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Welcome to LEO: Literacy Education Online

Welcome to LEO: Literacy Education Online
provides online handouts about a variety of writing topics. Although LEO is affiliated with the Write Place (the writing center at St. Cloud State University), LEO does not offer online tutoring, answer questions about grammar or punctuation, or give feedback about your writing or papers. If you are interested in information about tutoring or other Write Place services, please head to the writing center homepage at is also the online site for the early issues (1990-1998) of , SCSU's multicultural literary magazine. For current issues, please visit 's new home on the Write Place web site: .

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The Writing Assignment That Changes Lives : NPR Ed Why do you do what you do? What is the engine that keeps you up late at night or gets you going in the morning? Where is your happy place? Literacy Lifeline to Literacy This program will help you read, write and do math. You can also learn skills to use at work. - Captioned and subtitled videos from across the Internet Hear and see videos with authentic word pronunciations and example sentences. Español: Pronunciación en Inglés con vídeo · Italiano: Pronuncia in inglese con video Português: Pronúncia em Inglês com vídeo · Français: Prononciation en anglais avec la vidéo Press play to watch and hear the speaker use 'salmon,' and then use the instant replay/loop button Self-Study English Grammar Quizzes HTML-Only Quizzes Grammar | Places | Vocabulary | Idioms | Homonyms | Scrambled Words | Misc. Activities for ESL Students has over 1,000 activities to help you study English as a Second Language. This project of The Internet TESL Journal has contributions by many teachers. Page Contents Articles | Cloze | Conjunctions | Dialogs | Plurals | Prepositions | Pronouns | Sentence Structure | Tag Questions | Verbs | What's the Correct Sequence | Word Choice | Other Quizzes

Free Creative Writing Prompts #22: Success This topic for my freecreative writing promptsseries is near and dear to my heart. It was my newfound focus on success that led me to create this blog in the first place and helped me to be a happier and healthier person. Reading and writing on success allowed me to improve my relationships, my attitude, and it helped me to achieve my goals. These prompts may help with that or they may not, but what's important is that you use these to get some good words on paper and to perhaps get you thinking a little bit about your focuses in life. I would be honored if you used the submission box at the bottom to write out one of these prompts and share it with the website's community. Free Creative Writing Prompts: Success

Online Adult Literacy Many people who return to education after a long "time-out" find they need to brush up on their reading and writing skills in order to get the best out of their learning opportunities. In fact, if you are hoping to study for a recognized qualification, or a university-level degree or diploma, improving your literacy skills may be an essential step on the way to building a professional career. Sadly, many people who still struggle with reading and writing as adults aren't aware that opportunities to improve their literacy skills are available to them - they think they missed their chance at school and it's now too late to think about going back. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Interactive Folio: Romeo and Juliet Welcome to the Interactive Folio/Reader and Study Guide version of Romeo and Juliet created by the Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project and originally released in 2007. We're pleased to announce that we've just released the new, updated version of the play as an iOS app. in collaboration with InteractiveReaders Inc. To access the Romeo+Juliet app. (compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod touch) click here or on the image below.

Pearson Prentice Hall: Writing Types Course Content SuccessNet® Login Technical Support E-mail Technical Support for assistance. Creative Writing Prompts About Success All of us want to be successful in something. Fortunately for us, everyone has different ideas of what success is. We all have unique ways of achieving success and finding inward happiness. If you are writing you probably want to write successfully and have work that you are proud of. Use these creative writing prompts to help you write about success. About Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF) - AlphaPlus Coordinated by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, in consultation with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF) is the new cornerstone of Employment Ontario’s Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) Program. The OALCF is a competency-based framework that supports the development of adult literacy programming delivered through the Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) Program. LBS helps learners transition to their goals of work, further education and training, or independence. The OALCF: Click on Curriculum Framework to download the entire document in PDF and explore the links below for more information: The OALCF OverviewHow does the OALCF improve adult literacy outcomes in Ontario?

The Secret to Improving ESL Reading and Writing Skills: Summary Writing Your ESL students are working on their reading and writing skills, right? But you probably never seem to have enough time in class for both—especially when you want students to have speaking practice as well. So what if you could combine those two skill sets in a single activity? I’ll let you in on a secret: The best activity to improve ESL students’ writing aptitude and reading comprehension is summary writing. While students may not realize it, reading and writing skills are closely related and can easily be mixed together in assignments for their benefit. Although you might tend to focus on just one skill at a time in your ESL class, combining two in summary writing provides students with a greater range of information that can be used for future assignments.

Five-Minute Film Festival: 8 Interactive Video Tools for Engaging Learners It's no secret that I am a passionate advocate for using video in the classroom. When used well, videos can help students make connections to people and ideas beyond their usual frame of reference. That's why I've been really excited to see a wave of new (and mostly free or low-cost!)