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Towards a Dragon'd Sea: Cathnoquey

Towards a Dragon'd Sea: Cathnoquey
Towards a Dragon’d Sea: Cathnoquey Of all the Imperial Provinces described herein, Cathnoquey is the newest to join its ranks. Before being formally reorganized under the terms of the Veto of Charter and Decree of New Lordships [3E307], the archipelago was first established as a Third Empire Territory in 3E276 under Emperor Uriel V, “The Fighting Diamond”. Before that time, the “Kingdom” of Cathnoquey was an impressive egalitarian society of two quite divergent cultures, the tribal fishermer-flotillas of the Chimeri-quey, a loosely-organized coastal power of shore-khans, and the “untitled leaders” of the Men-of-Keptu-quey, who positioned their peoples mainly along an array of military frontier fortresses. It seems that the racial schism that still troubles Tamriel had never been a problem in Cathnoquey. We will never know how that system worked, only that it could be, and was, decisively dismantled by the Legions of the Red Banner. ANNOTATOR'S NOTEI was delighted to hear that Cmdr. Related:  Teachings of the ElkAkavir ModEyesore

KINMUNE KINMUNE (Kinetically-Interlinked Nirnian Multi-User Exoform) started her existence as any other proxy-synthetic of the 9th Era aurbical mining guilds: a limited sentience deep-pressure capable "thot-box"—a dreamsleevishell used by remote mortal operators to run the rigs of Kynareth's illicit breath trade. Able to stream several live-wire mortal proxies at once, Kinmune was a top-of-the-line Hazardous Conditions Warprunner Exoform of an ayleidoon hegemony nearing another unceremonious end. But then the Hist-Jilian wars spilled out of a Wheelian rip into the SubSys slice of 'brane-space, and things changed for Kinmune. With the outer colonies separated from Nu-Mundelbright chronoculic sync-net anchors, maintenance of space-time beyond the F-Shores faltered. It drove her insane. Over time, Kinmune earned many names and titles as her new visitors took their counsel. It was this last act that doomed her to becoming one of the Arena’s most feared villains.

Better is a Better Word: The Lynpan March The Lynpan March If there is one noble thing to have come out of the true Empress' brief reign, it is surely her (somewhat indirect) displacement of the Lynpan March from the land of the Great Apes. Perhaps "noble" is the wrong word; "better" is the better word. While falconeering in the deeps of Valenwood atop her equine brother and with a train of tree-mimes and vatgrown dwarf-sized versions of other favorite relatives behind her, the hoary monstrosity called King-Dead Wolf-Deer attacked. Soon, the bone-arrows of the feral greensaps pelted everyone present, completely freaked out about the return of King-Dead Wolf-Deer. At the end, the spirit of Crow the falcon was sent up and out at the Empress' order to summon Kynareth's rains. Except for the Empress and her brother, who arrived back to Cyrodiil through a small wind-shift magic that accompanied the rain-wroth divine, and no one said a word to her as she made her way to the Bathhouse of Belharza, her horse snorting in tow.

Llénnöcöcönnèll, the Anachronisle - Elder Scrolls Lore Llénnöcöcönnèll, the Anachronisle An island at the southernmost end of the Cathnoquey chain, formerly known as "Llénnöc" (Quey for "south-but-we-mean-west") when it was an independent state during the Second Empire. After the famous surrender of Akaviri forces at Pale Pass to Reman Cyrodiil, Llénnöc was quickly annexed as Imperial territory to help facilitate the capture of any Tsaesci military-leaders seeking to evade their failed invasion by means of the north-but-really-east sea straits. When no such nets bore fruit-- perhaps since the Tsaesci indeed never invaded by sea and therefore did not use it for retreat-- the Imperial Dracocryptography & Authentifications Congress petitioned to the Elder Council that the native government be further reorganized "to alleviate the sleeve-strain of invaluable but atrophying memospores". The Empire has never relinquished its holdings on the Anachronisle.

I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone FSL Professor Numinatus! Issue One: “Meanwhile, in the Empire” A story in 16 pages Page 1 Panel 1 - Wide across the top of the page. Voice One: The chronocules are acting jelly on the eyeball again, sir.Voice Two: I can see that plain enough, corporal. Panel 2 - A staunch Admiral looking down at a gel-screen, a pool of liquid sitting in a brass and wire bowl sent into an intricate console. Admiral: Really? Panel 3 - On the gel screen, its contents leaking onto the console as the fat, crazed face of the Morbâd tries to materialize. Morbâd: Admiral Beauchamp? Panel 4 - As Panel 2, neither the Admiral or the Nibenese clerk have moved at all. Admiral: I most certainly will not. Panel 5 - As Panel 1: Everyone is shaken by the Morbâd’s gigantically-loud declaration, which appears in every gel screen or window port. Morbâd: WE HAVE TO FIND PROFESSOR NUMINATUS! Page 2 PROFESSOR NUMINATUS [BALLOON]: Why all of the yelling? TITLE CARD: Meanwhile, In the Empire

The Republic of Hahd The Republic of Hahd Hahd is ostensibly an underwater country below the tip of what was once the Dellesian peninsula. Its government is not recognized by any under Imperial authority. As its people, also called Hahd, have made no trouble whatsoever for anyone in history (save once), this same government has never been contested, either. In the early third era, the Altmeri Keepers of the Orrery of Firsthold suddenly paid tariffs to the Empire on behalf of the Republic of Hahd for "submersible exports of mnemolichite to the Emirates of Nahd". When the Altmer had no answers to any of this, the Ruby Throne grew suspicious and mustered its Armada to make sail. This book was studied by a joint committee of Altmeri and Cyrodilic officials and watched over by an impartial Psijiic of the recently-returned Artaeum. Obviously, what the book failed to properly explain was the impetus for the payment of Firsthold tariffs in the first place. That same year, the Isle of Artaeum disappeared again.

