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Calculadora científica en línea con conversión de unidades

Calculadora científica en línea con conversión de unidades
Download eCalc Scientific Calculator Windows VersionMac OSX VersionView More Downloads Online Calculator and Math Help eCalc is a free and easy to use scientific calculator that supports many advanced features including unit conversion, equation solving, and even complex-number math. eCalc is offered as both a free online calculator and as a downloadable calculator. Input Mode (Algebraic vs. The online calculator operates in either algebraic input (default mode) or RPN input. Algebraic Mode Algebraic input mode is commonly referred to as "infix notation" and is widely used by most handheld calculators. Graphical Button and Keyboard Support The online calculator supports data entry through either a graphical button or through the use of traditional computer keyboard keys. Stack The stack is a feature of the calculator that provides a way to view a history of results. Pallet Intro Basic Functions Addition The addition (sum function) is used by clicking on the "+" button or using the keyboard. Related:  Calculadora cientifica

Calculadora Cientifica online Logisim Screen shot of Logisim 2.7.0 Note: Further Logisim development is suspended indefinitely. [More information] (11 Oct 2014) Logisim is an educational tool for designing and simulating digital logic circuits. With its simple toolbar interface and simulation of circuits as you build them, it is simple enough to facilitate learning the most basic concepts related to logic circuits. With the capacity to build larger circuits from smaller subcircuits, and to draw bundles of wires with a single mouse drag, Logisim can be used (and is used) to design and simulate entire CPUs for educational purposes. Logisim is used by students at colleges and universities around the world in many types of classes, ranging from a brief unit on logic in general-education computer science surveys, to computer organization courses, to full-semester courses on computer architecture. Download Logisim! It is free!

Calculadora gráfica Untitled Graph Create AccountorSign In powered by powered by functions $$π Create AccountorSign In to save your graphs! + New Blank Graph Examples Lines: Slope Intercept Form example Lines: Point Slope Form example Lines: Two Point Form example Parabolas: Standard Form example Parabolas: Vertex Form example Parabolas: Standard Form + Tangent example Trigonometry: Period and Amplitude example Trigonometry: Phase example Trigonometry: Wave Interference example Trigonometry: Unit Circle example Conic Sections: Circle example Conic Sections: Parabola and Focus example Conic Sections: Ellipse with Foci example Conic Sections: Hyperbola example Polar: Rose example Polar: Logarithmic Spiral example Polar: Limacon example Polar: Conic Sections example Parametric: Introduction example Parametric: Cycloid example Transformations: Translating a Function example Transformations: Scaling a Function example Transformations: Inverse of a Function example Statistics: Linear Regression example Statistics: Anscomb's Quartet example

Logic Design Software The free Logic Design Draw (LDD) software is a graphical WYSIWYG tool that enables a user to quickly create a computer logic schematic diagram and simulate it. Logic circuits can be very simple, such as and-or logic, or can consist of hundreds of parts. Both basic parts (logic gates, flip-flops) and MSI (Medium Scale Integration) building blocks are available. Using MSI/Macro blocks, large hierarchical designs - such as a small computer - can be built. The LDD Design Window is used to build logic schematic diagrams. It can also be used to convert any schematic diagram to a single 'Macro' block, which can be saved as a new part. To design a logic circuit, input signals are defined, parts are added to the schematic and connections between the signals and parts are made. User Guide See Logic Design Draw Help for detailed documentation. At any stage of the design, the Simulation Window can be opened by pressing the Simulate button. Logic Parts Library Flip-flops - D, J-K Memory - ROM, RAM

Welcome to NL5 Circuit Simulator Qucs project: Quite Universal Circuit Simulator