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TOP 100 funniest one-liners, quotes and jokes on the internet! P

TOP 100 funniest one-liners, quotes and jokes on the internet! P

Time wasters: 15 addictive, fun and frustrating Flash games Flash is one of the most common platform to create an internet game. These games can be really fun to do (lot's more fun than plain old bingo) and are great to get some distraction from the regular things. Here a small list with real time wasters: 15 addictive (but fun) Flash games. Don't get to addicted to these games, otherwise you'll get fired when playing at work! Boxhead: The Zombie Wars Jon Bambo is the star of this game and he is alone. Indestruct2Tank Ready for some more Indestructo-Fun? The Last Stand 2 Make your way to Union City to escape the mainland within 40 days and nights while fighting off the hordes from your make shift barricades once again. Portal: The Flash Version Portal: The Flash Version includes over 40 challenging, portals thinking levels, and everything's included, in 2d - energy balls, cubes, turrets and even the famous crusher from the trailer. Bubble Tanks 2 The sequel to our most popular game is finally here! Winterbells Grow Cube Fancy Pants Adventures: World 2

Also sprach der Prozessor Also sprach der Prozessor ------------------------- Stromversorgung : He Leute! Aufwachen, der Alte will was von euch! Prozessor : Gähn...was'n los? Stromversorgung : Aufstehen...der Alte will was! Prozessor : SCHOOON wieder? Text aus dem TextArchiv 7 - Free video chat and video messaging Scalable platform From start-up to established enterprise, our platform scales to meet your needs. Advanced features Our industry-leading suite of features is second to none. Simple implementation Our comprehensive API makes it easy to deliver world-class communication experiences powered by WebRTC. New to OpenTok:Archiving & Playback. Archiving & Playback makes it easy to record, save, and retrieve OpenTok sessions. Now launched as a private beta, Archiving & Playback allows developers to record real-time communication during OpenTok sessions. Features include: Server-side recording of all streams Live compositing Single downloadable result file (MP4) REST API Our beta period allows partners to evaluate the Archiving & Playback solution and influence its feature set. Beyond text chat. Our messaging stack allows users to distribute data between all endpoints. Intelligent Quality Control Intelligent Quality Control (IQC) ensures a smooth and consistent experience for all users. Beyond text chat

LOL Funny Pictures Daily - Lollercoaster - Part 16 Extreme Daily LOL Pics Hello, there. Im a dog. And you are? Comment Next lesson: litterbox Comment And it was THIS big! Comment Homo Sapiens Comment I want to be this happy! Comment Ouchhh Comment Dogs dont even know how to read! Comment Copyright 2010 Lollercoaster.

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