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How to setup OpenVPN on DD-WRT If you would like a plug and play router solution, visit the NordVPN Router section. This tutorial shows how to connect a DD-WRT router to NordVPN servers via the OpenVPN protocol, using a script. Tested on DD-WRT v24-SP2 (03/19/12) std – build 18777 1. English: Learn Languages for Free Learn English for free online. Download free audio lessons to your computer or mp3 player and start learning English instantly. To learn more languages, please visit our complete collection of Free Language Lessons. Connect with English – WebFeaturing the story of Rebecca, an aspiring singer on a journey across America, Connect With English offers 50 fifteen-minute video programs that will teach English as a second language to high school students, college students and adult learners. To learn more languages, please visit our collection: Learn Languages for Free: Spanish, English, Chinese & Beyond.

Microsoft HoloLens Preview - CNET Three months ago I strapped on Microsoft's HoloLens for the first time and instantly became a believer. The clunky tethered prototype was a far cry from the sleek, cable-free experience revealed on stage, but once I paced the surface of Mars and poked holographic sheep I was convinced that Microsoft's vision of augmented reality would be the ideal way to interact with, well, everything. Tonight I got a second taste of HoloLens. This time, instead of walking through canned demonstrations I put on my developer beanie and built a holographic experience of my own -- with a lot of pre-written code and some guidance from a proper software developer, of course.

China expat and traveller community blog Food No CNY is complete without a few plates of jiǎozi, particularly if you're in the North. And while you can certainly just hop down to the supermarket and pick up a package of frozen dumplings, making your own is a whole lot more rewarding. If you're not fortunate enough to have Chinese in-laws to lend a hand, constructing the suckers can be a bit of a challenge. Jen at Tiny Urban Kitchen has a great step-… I danced and filmed all over, including: Beijing, Chengdu, Xi'An, Lhasa (Tibet), Yangshuo, Zhangjiajie, Shanghai, Feng Huang, and Hong Kong. In some locations I had 100+ people gathered around my camera taking pictures and videos on their phones.

The Mac Versus PC Debate Has Never Been Clearer “Our goal is not to build the most computers. It’s to build the best.” That was Apple COO Tim Cook two days ago during Apple’s quarterly earnings call. Sure, it may sound like spin from an executive who doesn’t have a better answer as to why Apple isn’t competing in the low-end of the market, and thus, gaining market share. [Résolu] Comprendre : parefeu iptables ufw / Matériel # iptables -L Chain INPUT (policy DROP) target prot opt source destination ufw-before-logging-input all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-before-input all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-after-input all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-after-logging-input all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-reject-input all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-track-input all -- anywhere anywhere Chain FORWARD (policy DROP) target prot opt source destination ufw-before-logging-forward all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-before-forward all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-after-forward all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-after-logging-forward all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-reject-forward all -- anywhere anywhere Chain OUTPUT (policy DROP) target prot opt source destination ufw-before-logging-output all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-before-output all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-after-output all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-after-logging-output all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-reject-output all -- anywhere anywhere ufw-track-output all -- anywhere anywhere

Here’s Why You’re Still Single Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type You’re single because: You have a savior complex and keep going for wounded people who can’t properly love you back. You’ll get into a relationship when: You’re finally attracted to someone who has his or her shit together and doesn’t need to be bullied into a relationship. You’re single because: You’re having way too much fun sleeping around. You’ll get into a relationship when: You start feeling bad about how long your ISFJ hookup has been doing your laundry for you, at which point you’ll finally ask them out. You’re single because: You have impossibly high standards and you’d probably just marry yourself if it were legal. You’ll get into a relationship when: You decide that it is practical to do so, at which point you will assess potential suitors for mate value and propose to the most logical subject.

Windows Holographic A depiction of a Microsoft HoloLens user navigating Windows Holographic, with an application window on the left, and the Holographic Start menu on the right. Microsoft announced Windows Holographic at its "Windows 10: The Next Chapter" press event on January 21, 2015.[7] It is set to be introduced as part of the general rollout of Windows 10, and showcased in the smart glasses headset Microsoft HoloLens. The Windows 10 launch begins in summer 2015 with release of the PC version, with HoloLens to be released sometime after.[8]

How to Change the World Amazon start selling the paperback edition of my latest book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. APE explains how to publish a book by breaking the process down into three stages: Author explains how to write a book. Publisher explains how to produce both ebooks and printed books.Entrepreneur explains how to market and sell your book with an emphasis on social media. You can order APE here: There are 204 Amazon reviews for it: 181 five stars, 21 four stars, and 2 three stars which averages to five stars!

There is no spoon It’s a pretty safe assumption that if you’re reading this blog, you’ve seen “The Matrix.” And you may or may not remember the scene where a kid explains to Neo that the trick to bending a spoon with your mind is simply to remember that, “There is no spoon.” So it is with marketing. One thing I learned very early in life, thanks to intentional overuse of psychedelic drugs, is that there is no reality. As a guy at the commune once put it: “The reality is, there is no reality.” So some guy says his iPhone 4 is having reception issues. PXE Server for Windows - Serva Serva is an Automated PXE Server Solution Accelerator based on an all-in-one portable multi-server engine HTTP server FTP server TFTP server TFTP client DHCP server proxyDHCP server 1 BINL server 2 DNS server SNTP server SYSLOG server 1- PXE DHCP service that does not require altering your current DHCP server. 2- Microsoft WAIK/ADK independent RIS and WDS alternative. Serva is a light (~3 MB), yet powerful Microsoft Windows application. It was conceived mainly as an Automated PXE Server Solution Accelerator.

How to Dual-boot Linux and Windows (on a PC with Windows 7 already installed) Prerequisites: 1. A PC running Windows 7, with at least 30 GB of free hard-drive space. 2. A CD/DVD burner and blank CD/ DVD or a USB drive with a capacity of 1GB or more 3. An external Harddrive big enough to backup your Windows installation 4. Administrative access to the PC 5.

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