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Digital Musician

Digital Musician
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EMusicTips Key Chords Key Chords app generates guitar chord progressions automatically. Use it free online, or get the app for Mac, Windows or iOS (iPad) - Click on a chord to preview how it sounds. - Drag and drop to arrange the chord progression - Tweak the settings to control the playback speed Or role the dice and Key Chords will automatically generate a nice sounding progression. Select a Key: Select a key and choose a the major or minor scale. The resulting chord chart will display applicable chords for the selected key. Click a chord: ... and you will hear a cheap computer generated guitar playing the chord. Drag & Drop: - Chords from the chart into the progression timeline. - Rearrange Chords in the progression. - Remove chords from the progression. Roll the Dice: ... and a random chord progression will appear in the timeline. The numbers below each chord in the progression refer to the number of "beats" the chord will linger for. The "Rake Speed" refers to the speed of a single "strum." The main chart areas.

TweakHeadz Lab Electronic Musician's Hangout Music Text Composition Generator ( A free online music utility) The P22 Music Text Composition Generator allows any text to be converted into a musical composition. This composition is displayed in musical notation and simultaneously generated as a midi file. 1. Usage Type or copy any text into the Text Field. A short text may be best at a slow pace (IE 10 BPM) whereas a longer text may prove more engaging at 1200 BP. In some browsers (Safari 2 or greater), the ability to play real time multi-tracking can allow for complex compositions. The generated musical text does not claim copyright nor imply any rights from the text used. 2. The P22 Music Composition Font was proposed in 1997 to the John Cage Trust as an accompaniment to the John Cage text font based on the handwriting of the composer. 3. P22 Music Pro is a unique font system that expands on the concept used in the Music Text Composition Generator. The font used in the P22 MTCG is a basic version that closely follows the initial Cage inspired idea. 4.

47 Sites Every Recording Musician Should Visit In a recent “Open Mic” we asked you, “Which music-related sites do you visit regularly?” This article is a summary of the great suggestions given in the comments to that article. You can make the list even longer by commenting on this article. As you’re reading this article, Audiotuts+ needs no introduction. Several commenters mentioned Audiotuts+ - thanks for the support! This is a great Flash site with many resources to help you learn music theory. The site content is split up as follows: Lessons, including topics that cover notation, chords and scalesTrainers, that teach you notes, keys, intervals, triads, keyboard, guitar and brass. Michael comments: “I have found very helpful. This is a site that helps you with scales and chords. The charts are guitar-based, and there are options for various alternate tunings and other stringed instruments. A website that helps you learn musical scales and chords. Joe comments: “Great Ableton/sound design videos.”

Sivananda: The Value of Semen My dear brothers! The vital energy, the Virya [strength; power; energy; courage] that supports your life, which is the Prana of Pranas, which shines in your sparkling eyes, which beams in your shining cheeks, is a great treasure for you. Remember this point well. Virya is the quintessence of blood. One drop of semen is manufactured out of forty drops of blood. Mark here how valuable this fluid is! A tree draws the essence or Rasa from the earth. According to Ayurveda [Indian medicine], semen is the last Dhatu [original element; core; constituent; the vital force in the human being] that is formed out of food. There are three divisions in each Dhatu. semen nourishes the physical body, the heart and the intellect. semen is the quintessence of food or blood. semen is found in a subtle state in all the cells of the body. Maranam Bindu Patanat, Jivanam Bindu Rakshanat. Falling of semen brings death; preservation of semen gives life. semen is the real vitality in men. God is Rasa.

Virtual DJ: how to mix Virtual DJ is a great software for learning how to DJ with digital music files like MP3s. Here, I'll take you through the basics of mixing. You'll still need practice, but this should get you started. Importing your Library When you open Virtual DJ, start by finding your music library using the file tree on the left. Basic controls It's easiest to use Virtual DJ combining some simple keyboard commands with the cursor keys. Tab - switch between A and B decksC - mark a cue point and play from cue pointSpace - play/pause. Preparing tracks Choose two songs with similar BPMs. Mixing Press Tab so deck A is active. Tap Space then let go of C, and you should have two tracks playing in time with each other. You will have to experiment with where to bring in new tracks, and how quickly to move the cross-fader. Feel free to ask in comments for any more Virtual DJ advice.

free buddhist audio : free mp3s and texts on buddhism, meditation and the arts Practical Ways to Integrate Your iPhone into Music Making to Do Awesome Things Cheap You're absolutely right. But you realize that the original source for music that Tycho and other electronic artists make are ... well, made digitally, right? So no matter what, the "vinyl sounds better b/c it's analog" argument people make, unless the source is actually analog, is just silliness. A high resolution wave file that's been mastered and engineered properly will sound the same coming out of a record as it will being played off a CD. I agree, also, in that playing a record feels "right" (and looks sexier), but a "real dj" can use any medium to deliver a proper set. Anyway, I'm not here to argue with you, just provide another viewpoint. In fact (and finally getting back to the topic of this article), while some of the software listed in this article are probably not as high quality as say Logic Studio, Protools, Cubase, N.I. Again, not what you use, it's how you use it.