Tatterdemalion: The Lunar Province of Secunda 'Lady Nerevar', on 03 Jan 2012 - 01:48 AM, said: That particular secret isn't mine to share. But its owner should be along shortly with a big goody bag. Aha! So you do have insider knowledge! I know! Quote Belief-engines, properly called the “Auxiliary Semi-Shockpoint Nilgularity”, provide energy for short dream-sleeve jumps in case a Vehkship’s main ego is damaged, allowing the C0DA Paravant to potentially get to the safety of a voidyard orbital. Auxiliary- Secondary Semi-Shockpoint- Not sure what the difference could be between a Shockpoint and Semi-Shockpoint, but I'd guess it refers to some sort of primer effect, an explosion or reaction to set another action in motion. Nilgularity- Nil=0, so Nilgularity could mean a zero-point location or any location not dependent on location. Vehkship Ego- This one nearly stumps me. C0DA Paravant- A tough one, considering that I still don't know what a C0DA is. Nu-Class Mnemolic- I still don't quite understand what the "Nu" prefix means. 1.

Tsaesci Creation Myth- An Attempted Deciphering : teslore Return false - Elder Scrolls Lore █╪₧HHH.;--?-/--ul-......0. Infrasleeve B6-125: Channel granted. Though its existence was never questioned, the invisible walls of Empire have kept the above document beyond the reach of the Society for far too long. We thank confrater Elk (extension of the Null Oath to Cervidae pending) for his efforts in safely and discreetly carrying these texts across the Jeralls and for restoring our access to the local infrasleeve thought-anchors. Now that the Society once again has a foothold in the free North, we would like to celebrate the occasion by transmitting the remainder of the aforementioned unpublished Pocket Guide. Attached: PGE-kht04fg, key=tamrlc_common, content=manuscript Tenders To The Mane: Lleswer The province of Lleswer and its heterogeneous catmen have always played a relatively minor role in the history of the Septim Empire or its prefigurations. Against all expectations, the resulting ethnic turmoils were soon quelled by the spiritual leader of the catmen. Places of Interest

Shor son of Shor Shor son of Shor "And the awful fighting ended again. "Kyne's shout brought our tribe back to the mountaintop of Hrothgar, and even our recent dead rode in on the wind of her breathing, for there had been no time to fashion a proper retreat. "Shor was disgusted with the defeat, and disgusted more when reminded by Jhunal that our withdrawal had been wise, for we were outnumbered eight to one. "Kyne had taken the head of Magnar, the jarl that betrayed the weakness of our spear-lines and fled the field. "And then Shor walked away from his War-Wife to enter the cave that led to the Underworld. "Tsun took her by the hair, for he was angered by her words and heavy with lust. "Kyne could have stopped all of this but did nothing but stare at the crowd of Nords around her. "Shor breathed the lamplights of the Underworld to life with small whispers of fire. "Shor found the alcove at the core of the world and spoke to his dead father. "And the awful fighting began again."

The Song of Return: Skyrim, a preamble The Song of Return: Skyrim, a Preamble To properly understand Skyrim, which one must do if they are to take on the burden of describing it for the layman, its geographies, its histories, its peoples, and its myths must be perceived as an aggregate. The Northlanders and their environs are the most variegated simplicity on this earth, with their heroic narratives serving as a record of all events leading to the present day. Which is a long way of saying that the land and the legendry of Skyrim is of a cycle not quite recognizable as prudent to the rest of the Empire’s Mannish kingdoms, since the Cyrodilic south prefers some coherence in their Fatherland’s fancy and it will give them none. Perhaps in this way, the Sons and Daughters of Kyne are more akin to the mytho-genealothosphy of the modern Mer, but attempts to find common purchase in this matter is always met with the shaking, frostbitten beards of those that hold most dear the Nordic faith.

The Tsaesci Creation Myth And we ate it to become it Author: Michael Kirkbride There was the Striking, and the Egg was split into twelve worlds, one for each serpent who had a name, and the names of the serpents were alive and coiled into themselves and became more eggs, for names are self-maters, and the Naming went and went. There was the Biting, which broke the twelve worlds and their name-eggs, and the Biters chewed new names of the lesser serpents until soon death was known to the smallest and your alphabets disappeared but ours did not. There was the Shedding, who inflated into a sphere of edible communications and this is how the sequence began to find proportion again. The Reaching came, where movements of dai progressed across islands of edible communication and food-forms could stockpile. The Laying then happened, and we moved into forms that had been granted from the source information of the first serpents, which was gold-walking, which is pattern.

Fireside Chats - knights from beyond Twil. Michael: Space gods bagat Reman? [ed: pronounced reh-MAAN, like the Slavic name “Roman”] D: Yeah. M: So we're talking about mythic relationships. D: Freaking shit is good. M: Well, yeah, but it’s an actual magic book. D: It stands for twilight, right? M: I just like the name Twil, it’s a nice short name, it sounds magical and it’s always in the west. M: The Hurling Disk is 18 less one, as far back as the Sermons. M: What am I trying to get at here? D: Really? M: [laughs] Even I'm saying it wrong. D: [“Tsay-eh-see”] M: Fuck, that’s better, that’s more right. M: Yep. [This continues for awhile] M: Right, anyway, snakemen in Cyrodiil and I knew they would become, some of them, these Blade things, so I decided to just up and suddenly give them French names, like outta the blue. D: I figured it was supposed to end before we got to the pig. M: Nah. M: That pig is never going to fucking speak. M: So, “space gods begat Reman”. M: Back up. M: Timey-wimey. M: Yeah. M: Again.