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The Atlantic: Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Atlantic: Ta-Nehisi Coates
On Monday, 66-year old Joan Tarshis accused Bill Cosby of raping her. Tarshis says the attack took place in 1969, when she was 19 and working as comedy writer: ... [H]e told me that he wanted to work on a monologue together, and I had an idea for something about an earthquake that had just happened. It was my first earthquake. Tarshis is the fifth woman to publicly accuse Bill Cosby of raping her. Perhaps it is not fair for a journalist to consider, or even publicize, anonymous allegations of criminal activity. Most of these allegations came after Constand sued Cosby in civil court. A defense of Cosby requires that one believe that several women have decided to publicly accuse one of the most powerful men in recent Hollywood history of a crime they have no hope of seeing prosecuted, and for which they are seeking no damages. I spent parts of 2006 and 2007 following Bill Cosby around the country. The author of this moment is Bill Cosby. It was not enough.

The Atlantic: James Fallows This morning I had the privilege of giving the commencement address at the University of Vermont—UVM, home of the Catamounts, in Burlington. My wife Deb and I, and our colleague John Tierney, visited UVM several years ago and wrote about it in our American Futures series, notably with John’s piece about the school’s emergence as a “public Ivy.” Seven Days, the financially-and-journalistically successful weekly based in Burlington (which I’ve also written about), has a story about today’s commencement, here. The University’s story is here. Since the talk drew on various themes that recur in this “American Futures” thread, I’m attaching the text, below. Go Catamounts! Commencement remarks University of Vermont May 21, 2017 James Fallows President Sullivan, Governor Scott, honorary degree recipients, faculty and staff, friends and family, people of Vermont and beyond, and above all members of the class of 2017 — greetings, and congratulations! Let’s go into that case. Let me explain.

The Economy and the Economics of Everyday Life - Economix Blog - Cut Off Your Hands AfriGadget | Solving everyday problems with African ingenuity Margaret Cho Blog I ran into one of my favorite photographers at TribalCon in Atlanta, so we decided to do a quick photoshoot! Thank you Pixie! As soon as I had my hands on my Blueberry guitar I could not let it go. It’s an extraordinary instrument. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it sounds incredible and imbued with a mystical spirit that makes me a better player. It is stunning for stage – it looks like no other guitar out there – and Read More We love our new podcast artwork! Listen to Monsters of Talk on SoundCloud or subscribe on Itunes! I got in “trouble” for outing someone. I got in big Twitter fights about it. from Excerpted from “No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood” edited by Henriette Mantel. I don’t have children, and I am not sure if I have wanted them or never wanted them. I deeply respect runners. It must be incredible to actually complete a marathon. I returned to the Aroma spa today, and I was late. My incident last week there, which I wrote about Read More

The Everywhereist | travel advice, tips, and stories Little Seal | Ronan's blog Women Against Sarah Palin Will I Remember How To Love You When I finally meet you, will I remember how to love you? I think, somewhere in the last–what is it now? Almost 4 years?–of being mostly alone, or at least not in love, maybe I forgot what you’re supposed to do when you are in love. For instance, will I remember how to pull my limbs in from my nightly spread eagle in bed, and not hate you for taking up half the space that has, for so long, been mine, ALL MINE, GOD DAMNIT? Will I remember how to lie awake on Sunday morning while you sleep, counting the freckles that pepper your back? And if it turns out that I have become completely stupid and selfish, will you be patient enough to remind me how to love you? Say it works out, and you electroshock my memory back into motion, and I remember how to love you in all the ways that someone should be loved, will you love me back?

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