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Due to an unusual turn of events here at Privateer Press, many of my coworkers have recently joined a new diet craze. Apparently they can eat as much as they want, whenever they want, as long as they eat brains at least three or four times a day. They say “you are what you eat,” and all that brain consumption seem to be paying off. A bunch of exciting new projects have been appearing on my desk, along with helpful notes like, “Needs more zombies” and “Potluck dinner Friday. Still need two bags of brains, brain casserole, loaf of brains.” I’ll pick up some ice on the way in.

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By Fire and Sword - the game By Fire and Sword – a historical wargame is the name of a battle system developed by the Wargamer Company. We wanted to create a realistic, playable and dynamic wargame which recreates the 17th century wars fought by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth against Turkey, Muscovy, Sweden, Crimean Khanate and Cossacks. The period between 1640 and 1676, on which the game focuses, is a time of almost constant warfare waged by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth on all fronts, in many cases with several enemies at the same time. Supplements planned for the game will be dedicated to specific wars and campaigns in which the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth took part during the entire 17th century.

Carnevale: el juego Europe is in the midst of an age of significant changes. The new ideas which arose from the French Revolution are spreading fast in the neighbouring countries. War is imminent. The year is 1793. However, an apocalyptical event is going to alter the course of History. In the future, nobody will forget this date: 3rd July, 1793. Miniature Wargaming: Free Miniature Wargames Rules, Wargaming Resources, Miniature Wargames Terrain, Painting Advice and More Saturday, June 30, 2007 Indian Wars Rules Rules 19th C Fred Diamond offers a free and simple set of miniatures rules for playing pony wars—US Cavalry vs Indians. Friday, June 29, 2007 Spartan Games - Firestorm - Firestorm Armada What is Firestorm Armada? Firestorm Armada puts you in the Admiral’s chair, commanding fleets of high quality Spartan Games miniatures. At your disposal are squadrons of starships ranging from small Frigates to gigantic Dreadnoughts.

Ninja Division Return to Products The Darkspace Calamity engulfs the universe. Inexorably it devours galaxies whole, their lights extinguished one by one. Only a single galaxy remains, desperately staving off extinction through the might of its heroes.

Airships Description from publisher: By cleverly combining the three colored dice with the values on the cards, you take part in building zeppelins and finally the famous Hindenburg. Renè from "Giganten der Lüfte (working-title "Zeppelin") is a very tactical dice-game. You need mechanics, engines, and workshops.... Only the player with the best combination of those will successfully take part in building the Hindenburg." Unofficial Errata - Warmachine & Hordes Wiki This is a list of Infernal rulings which either contradict the rules (Infernals trump rules) or prevailing player opinion. This means some of the rulings below may simply be clarifications of the rules, rather than corrections; either way, they represent a change in how players play the game, so they are included below. General Rulings Edit Melee Edit

Soda Pop Miniatures The Darkspace Calamity engulfs the universe. Inexorably, it devours galaxies whole, their lights extinguished one by one. Only a single galaxy remains, desperately staving off extinction through the might of its heroes. Relic Knights is your chance to plunge headlong into this epic conflict with your own cadre of powerful champions, to combat the Calamity and determine the fate of the universe! Relic Knights is a quick and dynamic tabletop strategy battle game that uses finely detailed 30mm scale miniatures to represent your heroes and villains on the battlefield. Relic Knights uses a card-based system to represent esper—the energy which binds the universe.

Infinity: the Game The New Troop profile for SunTze is now available in the Downloads section of the website and the INFINITY Army 4.0. “Bruant is no more than a man. But a man gifted with an advantage. He is a mean swine. Gripping Beast Gripping Beast are manufacturers and retailers of 28mm wargames figures & accessories. We have been going over 15 years and are currently based at Beast Towers in Evesham. We cover a wide range of historical periods, from Ancients through to Modern, although we only produce figure ranges which interest us.

Freewargamesrules Wiki - Wikia Welcome to the Freewargamesrules Wiki Bringing free rules to the Wargaming Community since 1997. All the miniature rules featured on this site are freely available. You will not have to pay for the rules listed here. Malifaux — Wyrd Games Are you willing to risk your life for a chance at great wealth and power? It's your only weapon in a world rife with monsters, necropunks, man-machine hybrids, gunslingers, and power-hungry politicos. In Malifaux, you lead your Crew in the battle for control of the Breach, a portal between Earth and a world of limitless magic. Malifaux is a character-driven 32mm tabletop miniatures game. Players collect, build, and paint models representing the denizens of Malifaux, pitting these models against one another in groups called Crews for control of the precious resource known as Soulstones.

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