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Wicca Spirituality Homepage

Wicca Spirituality Homepage

Quotes About Detachment (16 quotes) “Subhuti, someone might fill innumerable worlds with the seven treasures and give all away in gifts of alms, but if any good man or any good woman awakens the thought of Enlightenment and takes even only four lines from this Discourse, reciting, using, receiving, retaining and spreading them abroad and explaining them for the benefit of others, it will be far more meritorious. Now in what manner may he explain them to others? By detachment from appearances-abiding in Real Truth. Thus shall you think of all this fleeting world: A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream; A flash of lightening in a summer cloud, A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream. When Buddha finished this Discourse the venerable Subhuti, together with the bhikshus, bhikshunis, lay-brothers and sisters, and the whole realms of Gods, Men and Titans, were filled with joy by His teaching, and, taking it sincerely to heart they went their ways

How to Learn Witchcraft Advertisements Call a Wiccan Psychic for Guidance! Home > How to Learn Witchcraft Witchcraft or wicca is a pagan religion--a religion of nature. The first step to learn witchcraft is to study the religion itself. You can do this by studying as many books and journals both offline and online. The next step is to explore the magic. Magic is not a hocus pocus way of bending the laws of nature to suit your needs. For this you need to understand the fundamental principles of casting circles, calling quarters, invoking God/ goddess, raising and directing the energies and finally, grounding, centering and closing the circle. Try to understand the various phases of the moon, its waxing, growing full and waning and their effect on your moods and body. You must also do some meditation and visualization exercises to increase your concentration and focus. Now you can begin your basic spell work starting with your new moon ritual. Do not go after the word-for-word rituals that you read everywhere.

Links to Hopi, Wayne Dyer, Kabbalah, yoga Here are some links to some of my favorite sites on the web. I hope you will find enjoyment and information browsing them as well. ~Anna First of all, my love of Native Culture and the awe at how each one has their own prophecies (Visions) that are so similar. That this is no coincidence, has been a passion now for years. The world as we know will end, even the bible states this fact, but there is much hope for a better tomorrow where living in peace and harmony with the Earth Mother will be the way again! Hannah’s Great Dog Store: This is for all dog lover’s. Wayne Dyer: I love this man! Kabbalah: It is not just for the Jewish faith. Don Miguel Ruiz: This is my all time favorite teacher/author. Christiane Northrup, MD:This site is filled with a wealth of information on women’s health. Yoga Postures: I have been practicing yoga now for many years and I feel it is the perfect exercise not only for the body, but the mind and Spirit as well. Peak22: The New View of You

Witchcraft | Witchcraft Spells | Love Spells | Money Spells | Cast Spells protect Protection Spells Break Enchantments and Protect from Injury Binding Spell for Bullies Protection Spell House Protection Mirror Spell To Bar Negative Entry Protect Possessions Leave Me Alone Spell Protection in the Snow Simple Protection Spell Make Someone Leave You Alone A Ward for a Ring A Spell to Bind Evil A Witches Bottle To Protect an Object Spell of the Witch's Ring Protection from Fire To Reverse a Hex Three Times Three Spell To Protect Home From Intruders Charm Against Abuse Spell to Protect Your Vehicle Angelic Charm to Break all Enchantments and Protect from InjuryTo work this charm, you need only sit with your cat in your bedchamber under Bride's new moon, watching the stars. Have a little phial of rose water ay your elbow, made holy by a blessing. Speak thus to the great angel Sophiel: Shining Angel Sophiel Work for me this goodly spell, All glamour and evil enchantments break And guard me when I sleep and wake; Bless my friendship with this cat.

Enhance energy flow at home. To enhance energy in your home, the first thing to do is to take a quiet moment to feel the energy. Do you feel the energy flow, do you feel harmony? Write down everything that comes up to you, things that need to be repaired, thrown out, painted, moved, taken care of, cleaned. Take your list and start acting, do it with joy, sing or smile or even dance while you start creating new energy for your space. The same way tension stops the energy flow in the body, clutter blocks the free energy flow in your house and in your garden. My suggestion at that point is: throw or give away as much as you can! Throw anything you haven't used for one year or more! Done? This technique, will help you locate "good" and "bad" energies you have in your house. The Bovis Biometer , which requires dowsing knowledge too, is a very helpful tool to measure the energy level rooms, objects, sculptures, masks or paintings. In your garden use your eyes for scanning too. Create a good atmosphere using candles.

The Greystone Path | Living an Elementally Balanced Life 10 Most Famous Trees in the World Famous trees come and go. L’Arbre du Ténéré was once considered the most isolated tree on Earth, a landmark on caravan routes in the Sahara, until it was knocked down by a drunk Libyan truck driver in 1973. This year in August, the famous Anne Frank tree in Amsterdam was blown down by high winds during a storm. Luckily, there are still many special trees out there. An overview of the most famous trees in the world. 10Arbol del Tule Árbol del Tule, a Montezuma Cypress, is located in the town center of Santa María del Tule in the Mexican state of Oaxaca . 9Cotton Tree The Cotton Tree is an historic symbol of Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone. 8Boab Prison Tree The Boab Prison Tree is a large hollow tree just south of Derby in Western Australia. 7Major Oak The Major Oak is a huge oak tree in the heart of Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England. 6Lone Cypress 5Tree of Life The Tree of Life in Bahrain is a mesquite tree which grows in the middle of desert. 4Socotra Dragon Trees

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Alchemy Electronic Dictionary: Find Out the Meaning of Arcane Words and CiphersInstantly! To find out the meaning of a word, select the beginning letter: Or select the symbol for which you would like to see a definition: For Alchemy Lab website assistance, click ablution The process of washing a solid with a liquid, usually in water. Aion (see Ouroboros) Air Air is one of the Four Elements of alchemy. alchemy The word is derived from the Arabian phrase "al-kimia," which refers to the preparation of the Stone or Elixir by the Egyptians. alembic The upper part of a still; a still-head. alkahest The alkahest is the power from Above that makes possible alchemical transformation. aludel A pear-shaped earthenware bottle, open at both ends. amalgam The amalgam is a solid metal formed by the combination of mercury with gold, silver, lead, or other metals. angel An angel in alchemical treatises symbolizes sublimation or the ascension of the volatile principle. Ankh animals Animals are often used to symbolize the basic components and processes of alchemy. antimony Apollo aqua fortis aqua regia aqua vitae