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Aquent : Travaillez inspiré

Aquent : Travaillez inspiré
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Marie Team - Recherche de Cadres et de Dirigeants Art Online Art Schools & Design Degrees Journaliste, Blogger, Photographe, Nerd et un peu Pétasse : MonsieurLâm ne sait plus quoi faire. Bienvenue sur le site de I'ME - Cabinet de recrutement et agence d’intérim des experts media du marché publicitaire Incredible Art Department | Art Education Team For the love of the work Motionographer is an all-volunteer organization run by professional artists, designers and directors in our spare time. We don’t make any money from the site. Editors Justin Cone, Editor-in-Chief posts • website Despite his undergraduate degree in English, Justin has been working in interactive and motion design for 10 years. Michelle Higa Fox, Assistant Editor posts • website • twitter Michelle Higa Fox started her career in the animation trio Mixtape Club. Operations Brandon Lori, Author and Head of Internal Development Brandon is a designer and animator based in New York City. Brandon’s Motionographer Posts Advisors Matt Lambert posts • website • twitter Matt is a Berlin/London-based director (with Friend & Stink Berlin) and artist who has also spent years living and working in LA and NYC. Authors Babe Elliott Baker Babe’s Motionographer Posts Elliot Blanchard posts • website Elliot Kealoha Blanchard runs Invisible Light Network. Marcos “Boca” Ceravolo Angelo Collazo

Android cheatsheet for graphic designers Graphic designers aren't programmers and sometimes don't know how to properly prepare graphic assets for developers. This simple cheatsheet should help them to do their job better, and to simplify developers' lives. Content [Document] → Content Dimensions [Document] → Dimensions Screen densities and icon dimensions [Document] → Dimensions → Screen densities and icon dimensions Notice: the first icon dimension in table cell is full asset size, the second icon dimension is optical square. Tip: creating ldpi assets is not really needed anymore. Sources and useful links: Iconography, Supporting Multiple Screens, Icon Design Guidelines, Dimension Google Play asset dimensions [Document] → Dimensions → Google Play asset dimensions Sources and useful links: Graphic and Image Assets, Google Play Featured-Image Guidelines, Iconography Dimension units [Document] → Dimensions → Dimension units Sources and useful links: Understanding Density Independence in Android Sources and useful links: Action Bar ⇑ Top

kotaku It's definitely out of reach for the current gen of consoles, but maybe not for the next gen once developers get some time with them. It's probably not impossible for PCs either. Square Enix's Luminous Engine does some damn fine hair already. Of course the question is can it be done in-game to good effect instead of in a tech demo. On tech demos, yes. Gameplay: SExpand Pre-rendered image: And the foliage in Killzone Shadow Fall and MGSV are also not individually modeled, they still use the flat polygon with alphas. Obviously the effect is far from perfect and only on one character at a time, but I'd say TressFX is a good indication of where the technology is headed. This is a technology that could mature much faster than we expect. TressFX hair is actually the same as the polygon based hair tech as seen in the above article, albeit with a very high polygon count and with a proprietary physics engine that's light on processing power.