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Study Aid 1.0 Theta/Alpha - Brain Entrainment With Isochronic Tones (1 Hr Duration)

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You need headphones... Introduction to spiritual root causes of difficulties in life Abstract: The spiritual dimension influences up to 80% of our lives. On average, our deeds in the past, which include past lives, decide about 65% of events in our life in the form of destiny. This destiny is played out by various elements, both in the physical plane and in the spiritual realm. To understand this article, it is recommended that you first read the following articles: 1. As discussed in the previous articles of this section, the root cause of any problem is most likely to have its root cause in the spiritual realm. 2. The Spiritual Path of Action is inherently about practicing Spirituality by the principle that ’As one sows, so shall one reap’. If we were to look at why we experience happiness or unhappiness in life, from the viewpoint of the Path of Action, then all happiness and unhappiness and all of our life’s events are experienced as either due to destined or wilful actions. Every action of ours either creates an account or settles one. 3. Footnotes: 4. 5.

Google Free ESL Worksheets, English Teaching Materials, ESL Lesson Plans ChakraBalancingMeditation TOEIC® Success Story: University of Toronto I found the following story from the ETS "Success Stories" files about the TOEIC® Listening & Reading test particularly interesting for two reasons. First of all, it describes problems with in-house placement tests similar to those we frequently hear about from our clients. Second, it discusses an advantage that I don't think people always think about in relation to TOEIC tests the speed with which our university and other institutional clients can get information back on the English language skills of their students or employees. The Challenge: Placing incoming students quickly and accurately. The University of Toronto is the largest university in Canada and a leading higher-learning institution. As part of its School of Continuing Studies, the university offers an Intensive English Program for international students. each eight-week session, with five levels from beginner through advanced. The Solution The University of Toronto now uses the TOEIC® test because it is: The Results

Business English Learning and Teaching Sites Every month, we profile a "Business English Site of the Month" in our free e-newsletters for English language learners and for professionals working with non-native English speakers (along with other useful information and news). For your convenience, some of these sites are linked to below. To learn about new sites as soon as they are published, please sign up for our newsletters. If you are in another country, you are of course welcome to receive newsletters as well, but again please let us know where you live as we hope to add more newsletters specifically for other countries in the future. Business for English, Work, and Other Specific Purposes AMIDEAST TOEIC Central BBC News: Learning English Business English Pod Business English Business Expressions Business English Expressions, Idioms, and Buzzwords Daily Writing Tips English for Work ESL Library, Business in English Lessons ETS Global TOEIC Facebook Page Global English History of the English Language in 10 Minutes

7 Phrases that Will Drastically Improve Your Cultural Fluency in English You may have perfect grammar, but grammar does not make you a good intercultural communicator. This topic is one of the most underestimated, poorly understood, and ambiguous parts of English fluency, but its crucial for confident and effective communication. Today we will explore 7 important phrases that will drastically improve your cultural fluency in English. This is the second part of our wildly popular article series on cultural fluency (read part I here), and this topic is also part of the introduction to the Real Life English Fluency+ Course. Lea este texto en español | Join the Real Life English International Community So What Exactly is Cultural Fluency? Cultural fluency is the understanding and effective use of the hidden cultural currents of communication. These are not rigid universal grammar rules that can be easily mapped, but dynamic and subjective tendencies that are the essence of effective communication. Survival Phrases and Cultural Fluency “What?” Girl: WhaT? 1. 2. 3. 4.

blog-efl Level Test Introduction This is a series of quick tests that will give you a rough idea of your level of English on a scale of 0 to 5. There are five tests altogether at different levels. The five levels are very approximately: You start at the level that you think is correct for you and keep on answering the questions until the test finishes and you are given a level. Use the increase font/text size menu item (View Menu in Netscape and Internet Explorer) to change the size of the text if you want. Where do you want to start? Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Tests are taken from Penguin English Tests: Books 1 - 5 by Jake Allsop.