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My Cup of Tea Art Journaling 102: Technique Feature – Mixing Patterned Papers | Studio Tangie by Julie Ann Shahin, Studio Tangie Social Media Team This week’s focus is on mixing patterned papers for art journaling design. I’ve heard that there is a fear of patterned paper, and I’m here to help you conquer that fear! There are some coambinations you can follow when mixing patterns: mix patterns within a digital kit, a super easy way to get it rightmix patterns such as a large pattern, a small pattern, a stripe, and a solidmix patterns from different kits that harmonize with each other Patterned papers come in more forms than just 12 x 12. PapersBordersDots and CirclesCollage HousesPaper TapeNewspaper clippingsPaper AlphabetsHeartsJournal spots For the page below, I used a template to create blocks of pattern. Excellence by Julie Ann Shahin Credits: MOST BY TANGIE BAXTER MUST READ (some of these articles pertain to decorating or fashion yet can be applied to digital design) Zig Zag Courage by Karen Bowers I was playing with zigzags and the John Wayne quote fit well with the “mountains”.

Marrakech: and an interior design tale of a Moroccan tent at Peacock Pavilions guest house - My Marrakesh Anyone who knows me knows that I love hand embroidery. I've been collecting pieces for more than 20 years, and my passion for embroidery shows no sign of waning. It's an obsessional kind of thing. Morocco has an incredible embroidery tradition, and I was crazy about the idea of having a Moroccan dining/party tent at Peacock Pavilions inspired by old embroideries of the mysterious Moroccan city of Fes. The original pieces of these Fes embroideries are, sadly, more than my wallet can bear. Here's a little glimpse. I designed the Moroccan tent with architect husband Chris -- it took weeks to make! Here's a stencil: And another stencil taped to the window of the tent. I loved every single Peacock Painter whom Melanie brought on her trip to paint my Moroccan tent. Hard at work stenciling..... Here's adorable Maggie. I happened to have a velvet evening dress (Diane Von Furstenberg) that matched the tent (purely coincidental! I think I may now be the owner of the prettiest tent in the world....

Watercolour Texture Techniques by *hatefueled on deviantART