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Home Immigrants would thrive with more English classes Don;t think Mexico has a HAND in our GOVERNMENT...? Read this from the "Arizona Statesman" newspaper: Mexico boycott over Republican immigration policies?By Jeremy Schwartz | Friday, December 14, 2007, 01:05 PM Mexico’s foremost expert on immigration is calling on Mexicans to do whatever they can to stop Republicans from winning the White House next year, including a boycott of companies that donate to Republican candidates. Jorge Bustamante, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants and a sociology professor at the University of Notre Dame, this week called Republican Party policies on immigration “immoral.” He called on Mexicans to harness “the real power we have as consumers” to boycott big companies that do business in Mexico and fund Republican candidacies.

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About OECD OECD Home › About the OECD Our mission The mission of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. The OECD provides a forum in which governments can work together to share experiences and seek solutions to common problems. We look, too, at issues that directly affect the lives of ordinary people, like how much they pay in taxes and social security, and how much leisure time they can take. Drawing on facts and real-life experience, we recommend policies designed to make the lives of ordinary people better. OECD at 50 and beyond As the OECD turns 50, we are focusing on helping governments in our member countries and elsewhere in four main areas: First and foremost, governments need to restore confidence in markets and the institutions and companies that make them function. Secretary-General’s Report to Ministers 2013 (PDF) OECD 50th Anniversary Vision Statement (PDF)

Crackdown has illegal immigrants leaving Arizona | www.tucsoncit Jorge Franco waits for his family to complete paperwork at a customs checkpoint south of Nogales, Son. NOGALES, Sonora – It’s a common scene this time of year: streams of overloaded cars, pickups and vans with U.S. license plates crossing into Mexico for the holidays. Most are filled with Hispanic families from Arizona and other states on their way to visit relatives south of the border for a few weeks before heading back to the U.S. But this year, the holiday travelers are being joined by scores of families such as Jorge and Liliana Franco, who are driving to Mexico not to visit but to stay – permanently. Congress’ failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform, immigration crackdowns, Arizona’s new employer-sanctions law and a sluggish economy have combined to create a climate families such as the Francos no longer find hospitable. “If people can’t find work, they won’t be able to pay their bills, so they will leave,” Hernandez said. “People are fearful. Jorge shook his head.

Babyproofing Your Marriage The Company NDTV New Delhi Television is, and has been for a quarter century, a pioneer in India’s news television. Founded in 1988 by Radhika Roy and Prannoy Roy, NDTV is today the most watched and the most respected news and lifestyle network in India. From the path-breaking “The World This Week” (nominated as one of India’s 5 best television programs since Independence), the first private news on Doordarshan “The News Tonight”, producing India’s first 24-hour news channel “Star News” and the country’s first ever 2-in-1 channel NDTV has been in the forefront of every single news revolution. Its channels NDTV 24x7 (English), NDTV India (Hindi) and India’s first ever 2-in-1 channel NDTV Profit-NDTV Prime (Business and Infotainment) continue to raise the standards of journalism with innovative programming and uncompromising integrity. Incisive and creative, the channels target the global Indian with news that is credible, true and fast.

Omnibus Bill Includes Border Fence-Gutting Amendment Buried On Page 123 of Division E, Hutchison Amendment Removes Double-Layer Fence Requirement, Gives DHS Discretion MAXWELL, Iowa--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The omnibus Consolidated Appropriations bill includes a little-known provision that guts the major provisions of the Secure Fence Act of 2006. This provision -- buried on page 123 of Division E of the Consolidated Appropriations Act - contradicts the Secure Fence Act’s specific mandate of a double-layer fence covering 854 miles of the U.S-Mexico border. “I find it odd that such an important amendment which releases DHS from specific requirements of an existing law would be passed by a simple voice vote in the Senate and then buried in the massive omnibus bill” has been tracking this provision which was first introduced quietly by Sen. Hutchison this summer as S.Amdt. 2466 to H.R. 2368 (the DHS appropriations bill). Resources: Text of omnibus bill:

Dive Into HTML5 - Greek News from Around the Globe 80% of new jobs have gone to migrants since Labour came to power Last updated at 22:00 11 October 2006 Comic Catherine Tate's catchphrase "bovvered" was today named the word of the year by language experts. Famously uttered by her surly teenager character Lauren, the phrase is not only the most memorable of 2006, but is also one of more than 500 new words being considered for the latest edition of the prestigious Oxford English Dictionary. Catherine Tate catapulted her word into national parlance in November 2005 when at the 77th Royal Variety Performance in Cardiff she asked the Queen: "Is one bothered?" Dictionary compilers say the catchphrase needs little explanation. A spokesman for the OED said: "Am I bovvered? "Now in 2006 'bovvered' has taken over from 'whatever' as the signature phrase of teenagers, and to challenge the Little Britain catchphrase 'yeah-but-no-but' as the embodiment of couldn't-care-less adolescence." Miss Dent said: "Bovvered however neatly reflects our culture and its linguistic influences. Some new words of 2006: Nang - cool

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