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Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress Themes

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Database Error WordPress introduced their multisite feature back in 2010 in WordPress 3.0. It replaced the older WordPress MU system. Once the feature is activated on your website, multiple websites can be created from the same WordPress installation. Essentially, one set of WordPress core files powers many websites. In this article, I would like to speak about the benefits of WordPress multisite and show you how you can activate this feature. The Benefits of WordPress Multisite Multisite is a powerful WordPress feature that can be used by small, medium, and large websites. With one main installation, you only have to update WordPress, and your themes and plugins, once. Users can be shared across many websites. In short, multisite has a lot of practical uses. A company can use multisite to make an employee an administrator of their company blog and give them full control over content and users. Multisite is also great for creating unique sub sections of your website. How to Install WordPress Multisite 1.

ELITE FORCE - Premium Wordpress Theme Preview - ThemeForest Spectra HTMLHTML EpromWP Eprom HTMLHTML Elite ForceWP PendulumWP HypaxWP Hypax HTMLHTML RaidenWP ModusWP Top 50 Wordpress Tutorials - NETTUTS As a web developer, you can broaden your potential client base and add value for existing clients by listing 'Wordpress' as an area of expertise. Of course, unless you want to bluff your way through jobs, you'd better have the skill to back-up that claim. This collection will help. Wordpress Basics 1. Nettuts+ author Gilles Maes has written an in-depth overview of the comments.php file and how to make the most of the template. 2. iThemes has a tutorial on how to become a Wordpress developer. 3. Streamline your Wordpress set-up by installing multiple instances of Wordpress on the same database. Theme Tutorials 4. Nettuts+ author Sam Parkinson gives a thorough overview of how to make your own custom theme from scratch, complete with source code. 5. A lengthy and thorough series of tutorials covering nearly every aspect of Wordpress theme development. 6. Drew Douglass will teach us, using easy to understand screencasts, exactly how to design for WordPress. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Aliquam blandit lorem quis | Patterns Check out what an inner-page slider looks like. It takes all your uploaded images and displays them in a neat slider. Suspendisse luctus venenatis erat vitae tempus. Proin accumsan libero in lorem cursus tempus. Mauris in nisl felis. Maecenas elementum arcu in dolor blandit suscipit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. by Gabfire Author biographical info field. Premium WordPress Themes Gallery - Templatic Here’s the collection of our app-like advanced Premium WordPress Themes catering different niche to help you create out of the box professional WordPress website. Save time, money & hassles. When you buy a Templatic theme, you get awesome design, professional code, unlimited support & theme updates for one year, access to theme guides and user community. It is your perfect choice for creating an online listings directory. Directory offers custom post types, subscription price packages, Google map search and unlimited searchable custom fields. The most comprehensive directory WordPress theme you will ever need. Tell me more about Directory theme Have a pre-sales question? Don't worry, shoot all your questions here. Write to us Special Bonus for all Club Members! For all wonderful club members we have decided to offer you one paid plugin worth of $19 to $49 every month for absolutely free, Read More.

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Tutorial – How to Position an Image and Wrap Text Around an Imag See the post How to Upload and Insert an Image Using WordPress 2.5+ . This tutorial by Mark McLaren of McBuzz Communications is for WordPress 2.3 or earlier. The technique will actually work in any HTML page, whether you’re using WordPress or not. It shows how to use some basic HTML code to position an image by aligning it to the left (the default) or to the right. It will also show you how to make text wrap around (or “flow” around) the image so that the image does not sit on its own between two paragraphs of text. In order to show this, I’m going to create a little more text for my example. From now on, I will endeavor to create meaningful text in my tutorials so that when it is indexed by Google or one of the other search engines, people will be able to see what the tutorial is about! Here is the code you need to wrap text around an image like you see above. Here is the code you need to wrap text around an image like you see in the second example above. Like this: