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Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

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Conflict Resolution - CareersWiki Sector Overview This page has been written by Paul Brown, the relevant Careers Adviser for this occupational area. To see how you can meet Paul, or any of our advisers, go to our website to view how and when you can meet them. Conflict resolution is an interdisciplinary field that analyses the causes of war and oppression and finds ways to manage conflict. In doing so, it tries to alleviate conditions, minimise violence and maximise justice while providing humanitarian relief on the front lines. People working in conflict resolution examine political, economic, and social systems as well as culture, ideology and technology as they relate to conflict and change.

Skills Effect - Skills Platform Skills Effect added a new service Performance improvement Leadership and Management, Sustaining your Organisation, Communicating and Influencing, Governance, Developing Yourself & Others, Admin/core skills, Campaigning, Collaborative working, Demonstrating impact, Educating others, Fundraising, Managing teams, Resource planning, Self development, Strategic planning, Working with volunteers, Apprenticeships and Pre-employment

Charity officer: Job description A charity officer works for, or is a trustee of, a charitable organisation. The job title can refer to personnel in several roles within a charity. Roles vary considerably depending on the size, aim and type of organisation. In larger organisations, the role may focus on a specific area, such as: project management; business development; finance; marketing; public relations; fundraising; volunteer management. In smaller charities, the charity officer may undertake multiple tasks. Emergency planning/management officer: Job description Emergency planning/management officers play a key role in planning for, protecting and maintaining public safety. They work as part of a team to anticipate and respond to threats to public safety, which can range from: acts of terrorism; natural disasters; epidemics such as swine flu; major industrial accidents; winter weather; flooding. The profession is growing in scope in the UK due to increased public recognition of the need to prepare for major incidents.

Volunteer coordinator: Job description A volunteer coordinator manages all elements of volunteering either within their own organisation or on behalf of the organisation for which they are recruiting volunteers. The role involves assessing an organisation's needs and then meeting those needs through the recruitment, placement and retention of volunteers. Volunteer coordinators manage volunteers and their relationship with those they come into contact with, including employees and service users of an organisation. They also monitor, evaluate and accredit volunteers. Volunteer coordinators work across all sectors including public and private, but predominantly in the voluntary sector. The role of a volunteer coordinator has gained increased recognition as a profession within its own right; however, in smaller charities it is sometimes combined with another role.

Volunteer organiser Job Information Page Content Volunteer organiser Hours35-40 per weekStarting salary£19,000 + per year Volunteer organisers - also known as volunteer coordinators or managers - recruit, train and manage volunteers in all kinds of organisations. If you can relate to different kinds of people and motivate them to give their time freely to your organisation, this job could be for you.

Charities administrator: job description Administrators are employed by charities, voluntary and non-profit making organisations to undertake a variety of administrative, secretarial, financial and human resources tasks. What does a charities administrator do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills Administrators can often be key employees within charitable and non-profit making organisations; they are responsible for linking the organisation with the public and the media.

Volunteer work organiser: Job description Volunteer work organisers are responsible for the recruitment, training and management of voluntary workers. What does a volunteer work organiser do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills The role of a volunteer work organiser is varied but will include people management and recruiting, managing budgets and helping out with training.