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BLUR MAGAZINE - Free PDF Photo Magazine Conscientious | Links “The blog of the British Journal of Photography” Another Bouncing Ball Art critic Regina Hackett’s blog Art and Artifice “A weblog dedicated to everything concerning art and the law” Art Blart art and writing blog by marcus bunyan Art Fag City Paddy Johnson’s art blog Art News Blog “Art News Blog is a selection of visual art news, art reviews and art related stories online.” Art Sexy “Art Sexy hopes to expand the notions of success as an artist while disabusing several myths, e.g., that the artworld is confined to the hubs of New York and Los Angeles, rather than beginning in the artist’s studio; and that smart art is the purview of geeks and elitists; and that artists should take consumer desire into the ‘production’ of their work.” Art Threat “Art Threat is the leading media outlet devoted solely to political art, cultural policy, and contemporary media issues.” BlackLab “BlackLab is here to revel in images old and new. bloggy Barry Hoggard blogs about art BOMBLog BOMB magazine’s blog carbon copy Clancco

Blueeyes Magazine F-Stop Magazine ~ An online photography magazine featuring contemporary photography from established and emerging photographers burn magazine - Mozilla Developer Preview 3.7 Alpha 4 (Build 201 5B4 Flak Photo revue art contemporain - revue art contemporain — Graphic Design daily selection Vewd - For documentary photographers Source Photographic Review: Home photo-eye | BLOG: photo-eye Book Reviews: Juchitan de las Mujeres Juchitan de las Mujeres Reviewed by Faye Robson ______________________________________ Graciela Iturbide Juchitan de las Mujeres Photographs by Graciela Iturbide. Text by Mario Bellatin, Elena Poniatowska. RM/Editorial Calamus, 2009. In 1979, Graciela Iturbide was just one of a group of artists invited by Juchitán-native Francisco Toledo to create work in his hometown in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Indeed, this work, initially intended for an exhibition Toledo planned at the Juchitán Casa de Cultura, exceeds many of the expectations one might have for a geographically-anchored project, which takes a visually and ideologically distinct culture as its subject. We have become familiar, from more explicitly 'documentary' projects, with a photographic style that informs the viewer, through narrative detail, of the texture of the society we are observing. There are moments of vulnerability and tenderness also.

FILE Magazine - Unexpected Photography.