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Ahorn Magazine

Ahorn Magazine
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Conscientious | Links “The blog of the British Journal of Photography” Another Bouncing Ball Art critic Regina Hackett’s blog Art and Artifice “A weblog dedicated to everything concerning art and the law” Art Blart art and writing blog by marcus bunyan Art Fag City Paddy Johnson’s art blog Art News Blog “Art News Blog is a selection of visual art news, art reviews and art related stories online.” Art Sexy “Art Sexy hopes to expand the notions of success as an artist while disabusing several myths, e.g., that the artworld is confined to the hubs of New York and Los Angeles, rather than beginning in the artist’s studio; and that smart art is the purview of geeks and elitists; and that artists should take consumer desire into the ‘production’ of their work.” Art Threat “Art Threat is the leading media outlet devoted solely to political art, cultural policy, and contemporary media issues.” BlackLab “BlackLab is here to revel in images old and new. bloggy Barry Hoggard blogs about art BOMBLog BOMB magazine’s blog carbon copy Clancco

About « FUKT MAGAZINE What is FUKT? FUKT is a magazine for contemporary drawing. It comes without ads, beautifully designed with a focus on the visual, with occasional interviews with interesting artists and essays by engaging authors. The design and format are changing for each issue. How long has FUKT been around? Who is behind the publication? How often is FUKT published? What does Fukt mean? Can I subscribe to FUKT? Where can I buy FUKT? We do also ship directly from our studio, just send an e-mail to and let us know which issue you would like to purchase. I do great drawings. We do our best to reply, but it’s not always possible – we are doing a lot of other things beside Fukt magazine.

We Love You So – Where The Wild Things Are – Spike Jonze Blueeyes Magazine Interview with Judith Joy Ross I would like to begin the interview with a short analysis of Robert Adams' words about your work. I think that the text underlines many important aspects of your work, and I would like to hear your thoughts about it, more than ten years after the first publication of this article, because I think that many things have changed from then. 1. Robert Adams says about you in Why People Photograph? When Robert Adams speaks of transparency, It means one values what is in front of them as much as possible. When I shoot, I am photographing because what is in front of me is really happening and I want people to know about it. When I go out with a camera then I have on antenna to notice and be drawn into someone’s life.

5B4 End of March burn magazine Quantum physics | self help What could quantum physics possibly have to do with the process of achieving “success”? First off, I am not a quantum physicist and in no way am I qualified to properly mentor you in this subject. Instead, my goal is to provide you with some mind-blowing information and hopefully get you interested enough to seek out a mentor who possesses the knowledge and skills to teach you how to apply these principles. Accelerating your success might very well depend on this! Please remember, I have asked you to suspend your old beliefs long enough to give me a chance to get you hooked. Although the concepts of quantum physics can be intimidating to grasp, the basics are easy to understand and apply. Once you do understand, reality as you currently know it will never be the same! Science, religion and spirituality may have taken different paths, but now they all lead to the same truth. We are all ONE! Physicists have proven the physical world is one energy and we are all interconnected. Nothing is solid. — Graphic Design daily selection Sitting on the dock of the bay² - Timeline | Facebook Cool & Beauty

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