Articles about Affirmations What holds you back from achieving your dreams—or even daring to take them seriously? If you're like most people, the first answer that comes to mind may be lack—lack of money, lack of opportunity, lack of some other external commodity or circumstance. But the fact is that we're more often held back by our own thoughts and attitudes than by what we have or own. It may not be easy to accept this. opens your mind to new possibilities; changes your attitude about yourself and what you can accomplish; frees your intellect and your intuition to find creative ways to fulfill your goals. You may be among the many people who grew up with little regard for themselves and their desires. Is it easy to move from a negative frame of mind to a positive one? The way affirmations are written influences their effectiveness. To continue and learn how to write authentic affirmations, click here. Article copyright 2003 by Sally Hill, Ph.D.

Law of Attraction Journal Articles return to Journal Home Life Is about Our Relationships Excerpted from book, "The Vortex, Where Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships" You will never find yourself in a point in time when the subject of relationships is not an active part of your now experience, for everything you perceive or notice or know is because of your relationship with something else. Without a comparative experience, you would be unable to perceive or focus any kind of understanding within yourself. Health, and the Law of Attraction Excerpted from book,"Money, and the Law of Attraction, Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness" My Thoughts Create My Physical Experience The idea of “success,” for most people, revolves around money or the acquisition of property or other possessions—but we consider a state of joy as the greatest achievement of success. Money, and the Law of Attraction The Universal Law of Attraction Life Is Supposed To Feel Good It’s All About Vibrational Relativity