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How To Make Your Own Nail Polish In Any Color

How To Make Your Own Nail Polish In Any Color
Pregnancy insomnia can be a little bit of a blessing (depending on how you look at it). Sometimes when I can't sleep I randomly get these ideas that just pop into my head. I quickly jot them down into my phone and revisit them when I am coherent in the morning. I would say only 30-40 % of them actually turn out like I imagined. Take this little project for example. I tested it out over the weekend to see if it would even work...and it worked! What you will need: Clear nail polish.Cheap eyeshadow. Take out the eyeshadow you want to use. Empty a small amount of clear nail polish out so you have room for the eyeshadow powder. Use the toothpick to mix up the color into the bottle. You now have you own custom shade of nail polish!

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Felt Hair Pretties You’ll find a template with the animal and car designs, as well as full diy instructions provided on the Petite Purls site. This spring issue has many beautiful knits to consider adding to your list, as well. So, which is your favorite? I am a tad partial to the purple elephant. Though the little lazy daisy on the VW is pretty darn cute. I provide instructions for the flower, too, so don’t hesitate to try it!

Faux Diamond Tipped Nails I’ve been dying to try out this new deep teal polish by Sephora by OPI for a few weeks now and am so excited to finally do so. I really love the color! It appears very dark, almost black even, but has a fantastic blue hue which happens to work really well with silver glitter. And while I think my chunky glitter stripe is a bit more subtle and chic, this glitter French Manicure makes me feel like I have diamond tips… and very Elizabeth Taylor-ish.

Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes Check out my new site, Let's Wrap Stuff. It's dedicated to all things related to gift wrap. You can even submit a tutorial or photo (even if you don't have a blog)! Lately, I've been a little obsessed with making different kinds of gift boxes. So when I came across these pyramid shaped DIY gift boxes, I knew I had to make some. Chalkboard Mason Jar Magnetic Jars Longest title ever for a craft? I just couldn't decide what to call it, so it;s a little long-winded.... But, here's a tutorial on how to make Chalkboard Mason Jar Magnetic Jars: I was sent some products to try out from Plaid, along with a gift card to Walmart for any other supplies I may need. First off, did you know that Walmart has expanded their craft department?? It's awesome - my store even jumped over across the main aisle for more room...

5 Relaxing, Rejuvenating Bath Recipes - Perfect Alternatives to Bubbles So, by now you’ve probably come to terms with bubble baths not necessarily being the healthiest , most nourishing alternative for your skin. C’est la vie, crunchy people. C’est la vie. Melted Crayon Art Perhaps I should begin this post by introducing you to my mom, also known as Her Ladyship Craftiness…er, Her Royal Craftiness? I’m still working on the title. Regardless, she’s the coolest, most creative and talented woman I know. She can make pretty much anything. At least once during high school, I borrowed a friend’s purse, brought it home to Mom, and she whipped one up just like it for me. Yes, I probably abused the power of being Her Ladyship’s daughter, and I no longer steal my friends’ purses, but the point is: my mom is awesome.

Silver & Gold Glitter Manicure My husband LOVES when my nails are painted and if you’re a long-time reader, you know why so doing them to share here, with you, is just an added bonus. Sometimes I need dual motivation to succeed at certain tasks or it’s just not worth my time. how to: pore strips You know those Biore pore strips you buy at the drugstore for about $12 a pop? Yeah, those. Today I’m going to teach you how to make your own homemade pore strips. Why? Because:

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