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Free Protection, Virus Free Protection Software, Free Protection Downloads - Comodo - Comodo IceDragon

Free Protection, Virus Free Protection Software, Free Protection Downloads - Comodo - Comodo IceDragon
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truecrack - Password cracking for truecrypt(c) volume files. - Google Project Hosting - Comodo IceDragon WHAT TrueCrack IS? - NEW VERSION 3.5 AVAILABLE TrueCrack is a brute-force password cracker for TrueCrypt (Copyrigth) volumes. It works on Linux and it is optimized for Nvidia Cuda technology. PBKDF2 (defined in PKCS5 v2.0) based on key derivation functions: Ripemd160, Sha512 and Whirlpool. The execution time of TrueCrack for a dictionary attack is (average word length 10 characters): Dictionary attack: truecrack -t truecrypt_file -w passwords_file [-k ripemd160 | -k sha512 | -k whirlpool] [-e aes | -e serpent | -e twofish] [-a blocks] [-b] [-H] [-r number] Alphabet attack: truecrack -t truecrypt_file -c alphabet [-s minlength] -m maxlength [-k ripemd160 | -k sha512 | -k whirlpool] [-e aes | -e serpent | -e twofish] [-a blocks] [-b] [-H] [-r number] cd truecrack . . TrueCrack is an Open Source Software under GNU Public License version 3.

Recover lost encryption password for TrueCrypt volume Facebook Privacy Watcher Browser Extension Facebook Privacy Watcher is an addon for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, that has been developed at Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED) in association with TU Darmstadt (Technical University of Darmstadt). It provides a new and very simple interface to manage your privacy settings on Facebook. Know your privacy settings Since the default privacy settings on Facebook are more and more open with each update, it is very important to be able to easily grasp and change the privacy settings, to be protected from unintended oversharing. However, the settings are quite detailed, and thus it's hard to keep track of them. PublicFriendsOnly meCustom Simple and clear The idea of Facebook Privacy Watcher is, to colorize every single item depending on its visibility to your friends and strangers. After the extension is installed, no further steps are necessary. Change settings with just two clicks Changing the settings is just as simple as recognizing them: Adaptable

Hacker 10 – Security Hacker | Computer security | Page 5 I have been using Countermail for over a year on a weekly basis and this review is based on my experience with them during this time. The service is free to try for a few days, after that you will be asked for payment which can be done with credit card, Paypal, wire transfer or Bitcoin. Credit card corporations force businesses to keep payment details stored for two weeks, Countermail claims to automatically destroy the records after that length of time but the credit card company and Paypal will likely preserve payment details for years although they will not be able to link them to any specific Countermail account or nick. If you pay with Bitcoin you will make tracing payment origin much more difficult but there is a surcharge. Signing up is simple, not requiring any personal information other than choosing a username and password, you only need Java installed in your computer, after account creation you can get rid of Java and use IMAP and SMTP with Thunderbird and Enigmail.

How to recover TrueCrypt encryption password | - Comodo IceDragon Before using the software, first you need to download it to your computer. After downloading the installation file, run it to install the software. After the installation is complete, the software is ready to use. To recover a password to an encrypted volume, run software (by double-clicking on its Desktop icon, or by choosing the command from Windows Start - All Programs menu. You should see the following window open: Press the Begin button and select the file that contains the encrypted volume for which you want to recover the password. You can use this window to select the character sets from which you want to try the passwords. Lowercase characters abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Uppercase characters Digits Punctuation characters Other special characters After selecting the character sets, press the Start button to begin the password recovery.

Affordable encrypted VoIP - Comodo IceDragon Product TiviPhone is a market-leading VoIP softphone for various smartphone platforms. It also encrypts voice and video with the scientifically proven, open-source ZRTP. Provider We are Tivi, the developer and marketer of TiviPhone client software. Partner Tivi solves your telecommunications problems in terms of costs, multimedia, platform interoperability, billing and privacy. Is there wiretapping of VoIP calls? Yes, if your voice travels over insecure networks such as the internet. Protection against wiretapping? Install and use our safe and encrypted VoIP software: TiviPhone with ZRTP technology. Easy, affordable, compatible TiviPhone is downloadable instantly. Installing and trying Tivi Phone is easy, and you can purchase the encrypting version at any time via For the user, safeguarding his or her voice/video call requires just one manual step: the checking of short authentication strings (SAS) on the screen of their mobile phone or computer. Check indicators - it's encrypted!

SamyGO, Samsung Firmware on the GO - Comodo IceDragon Disco Hyperdata Browser The Disco - Hyperdata Browser is a simple browser for navigating the Semantic Web as an unbound set of data sources. The browser renders all information, that it can find on the Semantic Web about a specific resource, as an HTML page. This resource description contains hyperlinks that allow you to navigate between resources. While you move from resource to resource, the browser dynamically retrieves information by dereferencing HTTP URIs and by following rdfs:seeAlso links. News 04.03.2007: SemanticWebCentral provides another Linked Data browser called Objectviewer. 03.10.2007: OpenLink has published a new Data Web Browser which, like Disco, also enables you to browse Linked Data on the Web. 01.16.2007: Ivan Herman has written a Disco Bookmarklet. 1. The browser is a server-side application that can be used without installing anything on your machine. The screenshot below shows the browser user interface: You start browsing the Semantic Web by entering a URI into the navigation box. 2.