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Study Smarts: 10 Tips and Tools for Getting Back Into School Mode “Back to school” may be one of the most dreaded phrases for students of any age – and with good reason. The end of summer means trading in magazines for textbooks, and typing out lecture notes instead of texting friends about beach plans. As college students, we're in our last few years of hearing this phrase, so why not make the most of this time of year and get a head start on making the grade? Whether you're an incoming freshman or going into your senior year, read on for advice and tools that'll make that first month of classes a bit easier. 1. 2. 5. 6. 9. Le défi des 100 jours The Alquity Africa Fund - Alquity This important information relates to Alquity Group Limited, Alquity Investment Management Limited ("AIML"), Alquity (Asia) Limited, and its products including the Alquity Africa Fund. Please read these terms and conditions carefully and before proceeding. Together with the privacy policy, they govern our relationship with you in relation to this website. If you have any questions about them or do not wish to accept them, please contact us before using this website. This website is not directed to any person in any jurisdiction which prohibits the publication or availability of this website or where such publication or availability would subject any Alquity entity to any registration requirement within such jurisdiction. Persons in respect of whom such prohibitions apply must not agree to these conditions. Any past performance information presented is not indicative of future performance. The website also contains links that lead to other websites. A cookie is a small data file.

How to Talk Your Way to a Higher Grade (When You Think You Deserve One) When we know the quality of our work on an assignment was not our best, we usually expect the grade to be lower than normal. But what if our grade doesn’t accurately reflect what we think we deserve? Maybe we thought our essay was right on point, but we got a D. Or maybe we thought we explained our answers clearly on the midterm exam, but the professor had other thoughts. There are ways to deal with these situations other than venting on the phone to our parents or marching straight to your advisor’s office to report the teacher for unfair grading practices. Situation #1: “I think I should have gotten more points on this test than my final score indicates.” Situation #2: “I bombed the midterm.

Outils de visualisation jean-louis zimmermann / Stock Photos Nos stratégies d'apprentissage s'élaborent en interaction permanente avec notre environnement. Et celui-ci, surtout si l'on considère sa composante numérique, est actuellement saturé d'images. Images que l'on regarde, image que l'on fabrique, avec des outils de plus en plus variés et performants. Aucun domaine n'échappe à la vogue de la visualisation des données. Nous en examinerons trois. Tout d'abord, l'enseignement et de la formation. La gestion de projet en contexte professionnel ensuite. L'activité en ligne, enfin. Ce dossier ne serait pas complet s'il ne s'intéressait aussi à l'infographie. Visualiser pour mieux comprendre

Founder Institute to launch in Johannesburg Entrepreneurial training establishment Founder Institute will launch on Sunday, making the Silicon Valley programme available to South Africans. The Institute will provide the opportunity for local entrepreneurs to receive four months of training from startup chief executive officers (CEOs). Accommodating participants’ day job schedules, the programme is open to aspiring technology founders with no requirements regarding age or achievement. The first local course will kick off on August 12, opening the opportunity for new success stories to build on the 875 companies launched worldwide across 45 cities, creating 10,000 jobs. Adeo Tessi, founder and CEO of the Founder’s Institute, said Johannesburg is the ideal setting for establishing the institute in South Africa because of the high demand for IT and business professionals. The Founder Institute has also partnered with Microsoft BizSpark, making free enrolment possible for entrants before the launch date.

The BEST Cover Letter Ever: How To Write It and Write It RIGHT Now that you know how to write that ever-so-perfect resume, it’s time to WOW potential employers with a cover letter that leaves them in awe of your skills, and gives you what you’re looking for — an interview, and hopefully a job! Step 1: FIGURE OUT THE EMPLOYEE’S NAME and contact information. When composing a cover letter, knowing the name of the employee to send your letter to, her position in the company, and the address of the company is crucial. An easy reason for someone to toss your application in the trash is spelling his or her name wrong. Put all this information on your cover letter — it may seem tedious but it’s professional and it gives an immediate indication that this isn’t a mass produced cover letter. “If you can get someone’s title that’s very important,” explains Beth Conyngham, President of Conyngham Partners, an executive search firm. Step 2: CHOOSE A PROFESSIONAL FONT. While this may seem pretty standard, it’s actually really important. Step 3: SALUTATION. Ms.

photos quotidiennes du littoral || talents_de_surfeurs || Mysession a souhaité créer un annuaire d'entrepreneurs surfeurs afin de montrer la diversité des surfeurs,surfeuses et de tous les adeptes de la glisse qui se trouvent sur la Presqu'île du Bonheur. La communauté de surfeurs est large, hétéroclite. Elle recèle plein de gens brillants et talentueux qui méritent d'être mis en avant. L'annuaire est aussi là pour faciliter la prise de contact. C'est toujours plus sympathique de choisir une entreprise avec laquelle on a des points communs et travailler avec des gens qui vivent aussi une passion. J'espère que cet annuaire vous aidera à trouver un entrepreneur qui puisse répondre à vos besoins ou que ces talents de surfeurs vous donnent un meilleur aperçu de notre communauté. Tarif : 1 année de parution : 75 Euros / Paiement Pay Pal ou par chèque cliquez sur l'une des catégories ci-dessous pour accéder aux talents de surfeurs Artisans Informatique et Graphismes Services

Kenyatta University to create entrepreneurs, not jobseekers A student at the Kenyatta University. CC image courtesy of Swathi Sridharan. Kenyatta University (KU) has launched its Innovation and Incubation Centre, aiming to give Kenyans an opportunity to transform their dreams into business enterprises. The university’s plan is to nurture innovative ideas among ordinary citizens where 30 per cent of the intake will be dedicated to them, while 70 per cent will benefit students at Kenyatta University. Speaking during the launch, the university’s vice-chancellor Olive Mugenda said the centre will be a major shift as it will be focusing on preparing graduates to take up roles in entrepreneurship rather than job seekers. “The exposure available at the centre gives incubatees a reality check which prevents them from making the most basic mistakes and also ensures there are chances of survival as entrepreneurs grow significantly,” Mugenda said. “Universities today should be at the forefront of bringing up job creators and not jobseekers.”