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Board800 : Flex / Flash / Red5 based Interactive Whiteboard

Board800 : Flex / Flash / Red5 based Interactive Whiteboard

Scribblar - Free Interactive Online Whiteboard ContentFlow ContentFlow is a flexible CoverflowTM / ImageFlow like flow written in javascript, which can handle any kind of content. It supports all new and old major and not so major browsers. It's distributed under the MIT License. With ContentFlow it is now possible to have any number of flows within one web-page. Each separately configurable, satisfying different visual needs. It's easy to implement and to extend. ContentFlow can handle different kinds of control, like keyboard and mouse, and can be used with and without a reflection. Changelog for version 1.0.2 (2010/02/19): * fixed IE bug on reflection generation Changelog for version 1.0.1 (2010/02/18): * fixed bug with addItem * fixed CSS 'type' error Thanks to Nicolas Rudas * added AJAX example Changelog for version 1.0.0 (2010/02/09): Beware: Because of a major restructuring, this release will break with older AddOns and possibly with user defined configurations. AddOns Changelog: Online Shared Whiteboard and Chat - Product Details Introduction Groupboard allows you to put multi-user tools, such as online shared whiteboard, chat, message boards and games, into your web pages simply by pasting in a few lines of HTML code (alternatively you can access your Groupboard simply by clicking on the link we supply). Groupboard works on any browser which has HTML5 support, which includes Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, as well as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android - no plugins or downloads required. Groupboard was originally released in 1998 and has been refined over the years, resulting in a realiable, scalable collaboration system for business, education or fun. Other licensing options One-off licensing deals can be arranged, for example if you need to integrate Groupboard into your own product. Payment You can pay for Groupboard using PayPal, check, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Home | Contact | Privacy

Best of the Best Free Icons As a web designer I love Icons. They make your sites/applications more user friendly and give them flare. Over the years there have been thousands of Icons that designers have created. The list below is some of the best Icons that will bring flare or uniqueness to your site/applications and best of all they are all free. Monofactor Icon Set 1 – These 25 Icons are very well done and whats best is that they are vector in Adobe Illustrator v8 and above. IcoJoy – Has 4 sets of different Icons that are very good. If I missed some great Icons for Web Sites/Applications, which I’m sure I have. Tags: gif, graphics, ico, Icons, png, Web Design

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