Les vœux-racines tantriques communs Modifié en mars 2002 par Alexander Berzin Traduit par Pauline M. Silbermann L’initiation de KalachakraTraduit par Marie-Béatrice Jehl Éditions Dangles, 2000 Aperçu général Comme pour les vœux de bodhisattva, les vœux-racines tantriques et les vœux secondaires tantriques que nous promettons d’observer jusqu’à notre atteinte de l’illumination se poursuivent sur notre continuum mental dans nos vies futures. Dans les traditions guéloug, kagyu et sakya qui suivent un système de classification quadruple, ces vœux sont conférés lors de toute initiation (dbang), permission subséquente (rjes-snang, permission) ou accumulation de mantras appartenant à toute pratique des deux plus hautes classes de tantra : le yoga et l’anuttarayoga. Dans la tradition nyingma, selon le système sixtuple, ils sont conférés lors de tout rite mentionné ci-dessus dans le cadre de n’importe quelle pratique des quatre plus hautes classes de tantra : le yoga, le mahayoga, l’anuyoga ou l’atiyoga (dzogchen).

Top 5 Reasons to Become a DJ | January 10, 2012 | Latest Music News | 0 Comment Shουld уου become a DJ? Thеrе аrе сеrtаіnlу nο shortage οf perks. Here аrе ѕοmе οf thе best reasons tο become a DJ. Whіlе top DJs lіkе Deadmau5 аnd Tiesto саn mаkе over $100,000 per ѕhοw , average DJs аt clubs аnd special events аrе аlѕο mаkіng bank. Take a look through уουr local Craigslist οr classifieds section аnd уου’ll find plenty οf people looking fοr DJs fοr thеіr weddings, bar mitzvahs, KKK meetings, whatever. Simply hitting ‘play’ οn уουr iTunes playlist won’t сυt іt аnу more, аnd, аѕ people realize thіѕ, thousands οf DJs hаνе arisen tο meet thе demand fοr professional, live mixes. Fοr whatever wits, somebody always wаntѕ tο hook up wіth thе DJ. Look аt nerdy guys lіkе Deadmau5. Cops hаνе a term fοr people lіkе hіm: AWG – Average White Guy. And before уου ѕау thаt rule doesn’t apply tο female DJs, take a look аt thіѕ depiction: Shе’s nοt going tο hаνе dіѕtrеѕѕ getting laid Thе DJ world hаѕ іtѕ οwn Youtube celebrities. Tags:

Carl Kellner (mystic) Carl Kellner (1 September 1851 – June 7, 1905) was a chemist, inventor, and industrialist. He made significant improvements to the sulfite process and was co-inventor of the Castner-Kellner process. He was a student of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and Eastern mysticism. He was the putative founder of Ordo Templi Orientis. Carl Kellner is reputed to have developed the Ritter-Kellner process while working for Baron Hector Von Ritter-Zahony in 1876.[1] In 1889 he established the Kellner-Partington paper pulp Co[2] in association with Edward Partington. The process for making caustic soda and chlorine by electrolysis of brine using a mercury electrode was developed independently by Mr Hamilton Y. It is not known when he obtained his doctorate but he used the title of PhD from 1895.[5] "...was personally initiated in Manchester by Brother Yarker into the 96°, and made Sovereign Honorary General Grand Master of our Order"

How to Eliminate Hum or Buzz Of all the annoyances that can afflict any audio/video home theater or even a simple stereo installation, the notorious “ground loop” may well be the most difficult and persistent one to track down and eliminate. A “ground loop” is caused by the difference in electrical potential at different grounding points in an audio/video system. (All the grounds in an A/V system should ideally be at “0″ potential.) A ground loop typically adds a loud low-frequency hum or buzz as soon as you plug in any of various audio or video components, including subwoofers, cable-TV outboard boxes, satellite-TV feeds, TV displays, amplifiers, A/V receivers or turntables. The buzz/hum is a byproduct of the multiple power supply cables and a ground voltage differential within your system and its network of interconnecting cables. Here are some methods to help you get rid of ground loops. If you do not have easy access to the aforementioned ground isolators, here are a few more tips:

Franz Hartmann Not to be confused with Franz Hartmann (1796-1853) homeopathic Medical Doctor. References[edit] Partial bibliography[edit] Magick: White and BlackThe Life of Jehoshua, the prophet of NazarethThe Principles of Astrological GeomancyCorrelation of Spiritual ForcesWith the Adepts: An Adventure Among the RosicruciansLife and the Doctrines of Philippus Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim Known as Paracelsus (1887).In The Pronaos Of The Temple Of Wisdom Containing The History Of The True And The False RosicruciansAlchemy And AstrologyMetafisica Medicina y SanacionPhilosophy and TheosophyThe Four Pillars of Occult MedicineAn Adventure Among the Rosicrucians: A Student of OccultismAmong the Adepts: The Brotherhood of the Golden and Rosy Cross and Their Occult and Mysterious PowersTo Will, to Dare and to Be Silent in Magic External links[edit]