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Google Drive and Docs for Teachers 2012

Google Drive and Docs for Teachers 2012
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10 Great YouTube Channels for Teachers First thank you all for the positive feedback I received in your emails following the publication of "12 Educational Videos your should not Miss". I do feel glad my posts are leaving good impressions on some of you.In the same regard and to provide you with more video resources , I have compiled a list of YouTube video channels that are sepecifically made for teachers and educators. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already featured a couple of posts about such channels in the past but this one here is the most recent an updated list which includes some channels I have not covered before. With these channels on your favourite list, you will be able to have free unlimited access to a treasure trove of awesome educational videos that are made to meet your teaching needs within a general framework of the 21st century education. Please if you have other suggestions share them with us below and let us benefit from you too. Thanks

Knowmia Already a Knowmia user?Sign in! Email / Student ID Password Forgot password? Forms - Kern Kelley Google Form Templates If you are logged into your Google Account, these form templates will automatically copy into your Google Docs Dashboard. Many of the forms are designed to work with an iPod Touch. For more information about educational uses of that device, go to Test and Quizzes My Class Facebook: Screen shots Here are some screen shots showing how I used FB in the class this year. I posted a lot of pictures and videos but most of the examples below are other content for security reasons. We raised a caterpillar/butterfly and documented his growth and changes on FB. When the kids presented their animal project I videoed each of them and then posted the complete video on FB.

100+ Google Tricks for Teachers It's Google's world, we're just teaching in it. Now, we can use it a little more easily. With classes, homework, and projects–not to mention your social life–time is truly at a premium for all teachers, so why not take advantage of the wide world that Google has to offer? From super-effective search tricks to Google tools specifically for education to tricks and tips for using Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar, these tricks will surely save you some precious time.

Learning English with Songs Have you tried learning a foreign language as an adult? What were some of your experiences? Learning a foreign or second language is easy for young people, but it gets more difficult to learn as one gets older. One of the reasons may be that we become dependent on our first language and do not feel the need for an alternative language. So motivation is always a variable to any kind of learning. How to Teach Yourself Anything in Less Than Three Months Self-education can be wonderful and frustrating at the same time. If you go about it correctly, you can teach yourself anything in just a few months. Poorly applied, however, self-education can be a stressful nightmare. I’d like to share my tips to achieve the former and avoid the latter. My self-education has been fairly extensive. I taught myself how to program computers, create graphics (3-D and 2-D), how to design web pages and blog.

Seven Chrome Apps for Students to Use Offline Earlier this week Google added a new section off featured offline apps in the Chrome Web Store. The section of offline apps is quite large. I went through and picked out seven free offline Chrome Web Apps that could be useful for teachers and students. The Daum Equation Editor is a free, online tool for quickly writing equations that you can save as text or images to use in documents. Why Schools shouldn't use Google forms for anything private (Lesson learned) Last week was a mess largely because the form we set up for teachers to share their information with us for the Eracism project was pulled down by Google with no warning. All of the data we collected to set up the voicethreads you now see at was lost with no hope of return. I contacted Google (is there such a thing) and found that the only way to get my file back was to publicly post on a a thread on the Google product forum.

Teachers Definitive Guide To Google Search Skills The 21st century education is all about cultivating such important skills as critical thinking and digital skills. Technology has radically transformed the way we teach and knowledge is no longer stored primarily in print. There is now much more knowledge online than you would find in all libraries of the world taken together. To tap into the potential of this vast repertoire of online resources, our students definitely need a bit of instruction on how to effectively use web search techniques to search for academic sources. They need to be taught how to fish instead of being given a fish everyday. In short, we have to teach them how to be independent learners.

10 Tools to Help you Flip Your Classroom Two years ago I "flipped" my high school Anatomy & Physiology class. Read my previous post for the full story. I learned by trial and error. I have also found some very helpful resources that I would like to share with you. 1. : The leading screen casting software title on the market. Easily zoom, pan, and create call-outs on your screen captures. Accepts multiple audio and video tracks. Ways to Support Teachers with Google Apps for Education As my district makes the push forward with Google Apps for Education this school year, the instructional technology support that our team offers to teachers is critical to its success. We start with professional development and continual support for district level leadership, then building level leadership, then to teachers, which we hope all trickles down to increased use with and by students. Gmail and Google Docs are our students two primary tools for communication, collaboration, and productivity; so increasing comfort level among all staff is crucial. Since our elementary students are 100% Google Docs for productivity, we knew it was imperative to reach all 19 of our elementary schools first. This began with professional development for our elementary principals and assistant principals back in the summer before teachers reported back to work.

How to Create Your Own Textbook — With or Without Apple By Dolores Gende Apple’s iBooks2 and authoring app has created big waves in education circles. But smart educators don’t necessarily need Apple’s slick devices and software to create their own books. How educators think of content curation in the classroom is enough to change their reliance on print textbooks.

Basic Search Education Lesson Plans - GoogleWebSearchEducation Web search can be a remarkable research tool for students - and we've heard from educators that they could use some help to teach better search skills in their classroom. The following Search Education lessons were developed by Google Certified Teachers and the Search Education team to help you do just that. The lessons are short, modular and not specific to any discipline so you can mix and match to what best fits the needs of your classroom. Additionally, all lessons come with a companion set of slides (and some with additional resources) to help you guide your in-class discussions. They are all under Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike, so feel free to adapt them and use them as you see fit! Just please link back to this page.

Most of us would have used Google Drive to save our work to the cloud and retrieve from any device...saving us from losing all of that precious work. There are also many who would have used Google Docs to create, share and collaborate with others. If you haven't by janeschmude Apr 25

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