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World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

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HOW HIGH THE MOON LYRICS - ELLA FITZGERALD Somewhere there's music How faint the tune Somewhere there's heaven How high the moon There is no moon above When love is far away too Till it comes true That you love me as I love you Somewhere there's music It's where you are Somewhere there's heaven How near, how far The darkest night would shine If you would come to me soon Until you will, how still my heart How high the moon sponsored links Vocal Warm-Ups You Can Do In The Car - ChoirPlace If you’re a singer on your way to a voice lesson, rehearsal, or audition, it’s always good to do a bit of warming up in the car, because there are few things more annoying to music directors than singers wasting time complaining that they’re not warmed up yet when there’s real work to be done, such as theater scenes, big solos and such. It’s especially important to arrive warmed up if you have a voice lesson that’s less than an hour long, because one can easily spend 15 minutes just doing voice exercises, leaving little time to rehearse music. But the thing about warming up in the car is that there’s always the risk of driving distracted, especially if you have your car stereo or iPod playing. So what kinds of things can you do?

Rotterdam Partners 7 Jul The Boston-based Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) is opening a new start-up hub for innovation companies in Rotterdam, the Netherlands – the first of its kind outside of the US. The arrival of CIC is a huge boost for Rotterdam’s innovation ecosystem. The Center will house 550 innovative companies and build upon CIC’s international community of entrepreneurs, investors, and established businesses. The City of Rotterdam has put a lot of effort into drawing CIC’s attention to the city, aiming to be a beacon for successful Dutch start-ups and a landing pad for international businesses. LOUIS ARMSTRONG LYRICS - On The Sunny Side Of The Street "On The Sunny Side Of The Street" Grab your coat and grab your hat baby Leave your worries on the doorstep Just direct your feet On the sunny side of the street Can't you hear that pitter-pat there? That happy tune is yours now Life can be so sweet On the sunny side of the street I used to walk in the shade With those blues on parade But I'm not afraid baby My rover, crossed over If I never have a cent I'll be rich as Rockefeller With gold dust at my feet On the sunny side of the street

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Nearly All Scientific Papers Controlled By Same Six Corporations Just six corporations control the flow of scientific information, a new study in Canada reveals. Since the 1970’s scientific journals have been controlled by the same few companies. Researchers looked at scientific literature published between 1973 – 2013 and found that companies ACS, Reed Elsevier, Sage, Taylor & Francis, Springer, Wiley-Blackwell controlled nearly every single one. reports: Many smaller publishers have been absorbed into larger ones, for instance, and academic research groups have become increasingly beholden to the interests of these major publishers, which tend to favor large industries like pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Careers in Music - Artist Management Companies For a new artist/band, the choice of a manager/management company is of crucial importance. You’ll want to be represented by someone with total belief in you and whom you can trust to deal with just about every aspect of your career outside actually writing the songs. A friend or fan may have the enthusiasm, but you’ll need someone with industry contacts or at least the confidence to look and act the part. If a person or company has been recommended to you, obviously that’s a good start. Otherwise, try to talk to as many different managers as you can until you get a feel for the one who seems like the best fit.

The Case for Hate Speech - FIRE By FIRE Intern July 20, 2015 Disappointingly, when discussing free speech and its value to society, I have become accustomed to some variant of the inevitable rejoinder: “Hate speech is not free speech.” This maxim has been repeated in discussions about everything from the protest against portrayal of the prophet Muhammad to the controversy surrounding the Confederate battle flag. Repeating decimal A repeating or recurring decimal is a way of representing rational numbers in base 10 arithmetic. The decimal representation of a number is said to be repeating if it becomes periodic (repeating its values at regular intervals) and the infinitely-repeated portion is not zero. For example, the decimal representation of ⅓ becomes periodic just after the decimal point, repeating the single digit "3" forever, i.e. 0.333…. A more complicated example is 3227/555, whose decimal becomes periodic after the second digit following the decimal point and then repeats the sequence "144" forever, i.e. 5.8144144144…. At present, there is no single universally accepted notation or phrasing for repeating decimals.

Podría ser interesante introducir alguna actividad de este tipo en el museo relacionando la música y su posible conexión con algún proyecto o exposición. Es una forma llamativa y a la vez enriquecedora puesto que la música atrapa a cualquiera que pase por delante. by elenapalominoguzman Jan 28

Bobby McFerrin, cantante a capella y director de orquesta estadounidense, muy influenciado por el jazz, demuestra el poder de la escala pentatónica en el Festival de Ciencia Mundial. Usando la participación de audiencia, McFerrin muestra que entendemos la música naturalmente. by elenapalominoguzman Jan 28

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