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MINDSTROMS Descargas - Instrucciones de construcción - EV3RSTORM Cambiar de Región Iniciar sesiónRegistro LEGO® Mindstorms Descargar el Software También encontrarás todas nuestras otras descargas disponibles aquí. Instrucciones de construcción Descargar las instrucciones de construcción Haz clic en el botón inferior para descargar las instrucciones de construcción. Descargar el archivo Actualizaciones Guías de uso Bloques EV3 Instrucciones de construcción Contenidos divertidos NXT Atención al cliente Quiénes somos Aviso legal Privacidad LEGO, the LEGO logo, DUPLO, LEGENDS OF CHIMA, MINDSTORMS, MIXELS and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2014 The LEGO Group. Usamos cookies para almacenar las cosas que seleccionas en nuestro sitio web, generar estadísticas y personalizar nuestras actividades de marketing.

Le défi des 100 jours Oct.18: Global Day of Action to RECLAIM EDUCATION - Direct Democracy Now! October 18th 2012:Global Day of Action to RECLAIM EDUCATION - Direct Democracy Now! ★ Reports Worldwide ★ Collaboration tools used for the day of action: As part of the coordinations for the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE [Oct.18 + Nov.14-22] people from different parts of the world discussed the idea to call for the Global Day of Action to RECLAIM EDUCATION - Direct Democracy Now! during various chat meetings. Participants of the chat on August 26th in the end agreed to publish the following call: Global Day of Action to Reclaim Education - Direct Democracy Now! As part of the Global Day of Action student groups as well as various networks and communities are encouraged to hold general assemblies, which allow direct democracy, to discuss the issues related to education that affect them locally. Furthermore all are encouraged to subscribe to the mailing list to stay connected to the flow of information on the global level! Note on General Assemblies: Communication:

The Alquity Africa Fund - Alquity This important information relates to Alquity Group Limited, Alquity Investment Management Limited ("AIML"), Alquity (Asia) Limited, and its products including the Alquity Africa Fund. Please read these terms and conditions carefully and before proceeding. Together with the privacy policy, they govern our relationship with you in relation to this website. If you have any questions about them or do not wish to accept them, please contact us before using this website. This website is not directed to any person in any jurisdiction which prohibits the publication or availability of this website or where such publication or availability would subject any Alquity entity to any registration requirement within such jurisdiction. Persons in respect of whom such prohibitions apply must not agree to these conditions. Any past performance information presented is not indicative of future performance. The website also contains links that lead to other websites. A cookie is a small data file.

Generar un ejecutable - Curso Scratch ChirpCompiler es una aplicación que permite crear un archivo ejecutable (.exe) de cualquier proyecto elaborado en Scratch sin necesidad de tener instalado en el computador el entorno de programación o de subir el proyecto a la página Web de Scratch ( Además, ofrece la posibilidad de distribuir fácilmente un proyecto desarrollado en Scratch mediante un archivo ejecutable (.exe), evitando de esta manera que quien lo recibe vea o modifique el código del proyecto. ChirpCompiler es muy útil cuando los docentes desean mostrar a los estudiantes, a manera de ejemplo, un proyecto Scratch, sin que ellos puedan ver cómo se programó o realizarle modificaciones. Esta aplicación también es útil para crear en Scratch, por parte de docentes, proyectos que expliquen temas particulares de sus asignaturas: cadena alimentaria, movimiento planetario, sistema digestivo, erupciones volcánicas, etc.

Outils de visualisation jean-louis zimmermann / Stock Photos Nos stratégies d'apprentissage s'élaborent en interaction permanente avec notre environnement. Et celui-ci, surtout si l'on considère sa composante numérique, est actuellement saturé d'images. Aucun domaine n'échappe à la vogue de la visualisation des données. Tout d'abord, l'enseignement et de la formation. La gestion de projet en contexte professionnel ensuite. L'activité en ligne, enfin. Ce dossier ne serait pas complet s'il ne s'intéressait aussi à l'infographie. Visualiser pour mieux comprendre (1) Global Day of Action to Reclaim Education--Direct Democracy Now! Founder Institute to launch in Johannesburg Entrepreneurial training establishment Founder Institute will launch on Sunday, making the Silicon Valley programme available to South Africans. The Institute will provide the opportunity for local entrepreneurs to receive four months of training from startup chief executive officers (CEOs). Accommodating participants’ day job schedules, the programme is open to aspiring technology founders with no requirements regarding age or achievement. The first local course will kick off on August 12, opening the opportunity for new success stories to build on the 875 companies launched worldwide across 45 cities, creating 10,000 jobs. Adeo Tessi, founder and CEO of the Founder’s Institute, said Johannesburg is the ideal setting for establishing the institute in South Africa because of the high demand for IT and business professionals. The Founder Institute has also partnered with Microsoft BizSpark, making free enrolment possible for entrants before the launch date.

Line Charts - Image Charts (Deprecated) This document describes the various types of line charts that you can create using the Chart API. Table of Contents Chart Types (cht) There are a variety of line charts that you can create. Syntax cht=<chart_type> Where <chart_type> is one of the the following types: Back to top Data Granularity Take care not to overestimate the number of data points required for your line chart. 200 pixel wide chart with 40 data points (5 pixels per data point): 80 data points (only 2.5 pixels per data point): 150 data points (only 1.3 pixels per data point): 300 data points (less than 1 pixel per data point): Series Colors chco You can specify the colors of a specific series, or all series, using the chco parameter. chco= <color_1>, ... An RRGGBB format hexadecimal number. Examples Compound Charts You can add lines, candlesticks, and shape markers to a line chart to make a compound chart. The rest of the features on this page are standard chart features. Chart Title chtt, chts [All charts] Visible Axes chxt